The periodic table of elements was built over centuries

Famous Chemists and Their Discoveries

When you think of a chemist, who comes to mind besides the drugs seller in your local shop? The chemists we discuss today are of a far loftier variety. They dedicated their lives to building our knowledge of the microscopic world by helping us understand how organisms function under various influences. In some cases, the […]

27 February 20217 minutes to read

Water droplets that spell out

All You Need to Know About Class 10 Chemistry Exam Prep

Chemistry concerns itself with the utilization of natural substances and the creation of artificial ones. Cooking, fermentation, glass making, and metallurgy are all chemical processes. Some drastic advancements took place in the field of Chemistry at the turn of the 20th century. Chemists, professional researchers in Chemistry and Chemistry professors started unraveling the mysteries behind the […]

25 February 20207 minutes to read

A teacher guiding her student

Taking A Glance At SSC Chemistry Syllabus

Any student having prepared for matriculation board exams will expect a stream to opt for in the senior secondary education level. If he happens to take the science stream, the subjects he will need to be good at are obviously physics, chemistry and maths. As this article focuses on SSC chemistry syllabus, we will explore […]

19 February 20207 minutes to read

A teacher guiding her student

Future Scope For Chemistry Class 12 Students In India

The demand for science stream subjects - chemistry, physics and biology - never shows a slowdown in India and is commonplace in every part of the country. The scope for chemistry class 12 students in this regard is filled with numerous but great career options. Widely known as ‘The Science of Matter’, the oxford dictionary […]

7 February 20207 minutes to read

Need help studying Chemistry?

Our Chemistry tutors have written up a series of articles to make this science a bit easier to understand.

Read all about the different topics covered in CBSE  and SSC examinations and get revision tips and resources.

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A teacher guiding her student

Exploring The Options Of Taking Chemistry Courses

The genius chemistry professor Walter White in the world-renowned TV series Breaking Bad has popularised chemistry on a cultural level and for just reasons. Chemistry is one such subject underlying all that matters and all that is ‘matter’. Its demand in the world of academics is no less. Little needs to be said about the […]

4 February 20207 minutes to read

Foreign language learning for children with dislexia

Taking Chemistry Lessons

Chemistry is one of the oldest science that humans have been studying. Early records dating from more than 3000 years ago suggest that our ancestors already had a grasp of some of the chemical reactions that rule our world. From obtaining metal from ores to extracting perfumes from plants and transforming fat into soap, brewing […]

17 November 20187 minutes to read

Can you imagine what this experiment might involve?

Chemistry Revision Resources

T’is that time of year again, when students start buckling down and really focusing on their upcoming exams... even though they will sit them months from now. As you well know, these exams, whether A-Levels or GCSEs, are life-changing. At the very least, they represent your chance at higher education. At most, they make the […]

13 November 20187 minutes to read

A 3D drawing of a variety of tools you might use at school, learning about chemistry for kids, including a ruler, protractor, globe, and books.

Chemistry For Kids

All children have their own preferences and likes when it comes to the subjects that they learn about at school. Some children, for instance, may take easily to art and English classes, while others prefer history or languages. Some children may even prefer maths and the sciences over other subjects. Although every child is different, […]

6 November 20187 minutes to read