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Chennai is popularly known as the Gateway of the Southern region of India. The culture of the city of Chennai is quite different from the rest of the cities in this country. Even though Chennai is a cosmopolitan and a modern city, it still practices its established and traditional aspects of their culture. Music is an important aspect of the culture of Chennai, along with dance and other art forms. Chennai is known for its classical music and the shows they put up. Every year in December, Chennai organizes a music event called Music Season which lasts for five days. This is the biggest music and cultural event in the world. It is also home to some of the best music academies in the country. If you want to learn how to play and master the piano, finding one here won’t be that difficult.

There are several reasons behind as to why people choose to play the piano. It could be their love for classical or jazz music or their dream to perform live and sing along to the tunes of their own music, or they just want to learn to play the piano because their parents asked them to.

Nevertheless, numerous teachers in Chennai provides you with proper music classes that you require to obtain your goals. It does not matter if you’re a novice when it comes to playing the piano or an average player who has dreams to build their reputation to become a great musician or you are an experienced pianist who just needs an extra boost, here you will find the suitable class available just for you.

In this article, you find a list of some of the best options available for piano classes in Chennai. It ranges from individual classes to group classes and is suitable for both beginners and professional pianists. We hope you find this article useful!

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Find A Piano Class At The House Of Piano Music Academy


House of Piano Music Academy(HOPMA) is one of the best music schools that Chennai has to offer. Here they teach a variety of music forms. It was founded in the year 2012 with a vision to teach music to their students with great enthusiasm and attention. House of Piano Music Academy has three branches in Chennai and was also awarded Best Musi School in Chennai.

The facilities offered by House of Piano Music Academy are as follows:

  • A great ambience to learn music
  • A spacious classroom that is air-conditioned
  • Uninterrupted power backup
  • Open hall
  • Has a recording studio
  • Car parking lot inside the campus at the Perungudi branch

The music teachers at HOPMA provide music lessons and piano lessons to their students via various methods. Such as observation, participation, debate, and celebration. Every now and then, new shows, concerts, workshops, and piano classes take place to keep the student’s music learning process exciting. Professional and reputed music educators encourage and support the goals of their students to become independent thinkers, artistic and musical beings.

This school also encourages its student to sit for the music grade examinations. The students will receive a music degree at the end of the course by the Trinity College of London. HOPMA also offers one-on-one classes for beginners. The fees for students is affordable and starts at 800 rupees. The courses offered here include piano, drum, guitar, electronic keyboard, music theory, melodic, recorder, and others.

Join Piano Lesson In Your Locality At The Academy Of Western Music

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How to Find Piano Classes Near Me?

If you live near Mylapore district of Chennai, then the best place to learn how to play the piano is at The Academy Of Western Music. The Academy of Western Music (AWM) is located in Santhome, Mylapore. The classrooms are spacious and air-conditioned, and it also has a library and a recital hall for students to perform. The AWM is known for its top-notch musical instruments, and excellent quality of music education is given here. The courses offered at AWM include the piano, drums, guitar, electronic keyboard, violin, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, music theory, and vocals. If you’ve decided to study at this music academy, then you will also be prepared for your exams in music grade by the Trinity College of London and Rock School, UK.

There is no age limit at AWM students for students from the ages of 7 and above can learn how to play a new instrument. The average fees of AWM start at rupees 2250 per month. This academy was created with the intention for those individuals who want to master the instruments they are playing. This is achieved by training programs which help to develop their student’s abilities in playing the piano or any other instrument. The faculty of the Academy of Western Music are qualified and skilled to provide its students with an exciting and fun learning experience.


Attend A Piano Class At Heart Beatz Academy

For those who live in the OMR Kelambakkam part of Chennai, the Heart Beatz Academy (HBA) would be more convenient for you. This school offers classes in the piano, violin, clarinet, guitar, piano keyboard, flute, music theory, and so much more. This academy was first established in 2004 by Felix. The Heart Beatz Academy also has five other branches in Chennai. The HBA provides eight classes per month for a duration of one hour, and the cost of the class is 1000/month. They also provide a six months class package. The teachers of this academy are qualified and assist in helping their students to reach the top.

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Piano Classes At PMA

The PMA helps you to explore your musical abilities and also helps you to improve your music skills. PMA stands for Progress To Music Altitudes. The main inspiration behind PMA school is the love and joy of spreading music. The faculty of PMA are highly qualified, and they cater to a wide range of learners from beginners to advanced players. The teachers at PMA provide a structured lesson to their students which in turn helps to enhance their piano playing skills. They conduct music appreciation classes like workshops and discussions on the diverse forms of music. This helps to build their student's understanding of music.

Shri, Augustine Paul is one of the mentors, music conductor, and voice trainer at PMA. some of the courses offered here are piano, guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums, the theory of music, violin, etc.


Piano Lessons At Chennai Music School For Children

The Chennai Music School was established in 2010 by Mr Yuvraj. This music school includes all aspects of learning a particular instrument and students can also sit for Grade Exams that are held by Trinity Music College. They offer lessons for children in piano, guitars, drums, violin, keyboards, and vocals.

They follow a music pedagogy that stresses on the natural ability of kids, which helps them to learn in an encouraging environment.


Hire A Private Piano Tutor From Superprof

If you are someone who is not comfortable with going to a place to study music, then a private tutor would be great for you. Superprof provides the best opportunity for students like you to find music tutors in Chennai. Superprof helps their students to connect to several professional and experienced music teachers who teach on an hourly basis for an average of 1500 rupees. Most of the piano tutors have a degree in music and are flexible with their timings while also being knowledgable in their own field.

So if you are someone who would rather not leave your home to learn the piano, a tutor can come to you. There are also piano lessons available online. Superprof offers tuition to students in numerous subjects.

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Become A Professional Musician With B.S.V.T Music School

BSVT (Balachande Sangeetha Vidyalaya Trust) Music School has over five branches in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was founded in 1990 and strived to create young musical prodigies. Trinity College of Music has been conducting exams in BVST since 1887. These exams help to shape the strength of the students.

There is no age limit at BVST Music School. They provide classes for both Western and Carnatic music without any additional charges. The classes help the students to understand the concept of music and its theory. This school is also known for providing a stage for the students to performs.

If you want to take your skills to the next level, then this school is the one for you. They will help to shape your musical career. Pianists are welcome to get a degree in violin, guitar, keyboard, vocals, and several others.


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