Some of the wisest professors have said, “one hour in a class led by the best teacher will yield nothing without two hours of independent study”. Well, this sentence could not make more sense to a student who has realized its importance at least once in his life.

Self-study does more good to a student that a wise lesson ever could! We often fail to comprehend the magnitude of self-learning.

French lessons are no less than any other language or subject that you might want to learn. It will be an exciting course of time if you contribute your cent per cent dedication and interest. All you need to discover are the fun and interactive ways in which you can practise your French lessons at home by yourself.

French is a rhythmic and melodious language that largely depends on its pronunciation. You will need to get every word and phrase right to speak it with perfection. To do so, you cannot rely just on your French native tutor or your language instructor. You will have to commit your time into the learning process to get a grasp over the language.

No matter how big a brand name or institute you choose for doing the French classes, it would be of no use if you do not practise diligently. Have a look at all the activities you may perform for improving your French-speaking skills.

Bonjour, the French greeting
French greetings are easy to learn and melodious to deliver! Source:

How To Learn French From Online Tutors?

While trying to figure out “how to learn French”, a lot of speakers forget to include themselves in the process. Coaching centres offer a platform for basic French lessons and advanced ones, but for developing your skills, you need the guidance of home tutors. So, can you dedicate extra hours travelling from one tuition class to another? If not, try going the online way! Yes, you can conveniently fill in the gaps and connect the loose ends of your French lessons with the help of an online tutor.

  • Organise The Required Resources

For doing online French classes, you will need to gather all the resources that you will need along the way. The basic requirements are a laptop or a PC, headphones or speakers, and good internet connectivity. These things are available with students these days, so you would not need to put in extra efforts.

  • Find Your Online French Tutor

Finding online courses hosted by renowned institutes might be simple but finding an online tutor is simpler with Superprof! You can get your preferred French tutor within your budget by scrolling through the profiles of all the available teachers on Superprof. Online French lesson opens a new window to opportunities.

  • Plan Your Schedule

Just because online classes offer mobility and convenience that does not mean you will lack the sense of responsibility towards your other commitments. Plan your schedule with the online French teacher to ensure your presence in the class. You must not miss out on any opportunity to practise!

  • Take Lessons Based On Grammar Issues

Once you start your free French lessons online or with a tutor, you will find it difficult to get a hold of grammar at the initial stage. So, you must clear out your queries immediately when they arise to avoid the chances of lacking behind the race. After all, there are many like you competing to become as fluent as a native French speaker.

  • Focus On Improving Accent

Individual speaking exercises are not possible in a class of 30 or 50 students. To improve your accent, you can turn to a native French tutor for free video lessons. You can also avail free French lessons by watching old movies with subtitles.

Digital devices have changed the face of traditional classrooms, making it easier for students to learn through videos. Source:
  • Identify Your Learning Style

Every individual has a different working style. You must identify your learnability and then search for a basic French lesson from an online tutor. Settle for a teacher whose redeeming qualities perfectly complement yours! With the window click share option, you can also ask your teacher to share notes and theories. The demand for French teachers in India is also high in institutes like Alliance Francaise. If you develop your signature teaching style, you can also present a potential front in this arena.

Online French Teachers Near Me

Regular practice becomes easier when you have someone to motivate and guide you constantly. It is not like you will start conversing in English soon after you join a French language course. So, your best chance is to find “French teachers near me” either for online classes or offline sessions. Although it depends on your personal preference, you can always go for online lessons to fulfil the basic French learning requirements.

Try Superprof For Online French Teachers

For finding an online native French tutor or non-native as well, you can turn to Superprof for the best results. The interface of the website is user-friendly, making it easier to operate. The location filter will allow you to shortlist the teachers in your city. So, you can understand French grammar from a teacher who speaks your regional language. Superprof has been successfully catering to the needs of students and learners all across the country. Visit the site to be the next beneficiary!

Practice Sessions With An Online French Teacher

The best part about learning from an online French tutor is that you can perform a lot of speaking activities given there is a lot of time to utilise for one-to-one conversations. The more time you will get to converse with your French teacher, the higher will be your chances to improve your speaking skills in a short period. There are numerous speaking activities and ideas that you can try to practise.

  • Usual Conversations

How cool is it to speak with a native French speaker or your online tutor in the language to make usual conversations? Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, you can utilise the online platforms for speaking regularly with your online tutor in French. It will allow you to keep a track record of your progress and learn thoroughly without making any silly mistakes.

French Lesson
One-to-one French lessons are extremely helpful in improving speaking skills! Source:
  • Interview Rounds

If you are preparing for the DELF examination, you will have to improve your interview skills for the speaking round of the exam. You can take help of your online French tutor and ask him to act as an interviewer so that you can get an idea of your abilities.

  • Role Plays

Short role plays are highly effective in making day-to-day conversations in French. Your online tutor can play the role of your friend, neighbour, cousin, sister, brother, etc. You will be able to notice a significant improvement in your speaking skills after performing these activities regularly.

  • Sharing Childhood Tales

We all love reminiscing our childhood memories, don’t we? You can do so in French by sharing your childhood tales with your native French friend or your teacher. Doing this exercise will help you in improving your vocabulary as well as gain confidence in speaking fluently.

What are the levels of French language?

Every French speaker or learner concerned with improving his abilities by taking up the high-level programmes wants a clear picture of the available courses. So, your first need to understand what are the levels of French language? Almost all the institutes in India offering French language courses divide the structure into three categories.

Beginners Level

The Beginners level course is available in two parts; A1 and A2. This level gives an introduction to the basics of the French language. You will get to learn new words and basic concepts of grammar at this level, good enough for making small conversations in French. The learners who have a basic idea of French alphabets and sentence construction can skip doing the beginners level.

Intermediate Level

The intermediate level is tougher than the beginners one. This level also comes in two categories; B1 and B2. Here, you will learn in-depth grammar that completes the French language theories and concepts. You will not only become more fluent in French but also get the confidence to study French literature. At this level, you can try conversing with native French speakers to practise your lessons. You will also be eligible for the DELF exams after the B2 level.

Writing French
Noting down French words with English meanings and sentences will help the learning process. Source:

Advanced Level

The advanced level is for learners who want to become as fluent as native speakers. There are two categories of the advanced level; C1 and C2. This level will make you eligible for the DALF examination and also for becoming a certified French teacher. You can teach in any of the institutes in India and other countries as well.

Whoever said the famous proverb - “Practice makes a man perfect”, said it right. But for becoming a better student and learner in every field, you must believe - “Practice makes everyone perfect!” There is no other way of improving your skills. The best online French teachers and tutors will be there to guide you. But you will only taste success by practising what they teach and follow their instructions intently. Keep learning, practising and speaking in French until you become perfect at it!

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