Ahmedabad is one of the best places to learn music in India. Be it trumpet lessons, guitar lessons, or piano lessons; If you wish to learn music, then this city is your best choice. Along with the presence of a large number of institutions, Ahmedabad has a lot of private music tutors who teach their students with utmost care.

Irrespective of your age and experience, you can easily find a piano class or even a piano private tutor easily in Ahmedabad.

Are you a beginner? Then finding a piano instructor who is suitable for you is even easier than you think. On top of that, you might also come across teachers who would provide you with private piano lessons and teach you at your home. These private lessons prove to be really helpful for people who have a hectic schedule. If not an absolute beginner, are you an intermediate player looking to sit for examinations? Then you should definitely sit for the one taking place in a reputed music academy.

Irrespective of the style of piano you want to learn: classical, jazz or blues, finding a teacher who will be more than happy to teach you is a very easy task.

On top of that, you can also take online piano lessons to get help and learn better. A lot of free websites teach how to play the piano. Playing the piano has a lot of different perks as well, apart from the fact that you will actually be learning how to play the piano.

At this point, you must be asking yourself “What are some institutions I can join, which provides piano lessons near me?”.

Here are some of the options you can choose when learning to play the piano.


Join a Piano Class at Raj Musical Academy

Located in Paldi, Raj Musical Academy is one of the best places to learn the piano. Along with teaching the students piano, a lot of other music lessons are also provided by the teachers of the institute. The teachers in this institute are highly reputed, and students have a lot of respect for him. For kids and complete beginners, this is one of the best academies in town.

Even though it is more famous for its guitar classes, piano lessons provided by this institute is sufficient for young musicians to develop a love for this instrument.

This institution is known for providing beginner piano lessons in reading sheet music, understanding piano sound production, and transform oneself into a complete showman and professional musician. From genres ranging from rock, heavy metal, jazz, blues, chamber music, baroque pop, and modern pop, this music academy can provide you with the piano lessons you need from qualified and professional piano music teachers.

Kids Learning Piano
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Take a Piano Lesson at The Musica Academy Of Music

Located in Vastrapur, Musica Academy of Music is considered to be one of the best places to learn the piano, guitar or violin. Apart from teaching the instrument, Musica Academy of Music also provides its students with the facility to sit for examinations held by the Trinity College of London. Musica Academy Of Music not only develop the instrumental ability of its students but also their theoretical knowledge, including how to read staff notation. They also have the option of private piano classes. Private piano classes mainly help students who are introverted and feel uncomfortable in public. The fact that they are amidst other people often does not let them ask questions even if they have a certain doubt somewhere.


Learn The Piano at The Magic Tune

Magic Tune is one such institute, which prepares its students for both national as well as international examinations very effectively. Along with piano classes, Magic Tune also teaches a wide variety of different instruments including keyboard lessons, guitar lessons, western classical guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, western classical flute lessons, saxophone lessons, violin lessons, drums lessons, tabla lessons, flute lessons and vocal lessons. They have a specialised section for teaching both Eastern classical music as well as Western classical music.

Playing Piano In Public
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Enroll in Piano Education at The House Of Rock Music Institute

The main principle of House of Rock Music Institute is to instil a love for music among its students from a very tender age. It is one of the most famous institutes in Ahmedabad for students who are interested to learn not only the piano but a lot of other different instruments as well. The House of Rock Music Institute wants to do away with the barrier that exists amidst genre, language and instruments. Keyboard Lessons, Tabla Lessons, Vocal Training, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Electric Guitar Lessons, Music Club, Equipment Rental, Bass Guitar Lessons along with piano lessons are some of the teachings provided by this institution. Along with teaching how to play a lot of different instruments, they also manage artists, events and offer bands a place to practice in the form of a rehearsal pad. Having a top-notch faculty is one of their best features.


Head to the RCA

Rockstar Creative Agency has two institutes in Ahmedabad. One in Vastrapur, while the other is located in, Prahlad Nagar. The RCA mainly focuses on Western Classical Piano training when it comes to teaching the piano. Along with the piano, they also provide lessons in keyboard, drums, guitar and bass guitar. Formed in the year 2011, RCA was established to promote music between different cultures. The passion that drives the RCA is their willingness to create an environment that makes learning an instrument a surreal experience.


These music academies also provide music degrees and scholarship programmes, that allow you to study in prestigious music schools and music colleges abroad like Berkeley School of Music. Therefore, these institutes provide a very good learning opportunity for novice piano players and get them motivated to take up playing the piano as a musician professionally later on in their careers after you have gained significant knowledge and mastery over the instrument.

Kid playing piano
Image: Kid Playing Piano | Source: www.pxfules.com

Get Yourself a Private Piano Tutor With Superprof

Superprof is a platform which connects over five million students and teachers globally. Just like a thousand other subjects, Superprof will be able to help you when it comes to finding the perfect piano teacher for you. Especially for students who are looking for private piano tutors, SuperProf is the ideal place for them to find the teacher. Along with that, online lessons over video calling through Skype is another facility that students can make use of.

Ahmedabad has a lot of piano teachers around the city. With classically trained musicians, music graduates and alumni, and teachers who have been playing and teaching for years, you’re guaranteed to find a reliable and professional teacher with the help of Superprof.

Teachers you find on SuperProf always care about your comfort and therefore you choose from the list of best teachers available in your city.


Take Private Tuition From Soni Piano Tuitions

From basic to advanced lessons, Soni Piano Tuitions provides private home tutoring to the students. This way, the students do not need to take out time from their busy schedule and go over to some other place in order to learn the instrument. Soni Piano Tuitions mainly focuses on teaching its students' music theory plus how to read and write staff notations. This not only provides the students with the highly required knowledge of music theory, which a lot of teachers ignore but also gives them the confidence to sit for various music-related examinations. Scales, chords, ear training, rhythm training, modes, and different piano pieces are also taught to the students.


Soni Piano Tuitions also provide private music lessons in piano and other instruments, including the saxophone, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and many more. They can also provide home piano lessons if you need them. This is especially beneficial for children and young women. The Soni Piano Tuitions also gives several free music lessons and free piano lessons if you want to get a demonstration of the capabilities of the teachers, and judge for yourself if the teacher is perfect for you or not.



With the vast number of options to choose from, if you are looking for piano classes in Ahmedabad, it is one of the best cities in India if you want to learn to play the piano. However, if you are not from Ahmedabad, do not be scared. Our other articles include piano lessons in Kolkata, piano tuition in Delhi, piano teaching in Madurai, Chennai’s piano education opportunities. Check out our guide to piano lessons across India too!

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