Pune is known as the educational hub of India. It is also home to some of the best music schools in India. Some of them are Institute of Modern Music, Maestro Music Academy, The Academy Of Music, Tuhin Rao’s Piano Studio, Furtados School of Music, Gunjarav School of Music, Trinity Music Academy, and 7 Chords Music and Arts Academy.

If you are from the city of Pune in India and have the desire to follow in the footsteps of great musicians like Mozart, Beethoven and others, you will find the musical and artistic nourishment that you require to keep you going on. You just need the perfect teacher to guide you through this process.

The piano teachers in Pune cater to a wide range of students, that is, from beginners to intermediate to experienced students. They teach on a variety of styles like jazz, gospel, contemporary, electronic, and so much more. The piano teachers across Pune are specialists in various styles of music. If you are not comfortable with group studies you can always opt for private lessons. You will find private tutors who can help you fulfill your dreams here as well.

You will find tutors who focus on improvisation or training you in music theory or you can also find a tutor who can do both. This mind seems like a stretch as it is impossible to cover all of them. In this article, you will find the best means to learn to play the piano in Pune. We hope you find this article helpful in finding the best piano classes in Pune.


Expand Your Musical Education At The Institute of Modern Music

The Institute of Modern  Music (IMM) is one of a kind in India. They have been teaching students music and various instruments like the guitar, cello, harmonica, piano, keyboard, saxophone, drums, violin, music theory, performance training and so much more, for more than a decade now. The founder and director of the Institute of Modern Music is Professor Suhasschandra Kulkarni. This music institute strives to impart knowledge about music to a wide range of students. From beginners to intermediate levels to advanced and skilled musicians.

There is no fixed age limit here. People across all ages are more than welcome to partake in this learning experience. A group of qualified music instructors will train you and offer you the correct guidance that you require to become a good piano player. The studio is well set-up, is air-conditioned, has all the standard instruments, and it also has a UPS Power Back Up.

Piano Classes in Pune
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IMM also teaches reflex methods individually to their students. The students are given scientific and systematic training via live demonstrations. Printed lessons, performance trials, and theory lectures are also provided. Anyone can enroll themselves in this institute of music as there is no prior qualification or knowledge of music required. The students are taught music for a duration of 45 minutes.

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Take Piano Lessons At Maestro Music Academy

Maestro Music Academy's aim is to teach students who are interested in musical art of Western Classical, Pop and Bollywood. Maestro Music Academy imparts their knowledge to its students and builds a strong foundation and love for music in them. The faulty of Maestro Music Academy has been teaching music enthusiasts for 5 years. The students are also given the opportunity to sit for the Music Grade Exams which are held every year by the Trinity College of Music, London.

This music academy teaches its students the history of music and music theory. This enables their students to create their own music independently. They curate their curriculum in such a way that it suits the requirements of its students which ranges from all age groups, and their musical abilities. The students will also receive a music degree from Trinity College of London. Their western classical music curriculum is designed by the experts of the music industry who have experience in western classical music for over two decades. Maestro Music Academy also conducts workshops for their students and invites renowned international musicians. These workshops help to improve their skills.

Regular concerts and competitions are also organized as it helps develop the student’s leadership skills and confidence. The piano classes are aimed at a distinct expert level. The students are taught in groups of beginners and experienced piano players.

Piano Classes in Pune
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Search Piano Options For All Abilities At The Academy Of Music

The Academy of Music, Pune is another option available for the students of varying abilities living in this educational hub of India. The Academy of Music has been teaching music to students on western classical and pop music on the piano. They specialise in the study of piano and are dedicated to delivering excellent guidance to students from all age groups and musical abilities. One of their main goals is to instill a love for music, awareness and provide insight in all music styles.

The faculty members of this music academy are highly skilled music teachers. The students who have a desire to learn and increase their piano playing skills are pedagogically trained. The students of this academy are also given the opportunity to perform and masterclasses are given. Master lessons, recitals, and a fest is organized called MusiQuest. The facility is designed in a manner that it provides a suitable environment for a student to learn and enjoy music; this helps enhance their musical skills and educational experience. This piano academy has two grand pianos, a digital piano and two upright pianos.

The classrooms are used for group studies. Here written subjects like music theory and rudiments, music history, harmony, repertoire, pedagogy, and appreciation for music are cpvered. You can also take courses for your piano exams.


Find A Private Piano Tutor With Superprof

If for some reason you cannot make time for piano classes and prefer a flexible routine, a private piano tutor is the best alternative for you. The timings of the classes are flexible. A qualified and excellent piano teacher can come to your place and guide in all the ways possible to help you reach the top.

You will find dedicated tutors at Superprof. Superprof is a platform that provides the opportunity of finding a private home tutor for students like you. There are hundreds of piano tutors in Pune who offer music lessons for an average of 1500 rupees for a duration of one hour. Superprof also offers online classes all over India, if you prefer that over private lessons. Once you have mastered the piano then you can also learn something new. You can explore a variety of classes at Superporf!

Piano lessons in Pune
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Join A Piano Class At Tuhin Rao’s Piano Studio

Tuhin Rao’s Piano Studio has over 4 branches in Pune. Tuhin Rao is a classical pianist, composer and teaches at this piano studio. He offers lessons in piano, performance, music theory, composition, music production, and music software. Rao received a diploma in Piano Recital from Licentiate of Trinity College, London. He also has a degree in Master of Science in Physics. The students who have studied under the guidance of Tuhin Rao’s Piao Studio have always excelled, with a distinction in Trinity College. There is no age limit, people of all ages can learn music here.

Develop Your Skills In Piano At The Furtados School of Music

For almost 15 decades, Furtados School of Music has been giving music classes in Pune, Maharashtra. You will gain proper knowledge in all aspects of piano rendition, and in other instruments as well. The music school aims to tune the innate passion for music in all individuals. Their vision is to make the education of music more accessible to all individuals, from young to old, from beginners to experienced players. They have been teaching music to over 25000 students. The wide range of students at Furtados School of Music acts as a proof for their commitment, experience, and also the passion of the faculty members.


You can also find piano lessons in Mumbai.

Piano Lessons in Pune
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Become A Professional Pianist At Gandharva Mahavidyalaya

Gandharva Mahavidyalaya is committed to developing professional musicians from all age groups. For those who want to become more than just a musician and want to start a career as a professional pianist, there is no better place to achieve this other than at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.

You can learn from guitars to drums, piano, keyboard, violin, tabla, flute, and other traditional instruments. They also offer online courses and organize musical concerts for their students.


If you are not from Pune but are interested in learning how to play the piano, then you can check out the guides given here such as piano lessons in Mumbai, piano lessons in New Delhi, piano lessons in Hyderabad, and piano lessons in Kolkata.

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