The piano is one of the most versatile instruments in the world. When you look at a piano, one might feel discouraged to learn the instrument after looking at the 88 keys present. However, despite the learning curve associated with a piano, millions of people around the world have mastered the instrument and play hundreds of shows every year. Therefore, learning the piano is not that difficult.


In order to learn to play the piano, you need to enroll yourself under the tutorship of a music teacher who owns a music studio and can also provide private lessons as well as beginner piano lessons. You can also get admission into a music school that has the option of teaching the piano along with other musical instruments.


The piano is a famous and highly respected instrument that is popular in India. Many people have dreams of becoming a renowned piano player in the country and are able to perform hundreds of shows all across the country, even internationally.


However, the road is steep as you will require constant tutorship and guidance. We at SuperProf have provided you with some instructions on how to find the best piano tutor in your city in India, one of the most populated and competitive countries of the world.


Find The Best Piano Teacher in Pune

Pune City
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If you happen to live in Pune, then be happy to know that there are many tutors available in your city, all of them being eager to teach you how to play the piano. There are many music schools available in Pune, which is also known as the education hub of India. Prominent music schools are situated all over Pune, and all you need to do is to get yourself enrolled in one.


The Maestro Music Academy has been in the city for a long time, teaching budding pianists on how to play western classical, jazz, and all other forms of piano playstyles. The Furtados School of Music is pretty famous in the city as the piano instructor of the school teaches an assortment of piano lessons in many genres, ranging from pop, rock, heavy metal, to Bollywood. All these schools of music have tie-ins with many famous music producers. Getting good grades in your music exams will ensure your chances of working professionally with them. Being able to read music is an important skill, followed by on the spot improvisation, especially while playing jazz piano.

Learn Piano in Mumbai

Image: Mumbai City | Source: Pexfuel

Mumbai is the New York of India. It is the city that is known to never sleep. This is true as Mumbai is one of the biggest centres where both business and music is known to flourish. The city is also home to the Bollywood film industry, which is one of the biggest film industries in the world. The Bollywood industry is continuously in search of new talent to grace the ears of the millions of movie enthusiasts in India and worldwide. This allows it to become the best place for music and musicianship to flourish.


You can learn to play the piano in Mumbai from many different and reputed schools. Bhardwaj Music Academy is one of the most accessible and affordable music schools in the city. Plus, it also provides the students with a platform to record their music for free of cost. So that they can be sent as demo tracks to notable music producers and other musicians who might want to collaborate with them, this provides an opportunity for young musicians to pursue music as a career.

Master The Piano in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad City
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It is best if you start receiving piano classes from an early age, as that will make you an expert in your instrument by the time you reach adulthood. This is very important if you want to become a professional pianist and do gigs around the city and nationally or internationally as a profession in a conservatory.


In order to serve this purpose, there are various music schools in Ahmedabad that will help you become an adept in playing the piano. The House of Rock music institute teaches piano in many genres like rock, heavy metal, pop, and even western classical. This institute is the perfect choice for students willing to attend piano classes from an early age. The Rockstar Creative Agency (RCA) will also help you in unleashing your inner rockstar when playing the piano. They also provide private piano lessons if you need them, especially for ear training and sight-reading if you want to learn how to read music.

Best Way To Learn Piano in Bengaluru

Bengaluru City
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Bangalore is emerging as the next biggest hub for musicians to establish a career in music. This has led to the establishment of many music schools in the city, that provides quality music education at the most affordable prices. Bangalore has a rich and vibrant music scene, that is mostly dominated by modern musical genres like rock and heavy metal.


As a resident of Bengaluru, you should consider yourself lucky that good music schools that teach piano exist in your city. The Nathaniel School of Music and the Blue Timbre are top of the line music schools that have their own piano studio mostly teach western forms of music like western classical, blues, jazz, and rock. If you fancy yourself to be the next Beethoven of classical piano or even Mozart, then you definitely should consider taking classes in one of these schools.


If you are more inclined towards teaching methods in Indian classical genres like Carnatic music, Sufi, and other genres, then the Urban Raga and Taaqacademy are right up your alley. These schools also have contacts with the south Indian music industry, increasing your chances to take up music as a career choice in your future. Do not be intimated by the instrument and think it is difficult to master.

How To Get Piano Lessons in Chennai

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You might not have any idea that some of the best pianists in India actually live in Chennai. Therefore, you should go out there and enroll yourself in one of the following music schools in Chennai.


The Heart Beatz Academy teaches many valuable piano lessons to students in the city who aspire to be good musicians. This school is more suited for students who are looking for classes near the Kombakkam area of the city.


You can also sign yourself up in the House of Piano Music Academy (HOPMA). This is one of the most prestigious schools for people who need classes in playing the piano. As the name suggests, this is the only school in Chennai that has been providing advanced piano lessons for many years and has consistently kept the quality high for so long.

Learn From The Best Piano Teacher in Kolkata

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Kolkata is known as the city of joy, and there are good reasons for that. This city has a vibrant culture and heritage related to various forms of music. This is pretty evident, considering that Rabindra Sangeet is one of the most beautiful forms of music in the country.


The Calcutta School Of Music has become synonymous with the Kolkata music industry as it has given birth to many musicians over the last two decades. The school houses some of the best music teachers in the city who will provide you with valuable piano lessons.


The AMEC school of music was established in the year 2010. While it is relatively new in the industry, it has provided satisfactory results in its various piano courses, allowing its students to get awards and laurels from various piano competitions in the country.

Find Your Piano Tutor in Hyderabad

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South Indian forms of music like Carnatic music is highly prevalent in the city. While the piano is generally accepted in India as a western musical instrument, it has been incorporated and fused with the eastern musical genres. This has made the instrument more useful in songs of all genres. Even the mighty AR Rahman plays the keyboards and therein lies the legacy of the instrument.


The Philips School of Music and the Shalom International School of Music are famous in the city for providing good quality piano lessons. The School of Rock is also available for piano enthusiasts of rock and heavy metal music, which is popular among the youth of this era.

Learn To Play The Piano From a Teacher in New Delhi

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New Delhi is the capital city of India, which demands that the city must provide for every requirement of its citizens. This also means that the city must provide excellent music classes and piano lessons for beginners those who require it. Music lessons and music theory is important to be learnt by everyone if they need help in either reading music or music-making.


The Delhi School of Music is the most preferred choice for budding musicians, as it provides certifications and degrees on mastering the piano. These certificates and degrees are of high value as it will help you get gigs in the city and all over the country. The AAFT School of Music is also famous in the city, as it provides piano classes and even music production lessons, which might be necessary for musicians in their future when it comes to composing and recording songs.

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