South Indian music is quite popular in Hyderabad along with western classical, therefore making it a great place to learn about music. Hyderabad is home to the reputable Shalom International School of Music along with Vasavi College of Music and Sri Thyagaraja Government College of Music. If you are determined to learn how to play music and also be adept in music theory at an advanced level, then these are the recommended school, colleges and establishments in Hyderabad where you can improve your piano playing skill levels and attain a music degree.

However, if you are not an experienced piano player, there are numerous piano tutors available in Hyderabad who will help you learn the fundamentals of playing the piano even though you happen to be a beginner or you just wish to improve your skills.

This article contains the names and details of the places in Hyderabad where you can learn how to play the piano. It also outlines the type of style you can take up based on your preferences.

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Do Piano Teachers Only Teach A Certain Age Group?


There is a popular misconception or misunderstanding that exists, that piano classes are only meant for children and not for adults. However, it is a fact that most children learn how to play the piano when in schools. It could be part of their extracurricular activity; however, a disadvantage that parents may encounter is that usually, piano tutors dedicate their time more for older students.

Several music schools are willing to welcome students who happen to be a bit older than most students in their school. So if you are an adult in your thirties or even your fifties, you will be able to find a music teacher who can help you with your piano lessons. Despite the age difference, a piano tutor can help you achieve your aims and ambitions when it comes to learning how to play the piano.

If you are:

  • Looking for a tutor to teach you how to play the piano as a beginner
  • Or you want to sit for an exam in music and wish to pass with flying colours
  • Or you just need proper guidance in learning music

A piano is capable of giving you the support and guidance that you require to become the best pianist that you can be.

Piano Classes
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Piano Class For A Wide Range Of Abilities

As mentioned in the section above, several piano teachers are willing to take students in their music classes despite their age. Correspondingly numerous teachers are happy to teach a wide range of students with varying levels of ability, from newcomers to exceptional piano players. If you just know how to play the piano at the beginner level on the piano or piano keyboard, and you want to get back into the groove of music or if you have been reading music or have never touched a piano before, all you need is a tutor who is willing to dedicate their time for your set goals. Your tutor should be able to adapt to your needs during your piano lessons.

If you are not sure if a particular piano teacher can teach a student of your calibre, do not hesitate to reach out to them and ask them the questions that have been bothering you. After all, it is essential to clear your queries before signing up for a class. It is also crucial to let your tutor know in advance about your problems before spending a lot of money on your lessons.


Where Can One Learn How To Play the Piano In Hyderabad?

There are so many piano tutors in Hyderabad who are just a few steps away from you. Just Google ‘piano classes near me’, and you will find a list of the top schools in Hyderabad. Philips Music School is a holistic institute for music that offers to teach both children and adults. The piano instructor of this school holds an experience of over 27 years. People of all age groups can attend classes at Philips Music School 7 days a week. You can select the days and the timings that are suitable for you. In this school, you will be able to play various instruments ranging from acoustics to digital piano labs.

Similarly, Shalom International School Of Music offers piano lessons by certified pianists from Trinity College London. Here you will learn the rhythmic cues of a piano. This international school of music has produced some talented musicians and also boasts of having professionals who will lead you in your path of music.

You can also choose to learn from experts who provide one on one piano lessons for students. The School Of Rock is another option that is available in Hyderabad. It is located in the Chandanagar area of Kukatpally. This music school also acts as a recording studio and is full of expert musicians who will guide you through your musical journey and will help you ace instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, cello, clarinet, french horn and many others.

Here are certain points that you need to keep in mind while looking for a piano tutor in Hyderabad:

  • You should find a tutor who lives in your locality. This makes it easy for you to travel and also saves the cost of your expenses.
  • If you are planning to sit for piano exams, then it is essential to find a tutor who has the expertise to teach a student of your calibre.
  • You also need to keep in mind the level of experience of your piano tutor and their ability to teach you properly in your style preference.
  • Your level of commitment to your lessons should also be another factor to keep in mind.
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How To Decide What Style Of Music One Should Take Up?

The piano is an excellent instrument to learn as one can learn various styles of music on the piano. For instance, you can learn the following styles on the piano:

  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Gospel
  • Electronic

The style of music you learn to play during your keyboard lessons can entirely depend upon either your tutor, or on the type of music you are learning. There are piano teachers who are trained in classical music and prefer to teach their students in the same manner. On the other hand, there are other piano tutors and schools who are willing to teach you a wide range of styles and are also willing to consider your preference.

If you want to learn a particular style of music, such as pop, then you should put this across to your potential piano tutor. Through this, you can also find out if he or she is familiar with this genre of music.

If you are new to the realm of music and aren’t sure about which style of music will suit you, then don’t hesitate or fret regarding taking up a style of music. You will surely find a style that is suitable for you. For instance, you love classical piano and wish to become the greatest classical piano player in town. However, during your classes, you end up falling in love with modern music instead. The best part about learning the piano is experimenting to find out the style of music that suits you the most.

Where Else Can I Find Piano Classes In Hyderabad?

If you are looking for a piano tutor or music lessons on the piano in Hyderabad but are having a hard time finding a suitable tutor, then you can even opt for private lessons as well. Private piano lessons are the best alternative available if you want more flexible piano classes.

For example, you have a busy schedule and have extracurricular activities outside of your work or school. Then you might find it challenging to make time for piano classes. With the help of a private teacher, you can set your classes in accordance to your time and preference. You can also reschedule the classes if you are not able to catch up with them. Even if you are looking for long or short intensive classes, a private tutor can fill in these gaps as well. If you want to focus and learn in-depth about the styles of music to play on the piano, then private tuition is a good alternative.

Most students go for private lessons for the following reasons:

  • The cost of these classes are comparatively less than most music schools
  • These classes have flexible timings.
  • As a student, you do not have to travel as most private tutors come over to their student's place to teach them.
  • In private tuitions, you can choose the style of music you would like to learn during your piano lessons to a certain degree.

If you are looking for private tuitions in Hyderabad, you can head off to SuperProf to see and select from a wide range of piano tutors in your location. You can check out their profile and choose the tutor that you think is best for you. The teachers at Superprof will help you attain your goals and develop your skills as a pianist.



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