If you are someone who wants to master the works of legendary pianists like Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin or simply wish to gather knowledge on the various genres of music including pop, jazz, electronica, gospel, etc. Then there are numerous musical experts who are willing to help you achieve that goal. Become an expert pianist with the help of skilled piano tutors

Even if you don’t belong to the batch of experienced or advanced students, it is never too late to start learning something new and out of your comfort zone. In this article, you will find the places where you can learn how to master the piano or keyboard in Mumbai. You will also learn how to adjust the timings of your class according to your preference. 

Piano Classes in Mumbai
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Where Can I Learn To Play The Piano?

If you are a beginner or an advanced piano player, you might be looking for one-on-one piano lessons in your locality. There are several experts and qualified piano teachers in Mumbai who dedicate their time for students like you to become the best pianist out there. 

In this section of the article, you will find the names and details of some of the places where you can take piano classes in Mumbai


Mumbai Music Institute 

The Mumbai Music Institute (MMI) is situated in the center of the music industry. This music institute offers a variety of courses for music in instruments like the guitar lessons, classical piano, cello, clarinet, saxophone, tabla, harpsichord, and drums. MMI designs its courses in a creative manner which helps its students receive the best guidance that they need to become great musicians in the music industry. The duration of the classes are flexible, and MMI also takes the preference of their students into consideration. If you enroll in this institute, you might have the opportunity to interact, collaborate and learn from some of the best musicians from India. 

Along with providing you with a music degree, MMI also provides its students with engaging workshops that can help them grow as musicians. MMI's major aim is to prepare their students and improve their skill levels. They provide lessons on the piano for all age groups. When you sign up for a class at MMI, you will learn about the history of music, music theory and so much more. If you are planning to sit for a grade exam, the piano courses will prepare you for the International Music Grade Exams which is held by Trinity College London. 

The duration of the piano courses lasts for 12 months, and it starts at 18000 rupees. For more information, you can always contact them. 


The True School Of Music

True School Of Music has the elements of both old school and new school which makes it suitable for all age groups to study at. The faculty at this school of music strives to provide the best coaching for their students to help them reach a higher caliber in the realm of music. The students can learn and take up courses in either western or classical music. The piano teachers here have an experience of over 20 years and try to inbuild a sense of love and passion for music. 

True School Of Music offers classes and workshops to learn how to play the piano from the basics to the toughest piano pieces. To enroll in this school of music, you do not need to have any experience. Beginners are welcome with open arms. They have designed their piano sessions which are suitable for novices. The age group can extend from age 13 to 18 and above. The sessions are divided into two parts ‘Junior’ and ‘Adults'. For the age group 13 to 18 the duration of a class is 1.5 hours and is held once a week. For adults, 18 and above, the duration of the classes lasts for 1.5 hours and take place twice a week. 

Piano Classes in Mumbai
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Bhardwaj Music Academy

Bhardwaj Music Academy (BMA) provides masterclasses for their students. These masterclasses are taught by professionals and experts from the music industry. They provide their students with a platform to record a song or a cover track in order to encourage them. This is free of cost. Additionally, BMA arranges concerts for their students which gives them an insight into their future. 

BMA also provides individual and private lessons for their students. The rate of their classes starts at 3500 rupees. 

Private Tuitions

You can also opt for private one-on-one classes if you aren’t comfortable taking classes in groups. At Superprof you will find a wide range of tutors who are prepared to dedicate their time for students of all levels and age. There are numerous private tutors in Mumbai, and you can find them easily here at Superprof. Superprof has several private piano tutors who have the proper experience to teach students of different levels of ability. 


What Are Your Goals For Learning The Piano?

There are so many reasons why you should start learning how to play the piano. You will find the reasons given below:

  • You might have learned how to play the piano when you were younger but have stopped playing the piano and want to start learning again,
  • You have a deep love for classical music and love all the pieces that were created by Mozart, and you want to become a professional pianist like him in the coming ages. 
  • You always wanted to learn the piano but never really gave it a try. 
  • You just want to develop your piano playing skills.

Whatever the reason might be for taking up the piano, it is crucial to find a tutor who can cater to your needs and helps you achieve your goals in your musical career. For some reason, if you are still not sure which tutor is the right one who can help you reach your goals, you can always contact your tutor and clear all your doubts and queries before signing up for a class with them. If you are able to find the right piano tutor whose level of experience and interests matches with your goals, then it is a sign that your private music lessons will be fruitful. 

How Often Do I Need To Attend Piano Classes?

If one of your goals is to improve your piano playing skills, then the best way to become a better pianist is by playing the piano on a regular basis. You should practice the instrument at least once a week in order to improve yourself. Regular exposure to listening and playing music ensures that your fingers will get used to the keys. Having more than one class per week is always great as it will help you to become an experienced pianist. 

Piano Classes In Mumbai
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What If I’m Not Able To Attend My Weekly Lessons?

The question of not being able to attend your weekly classes arises at some point of time or the other. There are some people who cannot commit to even once a week for a piano class. The issues of commitment can arise because of your extracurricular activities or your studies. There are some music schools that consider these issues and are happy to tweak the timings of their classes according to their preferences. If you are looking for piano classes on a regular basis, then it is preferable to check in with your music school if they can accommodate according to your choice. 

Set The Timing Of Your Lessons According To Your Preference!

You might be passionate about learning how to play the piano but are facing difficulty in finding a suitable piano lesson for yourself. There are several private tutors who can help you out in achieving your goals in the music industry. You can contact music teachers on tutoring sites like Superprof and search for suitable piano tutors present in your city. 

Hiring a private tutor has several benefits to offer; they are as follows:

  • The cost of a private tutor can be less than attending music school.
  • The timings of your class at a private lesson are flexible.
  • You can always ask your tutor to work on certain areas that you find difficult. 
  • You can save your time and also your expenses for travel as most private tutors prefer to travel to their students home to teach them. 

It is always great to consider taking up piano tuitions in Mumbai regardless of your level of ability. If you are living in Mumbai and are looking for a private tutor the best site available is Superprof. At Superprof, you will find experienced teachers who teach their students for one hour when the age groups of the students attending the lesson tend to vary. The tutors at Superprof are willing to teach their students from scratch and help them master some of the greatest piano pieces in the world. So make the most of this avenue and let your passion come to life. 

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