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Voulez-vous apprendre le francais de maniere ludique? Are you looking for some inspiration to pick up the pace while learning basic French? Then you don't need to worry anymore. Because there are some easy and fun ways to learn the language that can help you speak the language much better.

Did you know that you can make use of games to learn new languages? Surprised? Don't be. Read on to find exciting games that provide easy French to English translation. 

French Influence on English Language

Bonjour, the French greeting
French greetings are easy to learn and melodious to deliver! Source: cloudfront.net

L'anglais est influence par le francais. A lot of people don't know this but the English language are heavily influenced by the French language. Here is how:

French Vocabulary in the English Language

You will be surprised to know that almost 30% of the words in the English vocabulary is directly borrowed from the French! Over time, words like army and telephone have evolved from their French origins and adopted into their current forms.

Influence of French on English Grammar

You all have come across titles like Consul-General or Lieutenant-General. But did you know that these words have been directly borrowed from the French language? In fact, French grammar has had a significant contribution to global languages in the military field. 

English Writing and Pronunciation

The world is enthralled by the beauty and romanticism of the French language. And the English language has borrowed from this significantly to enhance its own beauty. Moreover, French spelling essentially transformed Old English into the English language as we know it today. 

Find out more about French influence on English language.

Try learning English using fun techniques
DIY games are great fun and help unleash your creativity.

If you are too tired or bored of sifting through free online resources or wish to go beyond the boundaries of your French language course, then try out these super cool games to enhance your French vocabulary.

Games for Beginners

Games can be used in many forms- to teach, to learn, and just to have fun. Even when it comes to learning new languages, word games or memory games are super useful resources. You can make your own memory game by either buying blank memory cards or using index cards. Here is a step-by-step guide to playing a memory game to enhance your understanding of the French language.

  • Take two separate cards.
  • On one, write the French word of your choice and on the other, write its English translation.
  • You should have 36 cards in all.
  • Next, find a partner who is keen on playing with you.
  • Give the cards a good mix and place them down in a 6x6 grid.
  • Each player takes a turn to draw a card.
  • In the next step, you have to find the matching card- either the English translation to the French word or vice versa.
  • The goal is to uncover the maximum number of matching pairs.
  • You can have up to 3 rounds.
  • Keep a tab on the scores in each round.
  • Whoever scores more at the end of three rounds, wins!

To make the learning process better, keep a dictionary handy along with a notebook. This will help you do a quick assessment of your learning. You can also make the game more exciting and challenging by having more than 36 cards and multiple rounds.

Games for Intermediates

Hangman is a common game that you all must have played. It is easy to play the game in any language. Here is a quick look at the steps:

  • Choose a basic French word so as to keep the game simple, but don't say it out loud.
  • You can give away one clue for the other person to guess.
  • On a piece of paper, draw as many blanks as there are letters in the word.
  • The objective is to guess the word in as few attempts as possible.
  • For each wrong guess, you will start drawing a man hanging by the neck.
  • You can do this by drawing the face first, followed by the arms, legs, body, and finally the noose.
  • It essentially means that by the time the full man is hanged, you have to guess the right word.

Games for Advanced Students

Pictionary is another common and famous game for advanced French language learning. The game requires a minimum of four players, divided into teams of two. One team has to give the words or phrases in French, while the other team has to guess. In the latter, one team has to explain the word and another one has to guess.

Remember, you will have to guess within a stipulated time. The person who chooses to explain can describe the word by drawing or some other way, but obviously cannot say the word.

You can choose to give out bonus points for correct pronunciation. Try picking out new words from French newspapers and journals to add to the challenge.

Basic French Language Games to Help With French Grammar

Sticking notes
Making sticky notes of useful French words can be a helpful exercise. Source: pexels.com

Learning French language basics also entails learning to use the correct grammar. Here are some fun games to help you do that.

Hot Potato Verbs

French lesson could not have been more fun! To play this game, you will need a ball. One person starts the game by yelling the tense of a chosen verb and throwing the ball to the next person. The latter has to now yell the conjugation of the verb and throw the ball to someone else. This process is continued until you have all forms of the tense being yelled out. And if there still players left at the end of it, you can choose another tense of the verb to continue the game.

This is a good game for teachers with large classes, to loosen them up and really make the lesson more challenging, or for a group of friends studying for the same French class.

Sentence Puzzle

You need to prepare a bit for this game. This one is great to improve your understanding and grasp of French sentence structures. 

Start by making multiple categories of index cards like,

  • Subject
  • Verb
  • Adjective
  • Conjunctions.
  • Adverbs.

Next, mix up the cards and distribute seven cards to each player. Place one card on the table and the deck face down next to it. Now to play the game, the first player has to start constructing a sentence by matching his own deck and the card on the table. The idea is to have a grammatically correct sentence in the end. If you can’t contribute to the sentence, you take a card from the pile.

The person who completes the sentence (it has to have at least one subject, one verb, one object, and one adjective) gets one point. If at any point, any player runs out of cards, the game is over. And the rest of the players with cards still in their hands gets a penalty of 1/4 point for each card.

Spin A Tale

“Tales” is a game of immersion, a sort of round-robin. One player starts a tale in French and this is followed by each player by adding another sentence to the tale in French. Needless to say that the tale has to make sense both in terms of grammar and story-telling. There is no limit to the length of the tale as long as it is enjoyable and makes sense.

If you want to preserve the story, you can modify the game a little bit. Instead of saying the sentences, you can also write them down on a piece of paper that can be circulated.

Online Games, Quizzes, and Other Games to Learn French

Introducing the best French learning French apps for you IPhone or IPad
You will find tons of free resources online when you search for online language games.

If you wish to learn on your own, there are some excellent online resources available on the internet. You can also search for "French teachers near me" if you wish to have some guidance. Here are some great websites to find fun games to learn French:

  1. French-games.net
  2. Fluentu.com
  3. Digitaldialects.com

Your French lessons can take a thrilling turn with KLOO, creator of various little games for language learning.

There is also the French verb conjugation bible, the Bescherelle, which has both online games and a physical board game to help you master French verb conjugation and grammar with all the instructions are in French. This one will take up the challenge level many notches higher.

Make use of other online resources like French films and web series to learn the language. 

French Video Games

There are still other games, both free and paid, that can make basic French learning fun. Today, most video games come with multiple language options that help you learn new words and their application. Basically, you can purchase or subscribe to a game in French by ensuring you click on French when you choose your language preference. You can choose from an array of options in video games:

  • Dialogue-based games.
  • Roleplaying games.
  • Online quiz.
  • Strategy-building games.
  • Word games.
  • Simple fun games.

With languages, you are at home anywhere. - Edmund De Waal.

So you see. You don't have to be a native French living in France to be well-versed in the French language. You can learn French from anywhere in the world and in any form you want. And if you still feel you have doubts, get in touch with one of the expert tutors on the Superprof India platform.

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