As a subject, chemistry is not only suitable as a high-profiled career option but also serves to be a great help in pursuing other disciplines. For those chemistry aspirants who stay in Mumbai or have come to this great cosmopolitan city to pursue studies are going to benefit in some way. Opportunities in courses of chemistry Mumbai are innumerable.

Chemistry, as a subject, is both theoretical and practical. If you look around yourself, you will find chemistry in everyday life. From the table to the book around you are built up of tiny particles called atoms - making them the part of applied chemistry in life. Even your own body and that of all living organisms are made up of highly complex chemical composition.

With the presence of prestigious institutes such as the Institute of Chemical Technology, it is suitable to say that Mumbai does not disappoint the aspirants for the study of chemistry in Mumbai. For an aspirant, especially the one in high secondary schools, it is important to explore and analyse the choices he is going to have with a degree in chemistry.

This article seeks to give an overview of chemistry, the career prospects it promises and the various options to study from and improve on the subject.

Understanding What Chemistry Is: All you need to know about it

Popularly known as ‘the Science of Matter’, general chemistry is defined as the branch of science concerned with the study of the substances of which states of matter are composed (solid, liquid and gas); the investigation of their chemical properties, analyses of their reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances.’

Chemical interaction
Chemistry constitutes the fundamental basis of our life. Source: Youtube

In other words, chemistry studies various atoms, molecules and other forms of matter in which are enclosed the concepts of energy and entropy concerning the involvement of chemical processes.

Chemistry is not a separate discipline as such. It often forms a part of various other disciplines. For instance, biochemistry is a mix of biology and chemistry, while pharmaceutical deals with the study of chemicals. Other branches of science like fine biotechnology, petrochemical, chromatography, chemical engineering, etc. also require chemistry as a core subject Chemistry, in other words, provides a foundation for understanding the matter and also the basics of various disciplines on a more fundamental level. Chemistry in India has grown a lot in the past few years, India has produced chemistry scientists who have changed the world.

Understanding Subdisciplines Of Chemistry

While chemistry brings into its fold a large number of subdisciplines, there are commonly attributed five main branches which are most sought after by students. Let’s take a brief look at each of them-

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is the study of the properties, structure and reactions of organic compounds, which contain carbon in covalent chemical bonds. Since not all carbon reactions are organic, one can also say that organic chemistry would consist of studying the molecules containing carbon-hydrogen bond and their reactions.

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry deals with the properties and behaviour of inorganic compounds such as minerals, metals and organometallic compounds. Though inorganic chemistry is primarily the study of compounds other than what comprises organic compounds, there is mesh created between the two fields. For instance, take the example of organometallic compounds. They usually contain a metal or metalloid bonded directly to carbon atom/atoms.

Branches of Chemistry
Chemistry unfolds itself into many sub-disciplines. Source: Chemistry tuition

Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry is the branch of chemistry which is concerned with interactions and transformations of all types of materials. As a subject, it deals with the principles of physics present in all chemical interactions thus seeking to measure, correlate and explain the reactions from a quantitative perspective. On a broader level, subcategories of physical chemistry include electrochemistry, photochemistry, surface chemistry, and catalysis.


As apparent, it is a sub-discipline of both biology and chemistry. With a biochemistry degree, one can study the chemical processes within all living things. A biochemist or a group of biochemists, as representatives of life sciences, tries to explain how biological molecules are responsible for the processes occurring within and between living cells. This, in turn, relates to the study and understanding of tissues, organs, organism structure and their functions. Biochemistry is generally divided into three fields; protein science, molecular genetics, and metabolism.

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is the study through the uses of instruments and methods used to obtain, process, and communicate information about the composition and structure of what constitutes ‘matter’. The methods involved are classical, wet chemical methods and modern, instrumental methods. Analytical chemistry also focuses on improvements in experimental design, chemometrics, and the creation of new and advanced measurement tools.

How To Study For Chemistry Exams

Chemistry class 12 students are often panicked about the subject. Not only for the test results but also the impact it would make on their career. Given below are some basic tips which a student would do well to keep in mind.

Chemistry study guide
Set skills are required to hit the top-notch in chemistry exams. Source: Education Corner
  • Be aware of the concepts which will be on the test. Have a good look over your notes from the chemistry classes you attended and look at the study materials provided by the teacher. Determine the most discussed topics by your teacher. Make a list of topics you think will be important for the test, and get along studying those.
  • Make sure you don’t escape your study hours allotted for chemistry. No matter how much time there is, when an exam is looming over the head, time automatically becomes too less to cover the subject. It so may happen that under panic, you will not focus on other subjects. Do not fall into this trap for it will hamper the results of all the subjects. Best is to give due time to all subjects.
  • Try solving the example sums and chemical equations. Just staring at your notes and mentally solving a problem won’t help you learn. As a subject, it is not just theoretical chemistry but also mathematical. You must solve sums where the chemistry topics demand so.
  • Have a good amount of sleep and eat healthy foods. Both are crucially important for you to fare well in the exams. There is no point in staying awake the whole night before the exams. Your efficiency will be reduced significantly if you attempt the test paper without giving your 100%.
  • Be confident when giving the test. The problems in the question paper may look daunting but your job is to stay calm and deal with it in the coolest manner possible. Once you are at ease, the concepts will automatically keep getting cleared as you progress in answering the questions.

Options To Study Chemistry From

Mumbai as a city doesn’t lag in the infrastructure of chemistry education. From school, colleges, universities to coaching centres and private tutors, a Mumbaikar has a wide range of options to pick from to make chemistry his forte.

Best Schools For Chemistry In School

School is where our base for any subject is built. The exposure you get in the chemistry lab of your school stays for a lifetime. Though it is by no way a universal rule but the better the school, the better your chance of excelling. Be it Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School or The Cathedral & John Connon School, the schooling faculty in Mumbai is abundant in providing optimum quality education in Mumbai. There are many schools in Mumbai which provide quality education to students.

A chemistry class
A private tutor is an optimal choice for strengthening any one subject. Source:

Reputed Institutions

Mumbai is accessible to students for some of the best graduate study college for arts and sciences in the country. For undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) is one of the best in the country for having research facilities and well-equipped labs. In November 2017, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Committee graded ICT with A++ CGPA of 3.77 out of 4.

There are other institutions as well with great chemistry departments like St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Ramnarain College and KC College from where you can build a good CV for chemistry.

Coaching Classes

For those who are caught between higher secondary school exams and preparing for college entrances or other exams need an extra edge. Coaching centres in this regard can be of great help. Missed school classes (though it is highly unrecommended to do so) can be somewhat compensated by coaching classes. This is because the teachers in coaching classes are aware of both the syllabus and the important topics. Their notes help to provide excellent materials to score well in exams. Some coaching centres also provide online chemistry courses.

Therefore, if you look forward to solidifying your grasp of chemistry try joining a coaching centre.

Private Tutor For Chemistry

Private tuition is considered the most effective of all the off-the-class medium of education. Hiring a home tutor can help you get a better scope for specialization in a subject. From covering weakness on a particular aspect of chemistry to clearing doubts on specific problems, a private tutor is most suitable in any such case. A tutor will know your strength and weakness and will work according to that.

Finding a tutor, especially for a particular subject, maybe a bit hectic and time-consuming. To help you ease the task there are online platforms which allow you to find a perfect teacher for yourself.

Superprof, for instance, helps you locate a tutor in your locality. Moreover, you can also give a subject-wise search (say chemistry) and the results will be filtered accordingly.

Therefore, for any aspirant of chemistry, the scope covering from being a professor of chemistry to a chemist is multifarious. All one needs is the right information and approach. Keep exploring!

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