“How much does it cost?”- a common point of concern for every Indian availing products and services, learning a language is no exception to it. The French language is the most-sought after verbal ability that a lot of people tend to develop. However, the only thing that varies from state to state is the “cost of learning”.

Foreign language courses can be expensive, and there is no secret to it as every aspirant knows about the prevailing rates. But what you might not know is, there are a lot of options that you can consider for enjoying French classes. You do not have to go after a brand name for becoming a proficient professional. If you succeed at finding the best French teacher, you will become as good a speaker as any other Francophone.

The success of professional French speakers in the world is one of its kind! After English, Indians are most fascinated by the French language.

Nowadays, many schools and colleges are also offering a scheduled French class to the students. This initiative is to make them capable of presenting themselves in international fields.

If you have not been able to avail lessons at your educational institute, you can do so now. There are numerous foreign language training institutes in India. All you have to do is find the costs of all of them, and then choose the one that best fits in your budget!

Learning French
Learning French can be as fun as enjoying a perfect cup of cappuccino! Source: i0.wp.com

Resources Needed To Learn French Online

Foreign language courses are usually over reasonable rates. The institutes mostly charge a fixed amount for each level. Some of the students fail to continue their classes because of such increased costs of learning. Earlier aspirants did not have an option, but you have!

There are several online language courses available in the market. You can join whichever online program grabs your interest and fits in your budget. All you have to do is compile the required resources needed for completing online classes.

Access To Online Applications

For effective online learning, it is vital to stick to a plan and be on the right track that will yield fruitful results. To get a level country code main venue, you must make the right choices of online applications to learn French online.

The purpose of free online applications is to deliver a basic idea of vocabulary and sentence construction. You will need a quick access point to ensure consistency and a steady improvement in your performance.

Subscription To A learning Website

The development and growth of online education have been phenomenal in the past few years. The increasing popularity has laid down numerous options for the students. You can take advantage of this diverse availability to learn French online. There are plenty of online websites that are offering free courses for eager learners in India. You can either go for the complimentary language programs or stick to a particular paid certificate course.

Internet Connectivity

To enjoy uninterrupted online classes, you must have smooth internet connectivity. Depending upon cellular network might not be the best option as you will get a limited amount of data. It is better to install a router and connect to a good Wi-Fi connection. After all, nobody enjoys continuous buffering of videos, especially when you are studying something interesting!

Laptop/Personal Computer

Although it is possible to access online classes through smartphones, it is not always a feasible option. You will be able to see the displayed notes and words in a better way on a big screen. Therefore, you should have a decent laptop or personal computer to enjoy the best learning experience.


Efficient learning highly depends upon how well a student listens to his teachers and the lessons. You will also need good quality speakers or headphones to listen to your online classes. The homely atmosphere is comfortable, but you might not always enjoy a personal space in the house. Use headphones to listen carefully and understand the pronunciation of French letters and words.

French Language
Listening to audiobooks and French podcasts can be highly beneficial for the learners. Source: wpcontent.com

How To Learn French Language At Home?

A lot of students fail to pursue their desire for learning foreign languages because of the price tags that they come within the market. As one will notice help modal slug of French language courses, it will become clear that it is possible to learn the language online. 

Some people would suggest you buy the books and study them at home to improve your language skills. But you must understand that self-study is NOT for every student! So if you want to know how to learn French language at home, you can consider taking the help of online private tutors.

Learn From Online Private Tutors

Enrolment in a renowned language school can be expensive and so can hiring private tutors for learning in physical classrooms. If you are not willing to spend thousands of rupees on any of the two, you can turn to Superprof. Are you wondering how it can help your cause? Well, Superprof is a leading platform in the e-learning industry that enables teachers and students to find one another online.

  • Go to your browser and search for “Superprof India” in the search panel.
  • Visit the available website and click on “Find Tutors” toggle.
  • Find French tutors by applying the location filter to get the desired results.

You can find online private tutors as conveniently as this with the help of the Superprof platform.  Also, get the string earliest date to start French beginners and intermediate French level courses. It will help you in classifying your needs in a better way!

Utilise Social Media Platforms

Apart from learning from the online tutors, you can also take help of the social media platforms to engage in French learning activities. Try making friends with native speakers on social media platforms. Follow web French OTT platforms or movies to keep listening to the language. Speaking, listening and conversing in French is what you should aim for swift progress.

Noting down useful and regular French words is good verbal exercise. Source: frenchyet.com

Scope Of French Lessons In India

Gone are the days when English was the only alien language that Indians recognised as a crucial one for education. French comes right after it in the race of most-sought-after verbal abilities in the country. India has not only welcomed the language graciously but has also been laying demand for proficient speakers. By mastering your French lessons, you can enhance your employability, personality, confidence level and aura. You can work as a teacher or use your skills to contribute to the foreign relations of your company.

What Are The Best Institutes To Learn French?

Deciding to learn a foreign language and taking all the initiatives to do it are two different sides of a story! If you have been looking for the best French language training centres in India, there is a bucket full of options for your consideration. You can choose any of the top names that have created a strong reputation with their success rate. As per GMT post content and post date, students have found the following language schools of use when asked, “what are the best institutes to learn French?


  • National And International Universities


Many renowned national universities in the country offer French certification courses. Some of them are Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University, Pondicherry University, Madras University, English and Foreign Language University in Hyderabad (EFLU), etc. If you stay in any of these states or you want to shift to any of them, you can conveniently pursue an undergraduate program in the French language. These certifications also hold a special recognition in the Indian market, having a significant impact on your employability.


  • Private Organisations


Private organisations are known for leading the race of offering the best language learning courses in both national and international markets. In India, Alliance Française is the renowned international organisation that has around 24 establishments in different states. From West Bengal to Mysore, Alliance is a well-known brand name when it comes to French. If you are comfortable with the fee structure, you can go for it anytime!


  • Language Schools


Local language schools that teach all the popular foreign and regional languages, including French, are also popular in the country. You can search for the best ones in your locality and fulfil your desire of becoming a fluent French speaker.

French Learning
French magazines, toasts and language are all in the list of classic favourites! Source: pexels.com


  • Private Coaching Centres


A lot of people might not be aware of the private coaching centres, but they do serve good quality French lessons to the aspirants. In most of the cases, proficient French speakers open their private coaching centres to provide classes at comparatively lower rates. If you are lucky enough to find the best teacher, opting for private classes might be a beneficial decision.

The cost of learning French varies from one institute to another. It also depends on the city or state you live in India. The expenses also vary depending upon the cost of living index of the states and cities, in particular. You must get the detailed basic date, date start day, etc. beforehand to make a wise decision. Pursue your dreams and ambitions in your budget!

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