The definition of a “best teacher” varies from one person to another. Although a lot of people will tell you otherwise, a “good French speaker” and a “good French teacher” are not the same thing. There are relatable differences between the two.

Just like in school, all the students of a class did not have similar opinions for every teacher, isn’t it? You might be fond of a professor that your friend is not! This differentiation exists because every individual possesses unique personality traits. You will tend to love the mentor whose redeeming qualities complement yours.

So, the question is, how to find the best one of all the French teachers available in India? You will be able to answer this question by the end of this article!

Your success in learning French will depend upon the quality of lessons you will avail from your teacher. Therefore, it becomes highly crucial to find the best one for a beneficial experience!

You will have to go through the French teaching resources to understand the basics. A lot of students complain that they have started their course with a teacher who teaches French classes in English! You certainly do not want the same experience. It is not just knowledge that you must seek but also soft skills and qualitative attributes. Yes, you have to be a little judgemental when it comes to making crucial decisions like this one! Let us have a look at all we must know about finding the best teacher.

The best teachers always succeed in keeping their students curious! Source:

Special Attributes Of French Online Teachers

If someone asks you about your description of an ideal teacher, what will you answer? Well, it would be probably someone who does more than just “teaching”. This theory becomes more important when it comes to teaching a language, which is entirely different than academics. Here, a student’s intention is not topping in the French exam preparation but being able to speak in the language.

The personality traits of a teacher will affect your learning process and perception too. So, if you intend to learn French online, you must find a language trainer with a specific skill set. The more certain you are about your choices, the higher will be your chances of ending up in a perfect class.

Efficient At Making Classes Interactive

The 21st-century teaching approach is very different from the 90s. Teachers do not follow the old lecture-based teaching methods to explain a theory. The online classes are much more advanced as the teachers can incorporate modern resources like videos, PowerPoint presentations, online quizzes, audiobooks, etc.

The right teacher will erase the boundaries that arise in distance learning. If you want to have a more comfortable learning ambience, you can opt for private online classes. You can interact with your trainer, one-to-one in French, releasing yourself from the shackles of embarrassment! With minimum years of teaching experience, online French tutors have proved to be as efficient as a certified French tutor.

Organised With The Lessons

A lot of teachers keep shuffling between vocabulary and grammar lessons, making it tougher for the students to understand both. In online classes, this hobbling can get tiresome as you will tend to lose interest if you fail to understand the basics. Also, there needs to be a balance between fun and course structure of the subject. Trainers who use pictures, graphs, colour distinctions, etc. in an organised manner are more effective in the long run. The classes will never get boring, and you will always feel enthusiastic about learning the language.

Calm And Patient

Online classes are likely to attract a lot of distractions. It is not always possible for the students to stick around their computer for an hour without anything interesting happening to them. In such cases, the teachers are supposed to be very calm and patient while making it clear why French is so important to learn! Whether it be a French native tutor or non-native, staying calm is the key to success in teaching.

Passionate About French Culture And Language

A French teacher training is incomplete without the passion and love for the language and place from where it originates. Your teacher will only be able to make you fall in love with French if he does so! Therefore, you must opt for passionate individuals and if needed, try taking private online tuitions from native French trainers. The teachers who are good at disseminating colourful stories to make each lesson memorable are the ones you must strive to find.

Private tutor
Parents can also take part in the online learning process of their children. Source:

Teaching French For Beginners

As per a very popular saying, what starts well, ends well! Or at least, that is what we intend to believe! You will reach the intermediate French level if only you complete the beginners level successfully. The French foreign language has given plenty of words to English, but that does not imply it is as easy as the latter.

In India, there are hundreds of French teachers working and serving happily in different parts of the country. With France’s initiative to train Indian flight surgeons and strengthen the international relationship with India, the scope of French speakers broadens more than ever before. Therefore, you should look out for teachers and language instructors who are expert in teaching French for beginners. Being the most desired foreign language in the country, it holds a special place in the educational and professional arenas.

Ideal Ambience of A French Class

The perfect ambience of a French class depends on the composition of students it accommodates. A school student is learning French as an academic subject so his focus will be more on scoring marks whereas that of a professional will be on enhancing his speaking skills. College students usually learn a foreign language out of curiosity, desire or passion. Therefore, the motive of learning drives the atmosphere of the class. If you wish to know how you can make the most of your class, follow a few tips.

  • Build a strong and friendly rapport with your teacher, especially if you are studying in a heterogeneous classroom.
  • Keep your in-class performance up to the mark! No language trainer enjoys teaching non-performing students.
  • Formulating a strong learning ambience is a two-way responsibility. You cannot expect everything from your teacher if you are non-responsive. Let your French teacher guide you efficiently!
Student should not be burdened with work
Teachers must not stress out their students by pressuring them to perform well. Source:

Best Language Apps To Learn French?

Mobile applications are highly useful and productive these days. But can you become a proficient speaker just by using the best language apps to learn French? No! However, you can use them to help you with your practice sessions. For getting a grasp over native French foreign language, try choosing any of the following applications.

  • Duolingo

One of the most popular applications for learning foreign languages, Duolingo is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It also conducts a language-proficiency exam digitally to help the students in assessing their level of knowledge. With over 300 million users all over the world, the app is reigning on digital platforms. You can access it for free and avail certain premium services at a fee.

  • Brainscape French

Brainscape French offers a tailored curriculum for learners of all age groups and educational backgrounds. There are numerous functions of the app that you can utilise for your betterment. It guides beginners and conditional learners both at their pace allowing the learners to be comfortable with the functioning.

  • Classics2go Collection

If you want to improve your French vocabulary by reading literature, you can opt for the classics2go collection. The app curates some of the most beautiful pieces of French literature for eager learners to get it handy!

  • Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is not just a mere application but a software firm that specialises in offering language learning utilities. It has also received many recognitions and awards for its services in this arena.

  • 500 French Conversation

Although 500 French conversations are not very popular in the Indian market, it is indeed helpful in practising the language. You can use it to your benefit by going through the lessons that are perfect for getting a grasp over regular conversations. The topics are handpicked from day-to-day discussions so you will get the idea of sentence constructions in a better way.

  • Busuu

The application is as short and sweet as its name but extremely helpful in improving your French-speaking skills. It is an AI-powered platform, and the use of artificial intelligence makes the app responsive to the users. Busuu is available on the web, Android and iOS platforms, becoming one of the most easily accessible applications.

A happy teacher always supersedes in moulding happier students! Source:

You will always be pleased with the results if you learn under the guidance of a perfect torch-bearer and guide. Teachers lay the strong foundation of a student’s willingness to learn something, whatever it may be. You will also relish the learning process with a teacher who shares your vibe in the class! Superprof can help you in finding the best online French tutor in just a few clicks. All you have to do is visit the website, share your location and search for French tutors. The potential profiles will appear on the screen. Go through all the available options and choose wisely!

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