There are many reasons to learn French. Apart from being the second-most learned language in the world, after English, French is also a much-used language of communication in international business and diplomatic circles. So, if you are looking for a quality French teacher, here are some considerations to keep in mind while making that search for French classes near me.

A Bit of French History

For those looking to learn the French language with a bit of context, a course in French history is the necessary experience they need to gain confidence about the French culture and develop a more nuanced understanding of how to read, write, and speak like a native French speaker. Placing a language in a historical context promotes learning fluency.

The overarching structure and vocabulary of the French language is heavily brrowed from Latin.

Having descended from Vulgar Latin (distinct from literary Latin), French belongs to the Romance branch of the Indo-European family of the Roman Empire. Following the Frankish occupation of Gaul, the region retained its Romanization, as a result of which several hundred words of Celtic origin and hundreds of Germanic words have been retained in the modern French language.

How to Use History Lessons to Learn Advanced French

French history courses are available for all levels of learning - beginner, intermediate or advanced courses. Irrespective of the level of learning it is important to organize your learning into a structure for better understanding and eventual success. Create a timeline of the historical events that you learn by writing them down in a notebook. Remember, you can always choose the topics that interest you! Try taking notes in French as it will help your reading of French grammar and vocabulary. Use the vocabulary you have learned to write essays or to read new history books in French or any other book about France.

Why Pursue a French Learning Course?

The popularity of French learning courses has reached India as well. There are many free online courses in French, although advanced courses may charge a fee for more advanced levels of learning. Suiting your learning style, take up a course that holds classes every week, or join a self-study platform that allows you to learn intensive skills by yourself. Most French tutors online are native French speakers.

A language course in French is one of the best analytical resources to structure your thoughts and developing critical thinking. Historically, French has been the language of choice for great philosophers (Descartes, Sartre, and Derrida, among others) and eminent scientists (Pierre and Marie Curie, Pasteur, Georges Charpak). Learning French in school allows children to develop the ability to argue a case and present different points of view, valuable skills for discussions, and negotiations.

French belongs to the romance family of languages as it is derived from Latin
The French language has a fascinating history ¦ source: Pixabay - rm76ster

Improve Your Understanding of English and Language Skills

Learning how to speak French is that it can help you improve your English speaking skills as well. 

  • Vocabulary: As English and French are so closely related thanks to the Norman conquest of 1066, many of our words are rooted in French. This nearly always when you come across an unfamiliar English word – all you have to do is look at it closely for any French roots which might help you to decipher the meaning. For example, let’s take the word ‘pulmonary’. If you’ve never come across this adjective before, but you know that the French word for ‘lung’ is ‘poumon’, you’ll likely be able to figure it out with some context.
  • Grammar: English grammar can be difficult at the best of times but getting to grips with grammatical terms and learning about verb agreements and tenses can be useful whenever you find yourself stuck on the correct way to write a sentence. Your new knowledge of the meaning of noun, adverb, and subordinate clauses will make understanding grammar rules far easier.

French learning courses are increasingly becoming part of the higher education programmes in Indian schools. French lessons in schools are equipped with audio and visual learning materials to help students retain better.

Learn the Basics of French in School

Taking up French in class 10 lays the foundation that students need to properly understand the language and study it further. Contrary to popular beliefs, French is an easy subject to score off as it is a foreign language and the difficulty levels are less in school. Practice hard and keep the French syllabus for Class 10 CBSE handy.

Syllabus CBSE Class 10 French

The Central Board of Secondary Education in India has released the updated syllabus for the French language - a combination of beginner and intermediate lessons - on its official website, Here is the complete syllabus, which can be downloaded in PDF format from the CBSE website.

A. Reading Section: 10 marks

One unseen prose passage (factual/descriptive) (150-200 words)

B. Writing Section: 20 marks

  • One long composition (Informal letter) based on the main themes given in lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12 (80 words)
  • Two short compositions: message, re-arranging a dialogue in logical sequence, completing a text with the help of clues provided. (30-35 words)

C. Grammar Section: 30 marks

  • Verbs (All tenses done in class 9, future antérieur, plus-que-parfait, subjonctif)
  • Pronom relatif composé, démonstratifs (adjectifs et pronoms)
  • Pronoms personnels
  • Trouvez la question
  • Discours direct et indirect
  • Négatifs
  • Possessifs (adjectifs et pronoms)
  • Prépositions

D. Culture and Civilization: 20 marks

Question-based on the textbook:

a) Short answer questions (6 x 2 = 10 marks)

b) MCQ (True or false/ match the following/ fill in the blanks) (Any 2) (8 marks)

  1. L.1 – Retrouvons nos amis
  2. L.2 – Après le bac
  3. L.3 – Chercher du travail
  4. L.4 – Le plaisir de lire
  5. L.5 – Les médias
  6. L.6 – Chacun ses goûts
  7. L.7 – En pleine forme
  8. L.8 – L’environnement
  9. L.9 – Métro, Boulot,Dodo
  10. L.10 – Vive la République
  11. L.11– C’est bon le progrès
  12. L.12 – Vers un monde intercultural

F. Internal Assessment: 20 marks

It may be divided into two parts

  1. ASL – 10 marks [(Listening (5 marks) speaking (5marks)
  2. Project work – 10 marks

Prescribed textbooks:

  • Entre Jeunes, Class X (CBSE)
  • Textbook Lessons 1-12
Improve your English grammar skills by learning French
Learning about French grammar can help you with your understanding of English ¦ source: Pixabay - Free-Photos

Basic Lessons in French Online

Take advantage of virtual international classes conducted by dedicated and experienced native French teachers. Learning French online is actually very easy with the only prerequisites being a stable internet wifi connection, a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can continue to improve your French and socialize with students from all over the world while staying safe at home!

Avail of private and group courses (general French), DELF DALF exam preparation courses online in very small groups (3-4 max 6) allowing them to develop written and oral communication skills.


Lingoda is an online teaching platform that offers comprehensive online French classes that are focused on grammar and vocabulary, as well as useful topics such as ‘Life Abroad’. Its unique features are:

  1. Small group and private classes
  2. Customized schedule
  3. Some of the Best Native French Teachers
  4. CEFR-aligned Beginner to Advanced Levels

Each learning level comprises 50 classes, at the end of which students receive a certificate. Lingoda certificates are authentic and can be included in a CV or LinkedIn profile. French teachers on Lingoda are native to France and are also trained in the Lingoda method and standard.


TakeLessons offers live, online group classes in French and trains students to embrace life in Paris. The interactive learning sessions are hosted by expert French language teachers.

  • Interactive Online Sessions: Teachers are methodically vetted. A two-way technology is used for the interactive, live classes.
  • Affordable Lessons: There are free trial lessons on offer and it is easy to upgrade.
  • Flexible Class Schedule: Connect to the TakeLessons app to access your lessons anytime, anywhere.

The live group classes are suited for all levels of learning - the beginners to the advanced. Each 45-minute session is tailored to the learning interests, schedule, and skill level of students.

Best Revision Tools for Learning French

Planning to leave for higher studies in a French university, or learning French for business purposes? Use these handy tips to revise and prepare for your French board exam.

Revision Tips for French Exam

French revision exercises are not the easiest, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or at an intermediate level course. Divide your revision exercises according to:


Practice is the best revision technique! Schools usually provide students with French lessons companion for CBSE or ICSE boards of education. You will do well to learn key phrases and vocabulary words. 


To improve your listening skills in French, register for online French classes. You can also look up some other online learning tools, such as French podcasts for this purpose.


For your reading revision, follow NCERT Solutions that act as French guides. The guidebooks contain a number of reading passages and questions, along with answers at the back. You can also use past exam papers and sample papers, or read online articles in basic French.


Another aspect of language that requires a lot of practice. Practice helps you learn new phrases and techniques of grammar usage. Online resources like worksheet can help with this.

Studying A Level french will give you an opportunity to learn independently
Good revision is all about having access to the right resources ¦ source: Pixabay - 27707

Online French Lessons for Class 10

India has seen a steady rise in online teaching platforms offering French lessons for school students. The classes are easily affordable, the fees varying according to course duration, teaching experience, student's learning needs, and so on.

Learn French Online with Superprof Tutors

Superprof offers help to French learners with a repository of online French tutors who make French learning faster and easier. Superprof tutors are sure to make your learning experience a memorable one with their expert knowledge of the French language and culture.

97% of teachers on Superprof offer their first lesson for free. The price of French lessons by Superprof tutors depends on:

  • The experience of the tutor
  • The location of the classes (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • The duration and frequency of lessons

It is advisable to opt for online classes in French, given the current world situation. Select the webcam filter in the search engine to check out the profiles of French tutors who are carefully vetted, rated, and reviewed. Tutor ratings and reviews can be viewed by consulting the reviews page.

There are many online learning platforms that offer tailor-made courses for Class 8 French and Class 10 French.

Online French classes are suitable for learners of all ages and levels. There are learning resources to suit every style of learning. Whether you want to learn French as a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, or for travel and business purposes, the world of online learning looks French!

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