Bengaluru, India’s third-largest city is popularly known for its ever-evolving character among many other things. Every year, flocks of students gather there to realize their dreams and aspirations. It is often considered among the top states by the aspirants for pursuing higher studies, especially in the science stream. Chemistry class 11 especially in CBSE board is a challenge, therefore it is necessary you get your basics sorted by choosing chemistry classes that focus on personal improvement.

Students these days have begun to take a keen interest in Chemistry and want to opt for it as a career option. Students who had been hitherto troubled with atomic structure, valence, acids and bases are shedding off their apprehensions about the chemistry courses as a whole. Moreover, with a rapidly increasing chemistry industry in India, the demand for chemistry only seems to be soaring.

Bengaluru, in this regard, has an extensive network of schools and colleges that excel in providing chemistry classes. The high school chemistry in Bengaluru offers shapes the students in a way which will aid them to crack any entrance or competitive exams. The colleges which provide specialization in chemistry also arrange for a research program to facilitate the students in their understanding of the subject.

Chemistry relation
Chemistry helps us understand the world around us. Source: Coursera

If you are one who is interested in the study of chemistry but still irresolute if you should opt for it or not, let us look at the aspects of chemistry from this point of view.

Why Study Chemistry?

Having an interest in a subject and taking it up as a career option is not the same. One must diligently examine the scopes and obstacles along with investigating one's own aptitude for the subject.

For Better Understanding Of The World Around Us

If you have a fondness for chemistry, you will automatically find it in yourself to be inquisitive about things around you. Thus understanding chemistry will eventually lead you to use it in your daily life. If you understand the chemical reactions, you will find yourself capable of getting people out from small regular fixes.

Your knowledge of chemistry will also keep you safe. If you have sound information about chemical properties, you will know which household items are hazardous and which are not. This is very important in a house with kids and older members. If you find yourself often absorbed in the preoccupation of chemistry you might want to consider it as a career option.

Importance of chemistry in every field.
Chemistry is in everything that is what is called matter. Source: ChemistryGod

Numerous Career Options

Chemistry has under it several sub-disciplines and thus there is a separate specialization for every branch under it. Chemistry is an umbrella term which encompasses components like medicinal chemistry, green chemistry, general chemistry and a lot more.  Each sub-discipline opens a wide array of job opportunities like that of a biochemist or other health professions. A chemistry degree can land you jobs like that of chemical engineers, forensic scientist and placements in plastic industries, agrochemical industries, etc.

Top Selected Best Schools For Chemistry In Bengaluru 

We all agree on the importance of selecting a good college for graduate study in any field. In the case of chemistry, the grooming should begin right from class 11. This is the time when the foundation is strengthened and that is why you will find all the basics of theoretical chemistry included in the class 12 chemistry syllabus. Here is a list of best schools and colleges for chemistry in Bengaluru.

Treamis World School

Treamis World School is situated near Electronics City and attracts a large number of students. It is a private school affiliated to CBSE, IGSCE. The U.S. News and World Report rank it among the top 10 international schools in Bengaluru.

Since it is an international school, it gives its brightest students an opportunity to study abroad.

Delhi Public School Bengaluru South

The chain of Delhi Public schools is known for its promising deliverance in the establishment of its students. The faculty and staff are impeccable in their jobs. This school prepares its students completely for their upcoming undergraduate program.

Best Colleges For Chemistry In Bengaluru

So, we now know the name of the top schools that one can consider in Bengaluru. Here are a few names of the colleges where a higher degree can be pursued in the same subject.

Christ University

Undoubtedly one of the best universities in the city, Christ University was founded in 1969. In the year 2016, the university bagged an A grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research facilities to its students. It also sometimes administer independent research facilities.

Bangalore University

Bangalore University is a public state university which in the year 2001 received a five star by NAAC. The Nobel Laureate, Sir C.V. Raman was associated with the university while he was still working with the IIS. It offers degrees in applied chemistry like Biochemistry degrees. The students are often organised in research groups to brush up their intellectual faculties. From the history of chemistry to modern chemistry, you shall be enlightened about everything. 

Different Career Options In Chemistry

While many people are of the opinion that chemistry is one of the dull subjects with the least career option, this is not true. Students can seek good career prospects in chemistry. Some of such options are listed below-

Organic Chemists

These chemists study organic chemistry, which is primarily the study of the properties, structure and preparation of chemical compounds, especially the ones which are made of hydrogen and carbon atoms. This branch is further divided into subdivisions like medicinal chemistry, stereochemistry, polymer chemistry, organometallic chemistry and physical organic chemistry. In short, organic chemists study molecules containing carbon.

Chemistry experiments
Certain things are to be kept in mind while preparing for the chemistry exam. Source: Hindustan Times

Inorganic Chemists

Inorganic chemistry is the study of chemical bonds between a metal and carbon. The chemists are thus concerned with the behaviour and synthesis of inorganic and organometallic compounds.

Polymer Chemists

Polymer chemistry is concerned with the study of polymers and macromolecules. A polymer chemist studies their structure, chemical and physical properties of polymers and macromolecules.

Analytical Chemists

Analytical chemists assess the chemical structure and nature of substances. The subject involves the examination of materials by segregation them into their components and individually studying each one and the quantity of each one. The techniques which are used by analytical chemistry are titration, precipitation, chromatography, etc.


Biochemistry is that branch of studies where chemistry mingles with life sciences. Biochemists study the chemical processes within and pertaining to living organisms. This subject can be again divided into three fields: structural biology, metabolism and enzymology.

Physical Chemists

Physical chemistry is the study of macroscopic, atomic, subatomic and particulate phenomena in chemical systems. Physical chemists practice using the concepts of general physics which include motion, energy, force, time, thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, analytical dynamics and chemical equilibrium. Not only these but there are numerous career options for those who pursue chemistry courses.

Tips To Do Well In Chemistry Exams

  • Get your concepts cleared: There is no point in appearing for a chemistry exam without getting your basic concepts of the subject cleared. Chemistry is fundamentally based on key concepts: be it the periodic table, chemical formulae or atomic structure. Knowing all of these by heart is going to be immensely beneficial for you.
  • Do mathematical sums: Do not just rely on the theoretical part. A large part of chemistry is based on mathematical equations. Maths is as much a part of chemistry as theory is. Get into the practice of solving at least 20 sums per day before a month of the exams. This will keep you in the flow.
  • Organize data: Organize the important notes in an order which will help you to go through them easily. If possible, paste colourful charts on your wall so that you can look at them time and again throughout the day. Also, you can make a flowchart to help understand better.  This eases the memorizing process.
  • Do not panic: It can be understood that chemistry is a very important subject. Panicking is only going to hamper your studies. Also, do not put less emphasis on other subjects. This attitude of panicking might very well affect the other subjects as well as chemistry itself. Try to allot due time to all the subjects.
  • Get proper sleep: Before the exam, try not to stay awake the entire night. A fresh mind is needed to lucidly solve the question paper. It is highly ill-advised to stay awake the night before the exam.

Options A Student Can Take To Learn Better

It often happens that a student cannot get enough from what is taught in the school. Missing out on any lecture or moving on to the next chapter without properly understanding the previous one can hamper the studies.

A class full of students
Coaching classes help go through the syllabus. Source: Hindustan Times

Coaching Classes

Coaching classes are recommended for students who seek extra attention to the subject. Doing this will provide the extra time on a particular topic. Important topics, notes and mock tests in the coaching classes also make a student well-prepared.

Private Tutors

With a private tutor, the necessity of clearing doubts on a specific concept gets cleared. A private tutor helps in overcoming a student's weak points. The hesitation which a student may face in the school classroom or even in the coaching classes can be overcome with the help of a private tutor. There are many online platforms which allow you to look for a teacher online. There are many online platforms which enable aspiring students to find tutors for a particular subject. Superprof is one such online platform.

As a subject, it is broad enough to include a lot of subjects. Therefore, take your best decisions regarding chemistry. All the best!

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