Bangalore is one of the cities where most musicians look forward to settling down because of the fact that it has a vibrant music scene. Not only for the Indian bands, but a lot of International bands also come to Bengaluru to perform. One of the pioneering events that take place in the city is the “Bangalore Open Air”. Various international, as well as local artists, perform at this event. This year’s headliner was the mighty ABBATH. 

In a city with such a lively music scene, finding a piano teacher is not a very difficult task. 

With the abundance of piano classes in Bangalore, it comes down to you when choosing the kind of teacher you want. Irrespective of the fact whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player, or a well-established player looking to broaden your horizon, you will find the teacher you are in search of. 

Among all the other instruments, the piano is one of the most famous instruments in the world. Playing the piano is quite satisfying and fulfilling for an activity. Some people play the piano when they are bored, while others play to earn a living. The way you want to implement the instrument entirely depends on you. If you are looking forward to playing jazz, you will be able to find yourself a teacher who will teach you how to play jazz in details, on the other hand, if you want to learn the classical style of playing, you will be able to find a classical piano teacher as well. It all comes down to what you desire to play at the end of the day.

You must be asking yourself the question “How to play the piano?”, or “Where can I find a good piano teacher for me?”.

Here are some options you can choose from when finding the right teacher for yourself who can help you master the art of playing this majestic piece of instrument. Not only will teachers teach you how to play the piano but will also help you with music theory and ear training as well. Adding it all up, you will also be prepared for your upcoming musical examinations. Apart from this, you can also take the help of online piano lessons to make yourself a better musician. There are free piano lessons that are available online which will not only develop you as a player but also opens up a lot of different avenues for you.

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Join a Piano Class at Nathaniel School Of Music

The Nathaniel School of Music is one of the best places to learn how to play the piano. Not only the piano but they also teach you how to play a lot of other different instruments. Their style of teaching is known as the ‘Music Method’ as it makes you stage-ready within a span of just four months. Along with teaching you how to play the instrument, Nathaniel School of Music also teaches music theory, improvisation, ear training, composition as well as music production. Every one of these skills will help you uncover the artist within you.

They also provide the facility of jamming with a band to make sure you are stage ready, before participating in their concert. At the end of the lessons, you also get a certificate from the institute. This provides you with proper certification regarding your skills related to playing the Piano.


Take a Piano Class at The Blue Timbre

Blue Timbre, along with teaching students how to play various musical instruments, also rents jam rooms for musicians to play together and record their music in the studio owned by them. It is an all-in-all music school where music lessons are provided for vocal classes, piano classes, drums classes, keyboard classes and guitar classes. For people who want to learn to play the piano, classes are held twice a week, and workshops are also conducted to cover a wide range of topics. 

One of the best parts of learning from this institute is that they provide the students with Yamaha keyboards. Therefore, the student will not be required to bring carry his instrument along with him for every single class. Each student is provided with their instruments and sharing of instruments is not needed here. Along with being proficient at piano playing, one needs to be able to read music as well. Sight-reading is an essential part of reading music, which you will be learning about and coming across in this institute.


Learn The Piano at Urban Raga

Ever since their establishment, Urban Raga has provided its students with piano classes which not only develop their ability to play the instrument but also helps them in learning music theory. At Urban Raga, they understand how difficult it is for students to make time out of their schools or college schedules to learn up a new instrument, and keeping that in mind, they then designed the classes in such a way that the student’s comfort will always be the school's utmost priority.

One of the most striking features of Urban Raga is that they are affiliated to the Exam Centre of ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and LCM (London College of Music). This not only increases the level of the institute but also makes sure that everything is happening according to the International Standard. Highly qualified faculty and a quarterly fee structure make it one of the best institutes for learning an instrument in the city.

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Enrol in Piano Education at The Taaqacademy

Taaqacademy is one of the most excellent music academies in Bengaluru. Along with teaching the piano, they also teach a lot of different instruments like guitar, drums, keyboards as well. One of the major principles that Taaqacademy follows is getting inspired by better musicians. Gaining inspiration from better musicians is one of the best ways one can learn an instrument. Instead of feeling low after watching another pianist with slightly better skills and getting jealous. After all, musicians should learn from each other. 

Classes are held from Tuesday to Sundays, excluding Monday. This proves extremely helpful for those who have work on the weekdays and are free only on the weekends. Taaqacademy also provides workshops and interactive lessons in various schools and corporate companies as well. This goes a long way towards employee engagement and wellness. 


Find a Piano Teacher at The Theme Music

Theme music is such an institute that teaches not only piano but violin, guitars and vocals at all levels. In this institute, age has no bar. From children as young as four years to adults, everyone is welcome to this institute. They also provide students with books and audiobooks. Their piano course is set in such a way that learning the piano becomes a delightful experience for kids and adults alike. The piano instructors are amicable and welcoming.

A structured system of examination is explicitly made to cater to the need of students according to their age. It is an amazing feature that Theme Music school provide. Along with teaching the students, they also ask the parents to follow a specific guideline in order to help their children learn better. 

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Get Yourself a Private Piano Tutor with Superprof

If you are looking for a teacher having a touch of flexibility, quality, and reliability, do not be afraid to check out Superprof. With over five million teachers teaching over a thousand subjects globally, you can definitely find the teacher you are looking for on Superprof. 

With teachers charging you on an hourly basis, you can accurately choose the kind of teacher you want. Are you learning to play the piano just to pass the time? Or, are you willing to go all the way and become a professional pianist, we, at Superprof, have got you covered.

You can go over to the teacher’s place to take your lessons, or they can come to your place if you want. Along with this, you can also learn to play the piano by taking classes online through Skype- from the comfort of your own house. After all, learning piano takes a tremendous amount of love and dedication.

If you want to play classical piano, jazz piano, classical jazz, or if you wish to get beginner piano lessons, you can find it all here. For some students, private piano lessons are more useful as private lessons encourage the students to ask questions without the fear of being judged. 


With the considerable amount of options to choose from, Bengaluru is one of the best cities from India if you want to learn to play the piano. However, if you are not from Bengaluru, don't be afraid. Our other articles on piano lessons in Kolkata, piano tuition in Delhi, piano teaching in Madurai, and on Chennai’s piano education opportunities. Check out our guide to piano lessons across India too!

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