Choosing an institution of higher studies is the most decisive part of one’s long term career. Most students harbour the dream of pursuing Science after their 10th Boards Examination. Chemistry is often considered the most important and sought after branch of Science. It has enormous career scopes and the fact that it admits a range of experiments and applications to incorporate chemistry in everyday life, encourages inquisitive students to take it up as a career option.

Many students since childhood, work towards their dream of studying chemistry at post-school levels. The study of chemistry is often considered esoteric or difficult to grasp. But with the right guidance and aptitude for the subject, anybody can master it. It is the study of various forms and states of matter. It dismantles the internal structures of everything around you. The study of chemistry includes the study of the smallest part in the universe, thus encompassing the vast universe itself.

Southern India is considered to be domicile to many great institutes for sciences. Chennai is one of the most approved states for conducting a first-class standard of education and career scopes in chemistry. It's colleges rank among the best from all over the world.

Chemistry formulae are important
There are a plethora of options to study chemistry in Chennai. Source: cbsquared

Your Best Option In Chennai For Chemistry

Chennai has a vast arrangement of PGs and hostels for students. Students from all over the country seek a seat in the prestigious schools and colleges for science, especially chemistry. The primary grooming for any eminent competitive or entrance exam begins from the class 12 level. The class 12 chemistry syllabus is often designed to make sure that the students have an in-depth knowledge of all branches related to it.

So, choosing a suitable institution is of utmost priority. Let us now have a look at the schools offering the best 10+2 programs in chemistry.

D.A.V. Boys Senior Secondary School

It is a senior secondary school situated in Gopalpuram. The school is notable for its persistent high performance in the CBSE class 12 Board Exams. For the past two years, it has been ranked among the top three schools in India. The faculty and staff are very responsible for their students’ performance, especially the chemistry faculty.

Chettinad Vidyashram

This school is prestigious for both Arts and Sciences. Founded in 1986, this private school has been realizing the dreams of thousands since. It covers all the basic and necessary aspects of chemistry, from the periodic table to atomic structure with very supportive teachers and a well-equipped chemistry lab.

If you are passionate about chemistry and have completed your class 10 examinations, apply now in one of these schools to get the best education and guidance. True passion and great mentoring together can yield the best results.

Now, moving to the undergraduate program available in Chennai, the city sprawls in colleges majoring in Chemistry and the several specializations that fall under and applied chemistry like biochemistry.

Let us look at the colleges that offer the study of chemistry or its various branches like the history of chemistry or biochemistry or theoretical chemistry-

Madras Christian College

Madras Christian College is a college of Arts and Sciences, consistently ranking among the best colleges in India. It is also one of Asia’s oldest extant colleges. Its alumni make up a prestigious pact of civil servants and educators around the year. The college offers chemistry as well as a biochemistry degree. It has an impeccable prestige for the standard of chemistry education it offers. The college conducts seminar series for the betterment of students and also organises research groups to take the course out of texts. All these methods help the students who want to study abroad to groom themselves.

Loyola College, Chennai

It is an autonomous Jesuit college of the University of Madras which consistently ranks among the top five institutions in India. It offers graduate studies in environmental chemistry, modern chemistry and physical chemistry. The chemistry department of the college is highly esteemed for its distinct teaching approach and helps students to conduct research in their perspective field.

Guru Nanak College

Situated in Velachery, Guru Nanak College has also secured its name among the colleges that are distinguished for courses in chemistry.

College gate
Guru Nanak College is a reputed college to study chemistry from. Source:

What Courses Will You Be Offered In Colleges Of Chennai

Chemistry is an umbrella term within which resides many other disciplines. We shall now look at the seven branches of chemistry-

  • Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry deals with the study of the structure, properties and preparation of chemical compounds, particularly the ones made of carbon and hydrogen. This further has minor subdivisions like medicinal chemistry, organometallic chemistry, polymer chemistry, physical organic chemistry and stereochemistry.

  • Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry is the study of chemical compounds containing bonds between carbon and a metal. It thus deals with the synthesis and behaviour of inorganic and organometallic compounds.

  • Polymer Chemistry

Polymer chemistry focuses on the chemical synthesis, structure, chemical and physical properties of polymers and macromolecules. The principles applicable for polymer chemistry is also used through a wide range of other subdisciplines like organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry.

Chemical relation
Polymer chemistry is the study of polymers and macromolecules. Source: LabRoots
  •  Physical Organic Chemistry

Physical organic chemistry focuses on the relationship between chemical structures and reactivity, in particular, applying experimental tools of physical chemistry to the study of organic molecules.

  • Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is the study of examining materials by separating them into their components and identifying each one and how much is there of each one. Techniques used by analytical chemistry are titration, precipitation, chromatography etc.

  • Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the branch of studies where chemistry and life sciences mingle. It is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. It can further be divided into three fields: structural biology, enzymology and metabolism.

  • Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of macroscopic, atomic, subatomic and particulate phenomena in chemical systems. The study is made in terms of the principles, practices and concepts of general physics that includes motion, energy, force, time, thermodynamics, analytical dynamics, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics and chemical equilibrium.

How Can You Better Your Chances Further 

Securing a seat at the most prestigious institution is not enough. We are in a rat race today and doing the best is still not enough at times. Schools and colleges offer the best they can and yet sometimes the student may be in need of a little more. Online tutors or coaching classes can help you fill that gap.

Online Tuition

Online tuitions are one of the best options for students to master their fears and obstacles in chemistry. It is also very convenient as you can seek tutors and classes according to your needs. 

Students cannot practically attend all the classes given by the school. Since chemistry is the most conceptual subject, having a concrete base is very important. All the classes thus offered by the school are interconnected with one another. Missing out on a few means a lot of harm to the students entire understanding faculty. To prevent oneself from this lag, students opt for online tuition.

Private Tutor

Private tutors are eligible individuals who provide guidance to students. They can be found easily on platforms such as Superprof. Since Chennai itself has many brilliant students who come to pursue their Bachelor’s and Master's degree, it becomes all the more feasible for the plus 2 level students to get their guidance.

Career Scopes For Students With A Degree In Chemistry

The scope of a chemistry degree holder is vast and he/she can choose from among an array of prospects depending on his interest, aptitude and specialization. Here are some important career prospects relating to chemistry-

Chemistry involves solutions and its experiments
Chemistry offers a wide range of career opportunities. Source: WiseStep
  • Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are involved in the design and development of new products from raw materials. They work with the transformation of states with their knowledge of chemical properties. They also design and facilitate the production of innovative, high-end products like synthetic or strong fabrics or biocompatible implants.

  • Geochemist

A geochemist’s study involves that of the physical and chemical properties of earth, particularly of rocks and minerals. They have knowledge both of geography and chemistry. They help to identify oil drill sites, improve water quality etc.

  • Biochemist

Biochemists study chemical processes and chemical transformations in living organisms. They deal with the science of proteins and cell parts, DNA etc. In addition to this, they also took in hand the aspects of the immune system, the expression of genes, isolating and synthesizing different products.

  • Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientists study evidence of a crime scene and make deductions with the help of their scientific knowledge. They collect, preserve and analyze scientific evidence during the course of an investigation.

  • Biotechnologist

Biotechnologists are scientists who are involved in utilizing natural biological processes to create everyday-use products. They study and analyse the entire system and structure of biological organisms right from the level of genes to the entire organism. 

These are but only a few career options that you may get. It is a plethora of scopes out there, almost tailor-made for everybody with their own interest and aptitude. As a student, you must know your strengths and inclination to go for the right job.

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