In matters of education, citizens of Kolkata are always proactive. The value put on academic education in Kolkata is of high repute. No one can dispute the value of a science degree in India. Chemistry, as a sub-branch of science, is a valuable subject in terms of career prospects. 

With some of the most renowned and prestigious institutions like Presidency University, Jadavpur University and St. Xaviers College, Kolkata is a prime locale to pursue a chemistry course.

Unlike other branches of science, career prospects in chemistry are still somewhat unknown to many students. From the preferred institutions to study a chemistry course from, to know about the various jobs available is something we attain to clarify here.

We will also seek to explore the options available to a student with chemistry education, which will help improve in the subject. From reputed institutions to online chemistry courses, we will layout a number of options from which you can make the best choice. Therefore, without further ado let us look, step by step, into what chemistry is and what best can you make of it.

Defining Chemistry And Why It Matters

Chemistry is the branch of science primarily concerned with the study of substances of which matter is composed. It investigates a matter’s chemical properties and chemical reactions, along with the use of such reactions to form different new substances.

Understanding chemistry table
Chemistry is everywhere around us and in everything. Source: The City University Of New York

As a subject, Chemistry serves both theoretical as well as practical purposes. Everything with which we are surrounded by is a part of general chemistry for they are made up of atoms and molecules. In short, matter and the way they are organised constitutes the essence of chemistry.

To understand chemistry is to understand the formation of anything from its fundamental level. Even for those who are not planning to specialise in chemistry can not deny the value of introductory chemistry. One cannot claim to understand all that matters, without understanding the basics of matter.

The important thing about chemistry is that it unfolds into a whole lot of different disciplines. Geochemistry, for example, is the combination of geology and chemistry. To take another case, biochemistry juxtaposes biology and chemistry. So, understanding chemistry can also pave the way for a career in many other disciplines. Chemistry in everyday life can make you an expert in the field and improve your chances to excel in chemistry.

Various Important Branches Of Chemistry

We know that chemistry is not limited to itself or is an isolated subject. Since it coincides with many different branches of study, chemistry courses can be pursued keeping in mind the different disciplines it shows up in.

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry takes into consideration the study of the structure, properties and reactions of organic compounds, containing carbon in covalent bonds. As all organic reactions include carbon, one can also put it in this way that advanced organic chemistry is the study of the molecules containing carbon-hydrogen bond and the reactions between them.

Inorganic Chemistry

Unlike organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry studies the properties and behaviour of inorganic compounds including minerals, metals and organometallic compounds. Despite the fact that inorganic chemistry studies compound other than what comprises organic compounds, there is apparently an underlying link between the two fields. For example, think of organometallic compounds. They usually contain a metal or metalloid bonded directly to a carbon atom(s).

A reputed institute will furnish you with infrastructure such as a good chemistry lab. Source: Freepik

Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry deals with the interactions and transformations of various types of materials. As a mix of physics and chemistry, physical chemistry deals with the principles of physics present in all the chemical interactions thus attempting to measure, and explain the reactions from a quantitative angle. On a more intricate level, subcategories of physical chemistry are electrochemistry, surface chemistry, photochemistry and catalysis.


Biochemistry or biological chemistry is the joint output of both biology and chemistry. A biochemist studies chemical processes within all living things. As representatives of life sciences, biochemists try to explain how different biological molecules are responsible for the processes occurring within and between living cells. This enables them in the study and minute understandings of tissues, organs, organism structure and their functions. Biochemistry is further divided into three broad fields; protein science, molecular genetics, and metabolism.

Analytical Chemistry

In analytical chemistry, the study is made through the uses instruments and methods used to obtain, process, and communicate information about the composition and structure of ‘matter’. The analytical methods involved in this subdiscipline of chemistry are classical, wet chemical methods and modern instrumental methods. Analytical chemistry further focuses on improvements in intricate experimental design, chemometrics, and the construction of new and advanced measurement tools.

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer chemistry puts its focus on the synthesis, structure, and chemical and physical properties of polymers and macromolecules. The general principles applicable for polymer chemistry is also used through a wide range of other disciplines such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and even physical chemistry.

Chemistry is not limited to these fields only. There are many more options available such as thermochemistry and quantum chemistry among others.

Career Options For Chemistry Degree Holders

For a chemistry degree holder, the career prospects are not limited to the common misconception of just a chemist or pharmacist. From being involved in an undergraduate research programme to becoming a healthcare scientist, there are a large number of options available for you.


A geochemist is the one whose study involves understanding the physical and chemical properties of the earth: specifically its rocks and minerals. They have substantial credibility in both geography and chemistry. Geochemists help to identify oil drill sites, improve water quality, analyse rock and soil minerals and so on.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers partake in the design and development of new products from raw materials. They are involved in the development and designing of chemical manufacturing processes. Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics to solve problems involving the production of chemicals, drugs, food, and some other products. They also facilitate the production of new and innovative, high-end products like synthetic or strong fabrics.

Different chemical
The chemical and pharmaceutical company offer a chance for chemical research. Source: Yeshiva University


A biochemist studies chemical processes and chemical transformations as occurring in living organisms. Biochemists also deal with the analyses of proteins, DNA etc. They also take into consideration the dynamics of the immune system, the inspection of genes, and the synthesizing of different products.

Forensic Scientist

Forensic chemistry is the study of the evidence available on a crime scene. Forensic scientists make deductions on the basis of that evidence and also with the help of their scientific knowledge. They, therefore, are an important part of a criminal investigation procedure and help in the delivery of justice.


As scientists, biotechnologists are involved in utilizing natural biological processes to help create products of everyday use. Their study of biotechnology and analysis of its entire system and structure of biological organisms range from the level of genes to that of an entire organism.

Educational Institutions, Coaching Centres And Private Tutors

Institutions like school and colleges are undoubtedly the elemental basis for excellence in any subject. However, for many students, an extra edge is required if they are to penetrate the complexities of a subject like chemistry.

Chemistry as a subject
The Internet is a great medium to learn chemistry from. Source: Jagran Josh

Colleges Or Universities

For class 12 students, the cardinal object to keep in mind is to score well in exams. Following that, admission in the best colleges of Kolkata top their priority list.

Inadmissibly, a good college is going to give you the exposure which is a privilege in itself. Colleges/Universities like St. Xaviers College, Jadavpur University and Presidency University are furnished with great infrastructure, an excellent chemistry lab, and of course some of the best professors of the country.

Undergraduates from these reputed institutions are more likely to land themselves better job opportunities.

Coaching Classes

Coaching classes provide an extra emphasis on your class 12 chemistry syllabus. Taking helpful notes, pointing out important sums, mock tests and revisions are some of the best benefits that one can derive from coaching classes.

Though an extension of the classes, it is by no means preferable to bunk the school classes to attend coaching centres.

Online Courses

Online chemistry lessons are available on the internet. In an online course for chemistry, one can learn not only basic chemistry but even find complex problem solutions. You can download the periodic table from the internet or check out what spectroscopy or electrochemistry is. In short, the internet can assist you in many important ways.

Private Tutor

A private tutor would be an ideal option to monitor our overall growth and progress. A student may find some sums of chemistry a bit confusing or may come across some other complicated problems. To this end, private tutors are of great help. You can check out private tutors of chemistry in your locality easily from Superprof.

If you happen to be passionate about chemistry, rest assured there are an unimaginable number of opportunities available for you. Learn more about possible career prospects in chemistry. Enjoy the subject and pursue your ambition relentlessly.

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