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Did you know that French is the fifth most spoken language in the world? The French have had a lot of influence on shaping global culture. So it is not surprising that there so many French language courses in the market to choose from. It is the second most learned foreign language and a lot of people are looking to study French as a foreign language.

So, why not consider delivering French lessons to students in any university or school program? If you are baffled with questions like how to become a French teacher, apps to learn French language, and which French-language course to enroll in, then you are reading the correct article.

Delivering Effective French Lessons As A Language Assistant

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You can be as effective as a teaching assistant as with being a language teacher.

A language assistant, as the name suggests, assists in teaching a language. This person helps the main teacher with preparing lecture notes, maintaining class records, or assists with checking assignments. In fact, a language assistant can sometimes engage with students to deliver a free lesson or two beyond your regular French lessons.

Generally, this position is for native speakers of the language. You will find a language assistant in any educational institution like a primary school or university or even the different embassies where they work as interpreters. No matter what level of expertise you are at with your French language skills, native French-speaking people will always get the preference owing to the nature of the job.

What Does A Language Assistant Do?

First things first. It is important to establish here that a language assistant doesn't replace a teacher, but rather helps to make the former's job easier. For students too, having an extra pair of eyes to go over their writing and grammar understanding, is very helpful and enhances their learning experience. You will often find a language assistant engaging with sub-groups of students, exposing them to practical French-speaking experiences.

A French-language assistant is also responsible for helping students practice and improve their basic understanding of the French language, organizing cultural activities and exchange programs, engaging one-on-one with students beyond the lessons delivered in class, and exposing students to the native culture of France.

What else does a French language assistant do?

How To Apply To Teach A French Class Abroad

Discovering Paris is only exploring a tiny portion of France.
You can easily find a job in Paris as a French teacher with the right qualifications and paperwork.

With the ushering of globalization, new career prospects have also lined up for beginners and language professionals, alongside business opportunities. Migration to foreign countries for better career opportunities has increased the demand for language teachers, who can be readily available or can teach students online.

Many countries are constantly looking for language teachers. You need a basic language degree to start with and gradually increase your level of expertise from beginner to intermediate to advanced. You can also enroll in various foreign programs on MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) that can be a stepping stone to your teaching career abroad. You should also be updated on other information about the application process. 

The best way to find a job abroad as a teacher is to become a French language assistant first and then work your way up. You do need to be excellent with both your French and English language skills, gain proficiency, and then seek opportunities abroad. You can also offer online classes across all student levels to keep up with this evolving language. This also has the benefit of gaining access to information from students which you may not look for as a teacher.

How To Take Effective French Classes

Digital devices have changed the face of traditional classrooms, making it easier for students to learn through videos | Source: campusfrance.org

As a French teacher, you are most likely to start teaching with a beginner class or people who do not speak native French. Many of these students do not belong to French-speaking countries, where children start to learn the language from a very early age. In Mali, for example, French is a second language and it’s used by part of the population.

Choosing your content carefully is very important when delivering French lessons. Although it is similar to teaching any other foreign language or second language in school, make sure you teach French in a way that familiarizes students with not just the vocabulary and grammar, but also the culture of France. You really have to build an experience for them to well-versed with the language so much so that they almost speak like a native French in Paris.

The benefit of being a French teacher is that you can teach anywhere in the world where the language is spoken. You can always fall back on online classes to get things started. Or you can opt for a completely digital classroom. Note that this does not discount the challenges of teaching a foreign language to a beginner. As a French teacher, you need to constantly adapt to each lesson and each student.

You can offer group tutoring or one-on-one classes as per the needs of the students. The number of days or weeks for your French language course will also vary according to the student group. And you must be mindful of that.

Explore The Joy Of Private Tutoring As A French Teacher

A private session
A private tutor is a personal guide for a student who directs him/her on the right path | Source: Built By Me

You can be a French teacher in London or Kolkata, but you can always reach out to more and more students through online teaching and private tutoring. This offers you both a permanent teaching job with a fixed salary along with a big student outreach who can learn French language through you. So, next time someone searches for "French classes near me", be sure to pop up on their search!

There are around 900,000 French teachers in the world and they either teach French to native speakers or students learning it as a foreign language. People are always in need of experienced language teachers, and in any language, German, Spanish, or French. Always remember that if you can learn French language, you can very well teach French. All you need is a little bit of practice and a keen interest in helping pupils learn.

Have you ever considered becoming a freelance French teacher? Freelancing can help French teachers expand their teaching portfolios. It has picked up as a popular career choice for many teachers across the board. The best part is that you do not have to be stationed in Paris or anywhere else in France, which helps you to not just reach more students but also to add to your own income potential. Becoming a freelancer is actually quite simple.

Freelancing can be fun too! You can post your employment status on any social media platform or job site and get access to thousands of freelance jobs in teaching. And do you know the best part of being a freelance French teacher? You can be your own boss! That's right. You get to choose your own working hours, set your own work schedules, and set your own income goals. What more can one ask for, right?

French is a language that makes those who speak it both calm and dynamic! - Bernard Pivot.

A French-language teacher has the immense potential of opening up a window to a different world for its students. The students, on the other hand, stand a chance to explore the romanticism of the language and its culture, while getting familiarized with its many nuances.

So, wait no more. Get help from the expert group of French tutors right here at Superprof and let the adventure begin!

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