Let me guess, you love yoga classes and are dying to try out the more difficult poses?

If this is the case, you will, undoubtedly, be starting to see some improvement in your yoga abilities!

If you are a social media addict, you can also find the best specialists in body strengthening, meditation and dynamic yoga. Facebook, but especially Instagram and Snapchat are full of yogis from around the world, ready to inspire you with their poses, tips and tricks...

Superprof India would like to introduce you to the Instagramers currently causing a stir online in the yoga world.

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Find All the Top Yoga "Gurus" on Instagram!

The DoYouYoga site has published a very interesting article on the 10 most active Yogi Instagram accounts to follow.

With their idyllic backgrounds, stylish outfits and breathtaking poses, online yogis have become the new stars of Instagram!

With photos taken around the world, Instagramers have become the most sought after influencers by big brands.

They sell their talents and their notoriety with advertising contracts and numerous editorial contributions.

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Top 7 Yogis to Follow on Social Media

Laura Kasperzak, From Gym to Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

See all the different types of yoga on Instagram.
Acrobatic yoga is a very interesting discipline to learn to strengthen your body and your confidence! Source: Visual hunt

Laura is followed by more than 1.1 million people on Instagram (@laurasykora).

This yoga teacher, who started out in gymnastics and cheerleading, is now a recognized and certified yoga instructor. She teaches yoga classes near me with her husband, Edward, in Level 1 of Acrovinyasa (see explanation below).

Laura also gives yoga lessons in Stand Up Paddleboard, for lovers of board sports as well as relaxation! She often does this with her daughter who is also very talented for her age!

Kerri Verna: Yoga on the Beach

This American has set up her own website with the same name as her Instagram account @beachyogagirl.

This yogini loves to give her yoga classes on the beach, hence her name! She also does pilates classes and sports coaching.

You will be seduced by her beautiful asana captured on the best spots along West Palm Beach, California.

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Brian Miller: From Boxing to Meditation

Known as @brianmilleryoga, Brian Miller is followed by more than 52,000 people on Instagram.

This former boxer who has practiced the noble art for more than 15 years discovered yoga by chance and hasn't given it up since!

Brian has since opened a yoga studio in his hometown of Montreal where he also teaches yoga classes online. Brian shows off his talent through various photos of difficult yoga poses that he posts on his account.

The Canadian has also created an online shop of tasty and excellent health food products, Karmavore Superfoods. Go take a look, it's very interesting!

Kathryn Budig: Writer and Yogi

Kathryn is a true jack of all trades!

In addition to being an international yoga instructor at some of the world's biggest festivals, Kathryn is also a food blogger and writes for various well-known magazines such as Health Magazine, The Huffington Post and Yahoo Health as a yoga expert.

Her @kathrynbudig account is followed by more than 210,000 people where she has already posted more than 4,400 yoga messages and photos.

Harmony, pose, balance, strengthening, Kathryn is all about the very best yoga and well-being advice, don't hesitate to follow her!

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Taylor Harkness: Pure Flexibility

This yoga teacher is living proof that men can be just as flexible as women. From his yoga studio, Taylor offers dynamic yoga classes and his level of experience has allowed him to achieve an incredible degree of flexibility.

Yoga instructors are all over social media these days.
Taylor is an extremely flexible yoga teacher who is always in a good mood, go follow him on Insta now! Photo credit: http://instagram.com/tjhark?modal=true

He promises his students that they will get a treat as soon as they leave their yoga mat thanks to his good sense of humor and warm personality!

Taylor Harkness (@tjhark) is followed by more than 36,000 subscribers.

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Carson Clay Calhoun, Contortionist

An ashtanga yoga teacher, Carson is followed by over 122,000 people on Instagram (@carsonclaycalhoun).

His specialty: upside down asanas, feet up and other balancing acts as well as integrating some dance moves that develops strengthening and balance, alongside to yoga poses.

Caitlin Turner: Not Your Average Yoga Teacher

Known as @gypsetgoddess, this yoga teacher is a hippy/jet-setter, who teaches yoga classes around the world, sharing her poses in the most unusual places, like a sauna cabin or in the sea!

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, she is loved by her fans because of her flawless yoga outfits (a selection of her photos are shown in the main image of this article). Her poses also create a lot of serenity and calm and make you want to try a yoga session with her! Caitlin is followed by 329,000 subscribers.

Honza and Claudine Lafond: Twice the Yoga Benefits

Founders of the YogaBeyond website, this pair of yoga teachers (@ogabeyond) specialise in acrovinyasa, a yoga practice inspired by "the asanas of traditional yoga with an acrobatic component" that is practiced alone or with a partner.

This type of yoga session has a lot of benefits, especially for people with trust issues. This exercise also allows you to work on your breathing, muscles and good body alignment including relaxation of the spine. To learn more about this type of dynamic yoga and its advantages, take a look at their website!

This cosmopolitan duo, as Claudine is from New York and Honza from Czech Republic, are followed by more than 367,000 people.

Patrick Beach, an Upside Down Specialist!

Patrick (@patrickbeach) and vinyasa yoga first collided because of a bet.

His father challenged him to do headstand. Not only did young Patrick win the challenge, but he realised he was particularly good  at this kind of pose. Patrick travels around the world giving yoga sessions and workshops and was voted one of the 100 most influential yoga teachers by Sonima Live.

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Patrick is a vinyasa yoga expert as well as a handsome chap, he certainly has no issues getting girls! Photo credit: http://instagram.com/patrickbeach

Every bit the hipster, tattooed arms, sculpted body, blue eyes, Patrick Beach is a hit with beginners at yoga, who are likely to want private yoga classes with this modern day Apollo! No wonder he has more than 332,000 subscribers!

Rachel Brathen: Yoga from the Caribbean

Born in Sweden, this young woman specialises in vinyasa yoga.

During her yoga classes, Rachel (@yoga_girl) focuses on body alignment and breathing techniques. She was actually one of the first yoga teachers to teach Stand Up Paddle (SUP) classes!

Recently married and pregnant, this yogini is a big advocate of prenatal yoga. The perfect example for pregnant women wanting to work on their concentration and breathing exercises, for a pain-free birth.

After traveling to Central America where she developed her talent and spirituality while doing yoga training, Rachel finally settled in the Dutch Caribbean island Aruba where she teaches vinyasa yoga classes full-time.

She has also published a book called Yoga Girl which is an international bestseller. Rachel Brathen is followed by more than 2 million subscribers, a testament to her influence in the world of yoga!

Vogue magazine has also published on its website a selection of the best yoga teachers to follow, the 10 most inspiring yoga accounts on instagram. Now let's reveal Superprof's final top 3...

The Top 3 Yoga Teachers You Need To Follow!

Kino MacGregor: 1 million subscribers

This beautiful blonde has more than 1 million subscribers on her Instagram account, and 100 million views on her YouTube channel!

She is also a writer and creator of 6 yoga class DVDs. Not bad, eh?

Kino (@Kinoyoga) is an expert in ashtanga yoga, also known as raja yoga. This yoga class is considered to be one of the most complete (it is nicknamed the "yoga of achievement").

On her Youtube channel that has more than 400,000 subscribers, you can find yoga classes for beginners, as well as tutorials on how to do yoga poses. On Periscope, you can also find daily live meditation sessions, discussions about the yogi's life and more.

Look no further for yoga Manchester: you have found your yogi!

Tara Stiles: a dance and yoga hybrid

This former model, whom you can follow as @tarastiles, is the founder of a Strala movement that is a mix of dance and yoga.

She has more than 139,000 followers on Instagram to whom she reveals her yoga tips, including advice for pregnant women.

Pregnant women can do yoga too!
Tara is living proof that prenatal yoga is doable and very beneficial for pregnant women! Source: mothermag

As a huge fan of prenatal yoga, she continued giving yoga classes even when she was 37 weeks pregnant!

Have a look at her pregnancy photos, she's very impressive!

Sandrine Bridoux: yoga made in France

The last Instagirl (@Frenchyogagirl) is French and has more than 25,700 subscribers. Less followers than her peers, but we strongly recommend that you subscribe to her account!

"From her holiday photos to her eye-catching workout gear and even recommendations for her juice of the day, followers are captivated by her world, Instagrammed blogger-style", reads Vogue's article linked above. Sandrine also teaches yoga classes near me in Paris using the Strala method.

Creating an Instagram account is basically mandatory if you want to follow the best yoga instructors in the world and stay up to date on all the latest yoga classes, trends, yoga clothes and exercises.

Why not take a look at what music works best with yoga classes!

You can also look for tutors of specific forms of yoga such as looking for 'hot yoga near me'.

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