Kolkata is a city which is well known for its rich cultural heritage. Music has always been a part of every festival that is held in the City of Joy. From Rabindra Sangeet to Metal, and from Sitar to Piano, Kolkata is buzzing with talented musicians. Learning any instrument, including the piano is extremely easy due to the presence of a large number of options from where you can learn how to play the piano.

Whether you are a completely new learner, or an intermediate player, or someone who knows the basic concepts but wants to expand their abilities, you can easily find a teacher who will be just perfect to teach you, here in Kolkata. At the end of the day, finding a piano teacher in Kolkata- one of the most culturally rich cities cannot be that difficult.

So, where do we start? Unlike instruments like guitars and violins, piano teachers often avoid going over to the student’s place for teaching. Even if a teacher agrees to come over to your place, you will have to have your own piano- which is quite costly. So the best option is to go to the teacher’s house and learn from them, or join a music school.

Being able to play the piano is something that an enthusiast cherishes a lot. Therefore, always find a teacher who will be able to teach you exactly the way you want, and also matches your genre and style of the music you want to be able to play.

A lot of the times it happens so, that you want to play in a jazz band, but your teacher is making you sit for classical examinations which has nothing to do with the kind of music you love. Under such circumstances, you are always welcome to change your teacher.

Piano classes in kolkata
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You must be asking yourself “Are there any piano classes near me?”.

So, here are some of the best options in order to learn to play the piano, irrespective of being new to it or even if you happen to be an intermediate player who wants to make playing the piano professionally their living.

Along with taking music lessons from a teacher, online piano lessons can be of immense help too. Free piano lessons available online can go a long way when it comes to playing the piano.

Getting Private Piano Lessons at Calcutta School of Music

Along with piano lessons, Calcutta School of Music offers a wide variety of lessons for a lot of different instruments. Guitar classes, violin classes, drums classes and many more.

Located in Ballygunge, the CSM is a one-stop destination for all music-related activities. From teaching how to play various instruments to concerts, master classes, workshops and appreciation sessions, the CSM school helps a musician to grow and nurture their skills.

The Calcutta School of Music teaches its students a lot of different things, that allow them to master playing the piano steadily over time. getting regular classes in this institution will allow you to become the pianist you want to become steadily over time. The teachers of Calcutta School of Music provide private lessons, allowing them to teach you privately if required by coming to your house, or vice versa. This will be very helpful for students who come from a very conservative family but want their children to become good musicians.

Along with teaching, the CSM also provides musicians to sit for grade examinations under either of the 3 highly rated musical institutions- Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College London (TCL) and London College of Music (LCM).

Learning from a Professional Teacher at Calcutta Music Academy

Based in Tollygunge, Calcutta Music Academy provides young budding musicians with Piano Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Tabla Lessons, Guitar Classical, Non-Classical, Western Vocal Classes, Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons, Drums, Cello and Flute Lessons, Indian Music and Dance Courses. One of their striking features is their ability to teach students with the help of video calling. This removes the burden of travelling for both the teacher as well as the student. Additionally, they are also affiliated with major musical institutions like Trinity College of London, London College of Music, ABRSM- London and Rabindra Bharati University, India. Their faculty is very well-trained and the students coming out from this academy are highly valued by society for their musical talent.

Piano Classes In Kolkata
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Studying Piano with the Best at AMEC – Music School Kolkata

Established in the year 2010, AMEC Music School has been the go-to place for piano learners. It is the first Indian school to have taken part in Franz Liszt Piano Competition, hosted in Germany. The fact that learning the piano greatly increases one's concentration power and IQ is a fact acknowledged by the faculty here. Graded examination system helps the students a lot when it comes to finding out their strengths and weaknesses. Along with the examinations, AMEC- Music School Kolkata also provides its students with sight-reading, aural tests, scales and technical study, improvisation, composition, and music arranging.

Your ability to play the piano is a lot dependent on your knowledge of music theory. In order to be a great pianist, you must know how to read music and have a sense of music education.


Finding Private Piano Tuition at Superprof

In your quest to learn the piano, we at Superprof, believe in providing you with only the best of teachers. With a huge number of teachers to choose from, you can choose the kind of teacher you want for yourself. With the option of either going over to the teacher’s place or the teacher coming to your place, rest assured that your convenience will be given the utmost priority.

Not just piano lessons, but you will also receive lessons for a lot of other different subject matters, here at Superprof. At Superprof over five million teachers are registered, offering to teach different subjects all over the globe. On top of that, you can take your piano class from the comfort of your home as well.

One of the major advantages of hiring a teacher from Superprof is private piano lessons. Private lessons are especially useful for introverts.

Whether you are a classical piano player, a beginner piano player, a jazz piano player or you just want to have lessons on ear training, you will find exactly the kind of teacher you want.

Piano Classes in Kolkata
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Piano Lessons for All Ages

Learning has no age limit. So, when it comes to music, the notion stays the same. Most of the time it is really heartwarming to see people of all ages learning to play a certain instrument together. In Kolkata, a lot of institutions, as well as private tutors, teach students how to play the piano, irrespective of their age.

For a lot of people, learning the instrument is not possible at a younger age either due to their academic pressure, financial problems or some other personal reasons. These people often have this unfulfilled desire to learn to play the instrument they love, at a later stage in their life. Age is just a number and it has nothing to do with learning a skill set. Also, don’t hesitate to learn from someone who is younger than you. The age of the piano instructor does not matter.


Taking Your Piano Playing to the Next Level at Rabindra Bharati University

Established in the year 1962, Rabindra Bharti University provides a structured system of musical education for students who want to take up music as their profession someday. It is located on B.T. Road and is a well-known institution.

They have highly qualified faculty who make already good players even better. The piano lessons provided by them are immaculate and comparable to any other. Along with teaching piano, they also conduct examinations on a semester basis which helps the students see their progress. After coming out of this university, the standing of their certificate is highly respected and it becomes really easy for the students to become teachers themselves to teach at other institutions.

The various number of classes that these institutions provide will make you into a professional full-time pianist in no time, allowing you to perform at various gigs around the city and make a living out of music, which many dreams to do but could not. All you need is good dedication in playing the piano, and the best tutors available at your service to help you achieve that dream. If you live in Kolkata, then waste no time and enrol in piano classes in one of these institutions.



If you are based in Kolkata, then rest assured. There are a lot of different options you can choose from when going to learn the piano. However, if you are not from Kolkata, do not be worried. We have got you covered. You can take a look at our other articles.

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