The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Are you thinking about enrolling in French courses? Wondering what is the best way to learn this beautiful language? Do you wish to learn French without having to attend regular classes? Well, did you know that you can learn French without actually enrolling in a French language course?

One excellent way to improve your command of the French language is to watch French films and French TV - including the French news. And if you don't have access to that, get hold of some excellent French books and French newspapers online and get started!

Learn French Online With Newspapers and Journals

Online learning is more convenient
Students can study their normal books on their laptops in the form of digital textbooks | Source: The Tutor Website

Have you ever been told to read the local news before coming to class the next day? Surely you have been given this task to stay updated on the current affairs and also add to your vocabulary while learning a new language. Your French teacher would also do so.

Newspapers are a great way to learn a foreign language. They can help improve your language skills across all levels, intermediate or beginner. Students all over the world are encouraged to include newspaper reading as part of their regular classes on any subject. Even for French language lessons, they are sure to help you improve your vocabulary significantly. All you need to do is get online and start reading with a dictionary in hand that helps you translate the content. If you are not comfortable reading and still a beginner, you may opt for the audiobooks on the journals available online. Most online media are available for free and are available on the same date worldwide as of its release locally.

Or if you are in the business of teaching and want to save a few hours in delivering the content, you can also ask your students to get online and find new French words when they come to attend your classes. As a French teacher in India, it might become a little overwhelming at times to teach new languages to students who are completely alien to them. But with the help of these techniques, the process of teaching and learning can both become easier. This way, when students look for "French classes near me", you are sure to pop up on their feed.

As a student, you can always consult the expert tutors at Superprof India, some of them native French-speakers themselves, who are eager to share their own unique experience with you. Or you can also opt for private French lessons and adopt this wonderful technique to learn the language.

French Newspapers to Learn the French Language Basics

Learn English by reading, watching and listening to English media
Reading the daily news is a great way to start your day of learning.

While there are many newspapers and news journals to choose from, the task becomes easier with a little guidance in the beginning. Take a look at the options while you search for the best French newspaper articles to help you learn.

Popular French Newspapers

The first newspaper published in France was the Gazette de France or simply Gazette in 1615, named after the government news pamphlets issued in Italian cities such as Venice, which cost one gazetta (local currency) per issue. It became a weekly periodical in 1631. Currently, there are close to 15,000 titles in print media in France that includes both newspapers and magazines. The local circulation is close to 140 million per issue with its 135 daily newspapers printing close to 12 million copies daily!

Take some time to absorb that piece of information because those numbers are huge. This means that your scope of learning expanded exponentially as well. The popular names in French dailies include Le Monde and Le FigaroThe best thing about these two dailies is that they have gained international fame and are easy to procure even outside France. And if you are unsuccessful in securing a physical copy, then you can always find it uploaded online on the company website.

Weekly French Newspapers

The level of French courses and your understanding, even your grasp on the English language will dictate the type of resources you should utilize in your French lessons. If you are not an avid reader but would like to explore this method as part of your French language course, there are also some excellent and informative French weekly newspapers that can help your cause:

  • Le Nouvel Observateur, now simply known as l’Obs, is a center-left general information weekly with in-depth articles on current affairs.
  • The weekly tabloid Paris Match is the go-to for any information on French celebrities.

The French are also pretty famous for their satires and this passion has found its way into the media as well. Satirical newspapers like Le Canard Enchaine is famous for being ad-free and its innovative political cartoons. It came into the limelight for its investigative journalism. There are others like Charlie Hebdo whose views are mostly left-wing. Note that these satirical newspapers are not very well-suited for beginners and are mostly recommended for intermediate French language students.

Find out about other popular newspapers in French.

Newspapers and magazines are a great resource when it comes to developing French reading and writing skills | Source: Марьян Блан on Unsplash

If the news is too much to stomach in a foreign language, you could try subscribing to a magazine in French. They can offer a great source of learning as well as entertainment.

Popular French Magazines

You can find good French magazines at any international airport and of course in France itself. And there are ample options in terms of genres to choose from. If you are a science buff, go for Science & Vie. As a beginner, you can check out Astrapi or Otapi that use comic strips to teach and present news in a fun way.

Learning new languages can be even more fun if you can visually connect with the native place of the language. Photography buffs might enjoy Chasseur d’images, which focuses on aesthetics and artistry. Photo is another popular photography magazine, but not recommended for beginners. French food connoisseurs might enjoy sifting through pages of Cuisine et terroirs that offer mouth-watering recipes and culinary delights for the foodie.

Learn From French Blogs

Reading blogs is always relaxing as it unleashes your imagination. Use that to learn a new language and up your skills in French. If you are an online sort of person, who watches the French news from her tablet and has never owned a paper Journal in her life, then why not search the net for French blogs about your hobby?

Want to mix fun and work? Check out these exciting games to learn French.

French Literature To Help You Learn The Language

The French literature is filled with classics that are treasure troves of vocabulary.

Your French teacher is going to love this! You can fill your French course with pieces from French classics. If non-fiction is not for you or you simply enjoy diversity when learning French, why not read a book? Literature can prepare you for analyzing more complex narratives including learning about words that are ordinarily not used.

Here are some of the best French classics that come highly recommended no matter which level of learning you are at.

Le Petit Prince

Surely you have read about The Little Prince in your English class in school. Now try the French and original version of the story. Written by aviator Antoine de St.-Exupéry, The Little Prince is a bittersweet tale about love and innocence. It is a great read and an easy learning resource for beginners thanks to its simple yet appealing language.


Voltaire’s Candide is a philosophical novel chronicling the adventures of a naive young man seeking to be reunited with his lady love. The language is neither very complicated nor absolutely basic, making it the perfect language guide for French-language students in an intermediate class.

 Les Trois Mousquetaires

This one is recommended if you simply love to read and are in love with the romanticism of the French language. Needless to say, this is most suited for the more advanced level students. For those with stamina, Alexandre Dumas’ nineteenth-century classic tale of swashbuckling adventure is sure to enthuse.

Just learning to think in another language allows you to see your own culture from a better viewpoint. - Gates McFadden.

You can literally live another life without actually traveling to a foreign country if you know one or more languages other than your native one. You do not need to find separate time to enroll in a French course or attend regular classes with a French teacher. Learning the language can be taken care of by reading, and there are so many wonderful options to choose from in terms of what you want to read. And if you are looking to really excel in your French language skills, do enroll for private one on one classes with a French teacher or sign up for one of the online classes with a Superprof expert!

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