French is the language that turns dirt into romance. - Stephen King

French is the fifth most popular language in the world that is widely spoken. It ranks closely with Chinese, Spanish, English, and Arabic. French is taught widely in international schools and colleges and bonjour and je taime are the most common French words used even by a layman. However, for beginners, learning a new language can always be frustrating especially if you do not have proper guidance. 

There are many ways to learn the language. The easiest is probably to learn French online. But there are tons of other options too.

Engage in Daily French Lessons

Ben alors is a colloquial French phrase.
You can learn French on a daily basis and from anywhere.

Surprised? Don't be. It might sound difficult but you can actually learn French language basics sitting in the comfort of your home. Or you can search for "French teachers near me" and start using basic resources to learn the language.

French Lessons Using Flashcards

Using flashcards is probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to learning something new that entails a lot of memorization. Whether you are trying to remember difficult Mathematics formulae or some words from the French vocabulary, this is an easy way to get on top of your game.

The benefit of using flashcards to study is that the process of copying over the information helps you consolidate the learning mentally. Since there is no particular order to follow here, you cannot really fall back on past associations to help you progress. You really have to assimilate what you learn.

Types of Flashcards

  1. Vocabulary flashcards can have the French word along with the appropriate article written on it. On one side, you can write down its plural form and the other side can be used to write its English translation.
  2. Grammar flashcards help you with grammar rules. You can write the rule summary on one side of the card and its detailed description on the other side.
  3. Comprehension flashcards are probably the most challenging ones in the whole lot. These are essentially index cards with simple French phrases written on them. Use them to translate into English or learn popular quotes in French.

Are there more fun games to learn French?

French Lessons with Sticky Notes

Another great way to learn new vocabulary is to paste sticky notes with new words around the house. This is really fun because you get to stick the word post-its onto the actual object in the house. So your refrigerator will be labeled refrigerateur, your chair chaise, and your sofa le canapé.  This is an excellent way to associate common words with the actual objects rather than translating them into English words when memorizing them.

Your French lessons could not be more fun with these popular games to learn French online. Take this small quiz to test your French language understanding:

  • What is the conjugation for the irregular verbs croire and prendre
  • What’s the plural of chaise?
  • How do you say "I'm hungry" in French?

Try a small trick while taking the quiz. Answer out loud to help you remember better!

Maintain A Language Diary

Learn math, physics, French and music online
Writing daily thoughts in French can boost your language skill immensely.

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior. - Christina Baldwin

Because writing a journal and maintaining a daily diary helps you get in touch with your thoughts and makes you more expressive, try writing it in French. This can help you a great deal to think in French as well. The latter is a proven method of improving one's language skills. No doubt in your language school your French teacher sometimes has you write very simple essays or at least phrases in French to improve your written French.

It doesn't matter what or how long, just write. It can be anything from a grocery list to even writing down your feelings and thoughts. Or it can be a narration of an incident in class. Learning a new language becomes easy if you keep reinforcing the learning process. Writing helps you do that.

You can choose to share what you write with someone at home or your teacher. This will help you assess yourself and make possible corrections. Then, as you progress to Intermediate French or Advanced French language lessons, you can write more complicated sentences or even little paragraphs and stories.

Whatever you do, the objective is always to apply what you learn. Build a process of structured learning and try to maintain that for as long as you learn. You can choose to continue this process even when you have advanced to the professional level where you easily converse and write in French.

French Lessons Through Language Immersion

Do you want to learn French before your next Paris holiday?
Cultural immersion is a great way to learn a new language.

As a student of the French language, it is important for you to immerse yourself in the language completely. This experience can be truly complete if you actually learn the language from a native French who lives in France. You can always travel to France, stay there for a while, immerse yourself in the culture and interact with locals to understand the beauty of the language. Local interactions are a great method of understanding the applications of various vocabulary and their forms.

Read A Lot of French Books

Traveling and living in a foreign country is not a viable option for many. But you can always read about French culture through books. You can discover previously unknown words when you read and even understand their application in a given context. If possible, get hold of French newspaper excerpts online. That is a great way to be updated on the latest news and trends in French vocabulary application. You can even visit blog sites of French authors to boost your vocabulary stock.

And if you find newspapers and blogposts boring, there is always that good fiction by a French author to fall back upon. You surely can't be bored by classics like Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte-Cristo.

Find French Language Buddies

Conversing regularly in a new language definitely helps improve your skills. Try to find a language exchange partner. The latter should ideally be a native French speaker who can teach you their language in exchange for learning your native language which could be Hindi or English or something else. If you can't find someone in your vicinity, you can always find learning buddies online. The learning exchange can happen over Skype or Zoom or even a WhatsApp video call.

This is the perfect win-win solution for both you and your learning partner. Both of you get to learn a new language, engage in a fun lesson, and also get to contribute to the other person's learning.

Note that your conversational French will improve, along with your pronunciation. Even your cultural know-how about France might improve, but your French accent may not. For that, you can simply look for "French classes near me" or sign up on platforms like Superprof and get started with the basics of the French language.

Learn French Online

post queries online forum
Post your French translation queries on online forums to get help from native French speakers.

Learning how to speak French is no rocket science. And in this digital age, there are millions of resources online to help you with your French-speaking skills. While taking French classes online, focus on improving your listening comprehension. Most online platforms allow you to learn through audio resources along with video lessons.

Watching a French movie on Netflix with English subtitles is another great example of utilizing online platforms for learning. They are a great source to learn about common French words and phrases. Use this resource to improve your pronunciation and application of grammar. 

French music is another great way to learn the language. French musicians are pretty famous and there are some excellent songs as well that are soothing to the ears. Mix entertainment with learning and get a good grip on this fascinating language.

You can even listen to French podcasts or watch French films. In fact, you will find many podcasts that are specifically put online for those who wish to learn French. YouTube is filled with such podcasts. An alternative to podcasts are audiobooks that help you learn on the go. If you are someone who has to pay attention to phonetics in order to learn a language, then this is the way to go.

Remember, most of these resources are available for free. Or you can find it with your French tutor on Superprof who will be more than happy to share them with you. In fact, private classes in French are truly a great way to not just learn the language but also do wonders for your confidence and motivation. You can learn at your own pace and practice at your convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find yourself a great tutor for French lessons and fall in love with the most romantic language there can be!

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