If we told you that there are people out there who do naked yoga, would you believe us?

Well, you better because it actually exists!

But as that this is far from everyone's cup of tea and you'd probably prefer to wear something to your next yoga class, you need to get thinking of a suitable outfit!

No need to dig out your baby pink frilly tutu or 80s rugby shorts from the depths of your wardrobe, they will not do!

Superprof has you covered, with plenty of tips to build the ultimate wardrobe for your hatha or vinyasa yoga class.

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A Loose and Comfortable Outfit is Perfect for Yoga

So you've already downloaded your yoga app? Now all you have to do is find the right outfit!

Yoga is a physical activity (despite what people say) carried out on the floor, on a padded mat.

In order to properly perform the various asana (yoga poses), it is important to go for something with a loose fit, giving you freedom of movement. If your clothes are poorly chosen, they can restrict your ability to move freely.

And since you will be mainly stretching during your yoga session, you do not want your outfit to be too tight!

Yoga is a multimillion dollar business in the United States
The yoga market is a seriously lucrative business in the US! Source: fitbottomedgirls

A recent US study published on the Yoga Alliance website showed that the amount spent by yoga enthusiasts in yoga classes - clothing, equipment and accessories - was a staggering 16.8 billion dollars, up more than 6 billion since 2012!

Here are some rules to follow when choosing your attire for your next yoga lesson:

  • You will be doing some stretching, sometimes extensively. Prioritise above all an outfit that has COMFORT. Avoid clothes that are too tight that interfere with both breathing and circulation.
  • Whether for the lower or upper body, be careful not to wear zipped pockets to avoid injuring yourself when moving.
  • Opt for garments with specialised fabric for effectively absorbing perspiration, such as polyester. If you really sweat a lot or are used to dynamic yoga, opt for cotton clothes that absorb moisture well.

These rules apply regardless of the type of online yoga classes you choose: vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, prenatal yoga, iyengar yoga, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga ... Remember to have several outfits in mind if you sign up for a yoga class on a daily basis or as part of a yoga school with sessions several times a week.

Warning! We recommend that you do not reuse your synthetic garments from one class to another as this material gives off bad odours once it has absorbed body perspiration. Always machine wash after!

Superprof Pro Tip: if you are looking for a light, breathable fabric with strong thermal regulation, go for merino wool! This material is clearly more expensive than polyester or cotton, but you will not regret it! Several sports/outdoors brands on the market offer many clothes (tops, bottoms, underwear, socks, ...) in merino wool, a truly magical fabric!

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Prioritise comfort over fashion for your yoga class.
Yoga poses (asanas) work your flexibility. A comfortable outfit is mandatory! Source: Pixabay.

If you enjoy yoga classes where you burn calories like hot yoga or bikram yoga, which take place in overheated rooms, you will definitely sweat a lot! Bear this advice in mind so that the session isn't a nightmare for your neighbour! Search 'yoga classes near me' with Superprof.

If you want more information, a very comprehensive article published on artofliving.org reveals all the secrets for choosing the right yoga clothes, primarily comfort, "breathability", style and value for money...

So we were right!

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Yoga Attire for Women!

Ladies and gentlemen, here's some style tips that will allow you to fully embrace your yoga session:

  • Bring a sports sweater for the warm-up and warm-down exercises of the yoga session, especially the final relaxation section where your body will tend to cool down. Also remember to take socks to stay warm.
  • Be careful when choosing your bottoms! Your stylish pair of thin black leggings that goes so well with your blue skirt may not be appropriate for your yoga class because they are likely to be transparent and could be a source of embarrassment: Choose thicker, more comfortable leggings, designed specifically for sport, they will work much better!
  • Bra or no bra? What does your yoga teacher wear? It really depends on your preference. Some girls prefer a sports top with a bra underneath or even better one that already has a bra built-in, and others like to use their sports bra, like the one they use for running.
It is important to wear practical sportswear for yoga.
Bra or vest on top and comfortable leggings on the bottom, the standard outfit for yoga class. Source: Pxabay

Swedish fitness blogger and personal trainer, Faya Nilsson writes an amazing blog called Fitness On Toast featuring everything from training tips, nutrition advice as well as how to say fashionable when working out.

Faya says, "For yoga, I love my Wunder Unders Lululemon and they also design beautiful layered tops."

As well as being practical, Faya doesn't see why your yoga outfit needs to be boring, "a slightly more 'fashion' hoodie, layered on top of your gym look transforms it from workout to working."

  • Don't forget to take hair bands to hold your hair in place.

Vinyasa yoga is particularly popular with women who want to sculpt their body and eliminate fat without building muscle. As well as practical clothing, a decent level of fitness is required for this type of yoga.

Why not see what kind of music is best to listen to during yoga class!

Stay Fashionable During Yoga Class!

For those who are a slave to fashion, it's definitely possible to stay stylish when doing yoga.

In terms of budget, the independent wrote an article listing all the best high street shops to source the best yoga gear.

For a pretty colorful outfit, the article recommends the affordable Forever21 which offers both plain and colourful bras and leggings (£15 and £25 respectively).

Also remember that the more you like your yoga outfit, the more you'll want to get it out of the closet to wear and show it off to your friends!

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Yoga Clothes for Men

Gentlemen, there are more and more of you getting on the Yoga hype. Whether it's to stay flexible or become flexible for those of you who are stiff as a plank (myself included), Yoga is a great sport that I do, in addition to physical endurance activities.

Hatha-Yoga is the most common form of yoga in the West. If you practice it diligently, not only will you become more flexible, but  your concentration will improve and stress and anxiety will be a thing of the past!

Prayanama, taught in some yoga schools, is a practice to work on breathing. Practising good breathing (a-yama) will help you to use your oxygen better and more wisely, during running for example. More generally, you will improve your physical condition if you breathe more effectively.

Raja yoga, kundalini yoga or hatha yoga describe the constitutive elements, practices and purpose of this discipline of breathing differently, reads Wikipedia.

Avoid embarrassment with the right yoga outfit.
Gentlemen, pay attention to what you wear! The woman of your dreams may be at your next yoga class! Source: Pixabay

A small statistic that should appeal to the athlete in you: 79% of people doing yoga also practise other sports such as running, cycling and bodybuilding (Yoga Alliance study).

It has also been shown that yoga is a powerful tool to get stronger at running or cycling because it helps strengthen your core muscles!

Yoga sessions using meditation also develop your mental strength and help you to reach your goals.

Let's go back to the recommended sportswear for breathing exercises, poses and other dynamic yoga sessions. From the bottom up:

  • Barefoot, do not bother keeping your socks on. Leave them in your shoes if you tend to sweat a lot. It would be a pity if your sexy neighbour stops talking to you because of your socks...
  • Lightweight joggers that are wide enough. Forget running shorts that could leave you in an awkward position in a wide angle position. No, do not even try it!
  • On top, a cotton or polyester t-shirt, with enough room. No need to choose a fancy fabric to impress your neighbour with your pecs, in some positions, the fabric will turn up to reveal your beer belly. If you have a six-pack, go for it! ?

With Superprof, I can be connected with hundreds of teachers for yoga near me. This activity is expanding in the UK. For clothing, go for the basics: comfortable, breathable an, if possible, aesthetic, it will motivate you in the long term!

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