Yoga can be considered as the oldest 'recorded' form of exercise in the young history of Homo sapiens. Its origins can be traced back to c. sixth and fifth centuries BCE.

Some historians even put the date as far back as the Vedic age, where references to yoga could be found in the ancient Indian text viz. the Rig Veda. In other words, yoga preceded the Buddha. No wonder He was so taken in by this discipline that aims to straddle the spiritual, mental and physical realms.

Here is a comprehensive guide to yoga courses in India.

Tracing the Evolutionary Journey of Yoga in India

The history of yoga is conventionally categorized into four eras or periods by scholars across the ages.

  1. Pre-Classical Yoga believed to have been developed during the age of the great Indus Valley civilization five millennia before our time. That's what we call old!
  2. Classical Yoga, also called Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is often recognized as the first codified body of knowledge on the theories and practice of yoga.
  3. Post-Classical Yoga focuses on a way of life that encourages people to live in the moment instead of worrying unduly about liberation etc.
  4. Modern Yoga is the last and the contemporary phase of yoga. This was developed in the late 1800s and has been in vogue ever since.

The yogic tradition has evolved primarily out of a few primitive forms of yoga.

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Yoga Mumbai
Age is no bar when it comes to the learning and practice of yoga | Source: Visualhunt

Know Your Yoga

Before deciding to enrol yourself into a yoga studio or online yoga classes or appoint your very own private yoga trainer in Madurai, it is advisable to learn and understand the different forms of yoga. They serve different purposes.

Hatha Yoga

This gentle form of yoga is most ideal for beginners who are looking to improve their body's flexibility and balance.

Vinyasa Yoga

Also known as power yoga, this form of yoga is ideal for those who are looking to lose bodyweight.

‘Surya Namaskar’ is a popular form of vinyasa yoga.

Iyengar Yoga

This form of yoga is recommended for those with chronic pain in their muscles and joints. Iyengar yoga is designed to help strengthen both.

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Bikram Yoga

This is the best-suited yoga for improving body flexibility.


An amalgamation of different breathing exercises, chanting and physical movements, Kundalini yoga is more spiritual in nature, helping you to relax.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is an advanced form of yoga that includes physically intense poses and exercises.

Prenatal Yoga

It is exactly what it says! Designed for pregnant women and combining exercises and breathing techniques, prenatal yoga aims to reduce health risks during the critical prenatal stage of pregnancy.

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Yoga Classes Near Me in Mumbai

The 'City of Dreams', and once the country's finance capital, Mumbai is a bustling coastal city whose people love to live the high life and never tire of going the extra mile to achieve their goals.

The Mumbai workforce is often faced with erratic work schedule. Students and homemakers of the city sometimes find it difficult to cope up with the daily challenges of life in the big city. The city that never sleeps has, in recent times, been open to the idea of yoga because of this hectic lifestyle.

The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute, founded in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji, is the oldest centre of yoga in the world. The Institute has a simple and non-commercial approach to imparting the knowledge and practice of yoga to householders so as to enable them to lead a happy and healthy life.

Training Course
Enrol in a teacher training course to realize your dream of becoming a yogi | Source: The Yoga Institute

Apart from regular yoga classes (for both children and adults) on weekdays as well as weekends, the Institute also holds special yoga classes on Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, diet and Yogic lifestyle and counselling on other aspects of life. These courses are graded according to the level of learning - Yoga for beginners, advanced yoga and so on.

Corporate Workshops

The corporate lifestyle has become synonymous with serious ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases that are affecting individuals at a very young age.

The Yoga Institute designs special workshops on stress management.

The corporate workshops help bring about lifestyle changes that, in turn, would lead to better stress management over a period of time.

These workshops usually last 6 hours and cover the following topics:

  • Asanas
  • Pranayama
  • Conscious Relaxation Techniques
  • Kriyas (cleaning and strengthening of eyes, nose and throat)
  • ‘Sattvic’ diet
  • Interactive games based on yogic concepts.

Teacher Training Courses

The courses designed to train and hone teaching skills can be availed for different durations of time.

  • 1-month
  • 3-months
  • 7-months
  • 1-year
  • 2-years

Wellness Camps

The camps are designed to help students work and improve their personalities, through yoga, in a holistic manner -  physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. The various camps are:

  • Women’s Camp
  • Life Management Camp
  • Meditation Camp
  • Bhavas Workshop
  • Diet Workshop
  • Karma Yoga
  • Senior Citizen’s Camp

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Shiv Holistic Yoga

Shiv Holistic Yoga was established by Shri Shiv Kumar Mishra who is now a renowned yoga specialist spearheading his own team of yoga experts. Their prestigious clientele includes industrialists, sports personalities, Bollywood personalities and so on.

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yoga wellness
A holistic approach to yoga gives you the best rewards from the discipline | Source: Shiv Holistic Yoga

Yoga at Home

Too lazy or too overworked to go out and join a yoga group? Stay in the comfort of your own house and practice yoga under the expert guidance of our certified yoga trainers.

Group Classes

Join a group of like-minded people and enjoy an hour, or two, of a relaxed, non-judgmental class on yoga. Explore the ancient Indian philosophy in an engaging atmosphere.

Corporate Yoga

Overcome stress and improve productivity at work with the corporate yoga program by a=our expert yogis.

Yoga for Societies

This program is specially designed for residents of housing societies.

Yoga Certifications

The Shiv Holistic Wellness Academy offers yoga teacher training course on the science of yoga to those who can then go out into the world and share their knowledge.

Yoga Treatment for Diseases

Yoga can be a great solution for treating various somatic and psychological dysfunctions.

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Yogacara is a well-known health and wellness institute that boasts of a vibrant community held together by love, and kindness.

Rejuvenate your mind and body and live stress-free with practices such as yoga, holistic medicine, natural healing therapies, Ayurveda Panchakarma, Detoxification & Rejuvenation Therapies, Massage, Pranayama, Meditation, Weight Loss and Lifestyle Disease Management.

The institute has a team of in-house Ayurvedic doctors, nutrition, and wellness experts to guide the community. There is also a cafe, Get Sorted at Yogacara, that serves delectable grain-free, gluten-free and soul-nourishing food.

yoga retreats
Yoga retreats are a great way to learn new life skills, bond with like-minded people and discover your inner peace | Source: Yogacara

The Yogacara Studio has well-planned courses conducted by registered yoga teachers on classical Hatha, vinyasa flow, ashtanga vinyasa, restorative yoga, core pilates, Zumba, Zumba Kids and functional training.

The Yoga House

The Yoga House believes that the most invaluable contribution of India to the world has been the gift of yoga.

The Yoga House food concept is a subtle combination of cutting-edge macrobiotic recipes and ancient dietary wisdom and traditions.

The House offers regular training classes on diverse forms of yoga.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

The class teacher provides verbal and hands-on guidance on the proper execution of postures and movements. This may not be ideal for complete freshers in the world of yoga.

Ayur Yoga

Ayur Yoga combines Ayurvedic principles and yogic exploration and focuses on breathing, awareness of body and mind, postural alignment and balance.

Hatha Yoga

The most important aspect of these classes is the emphasis on mental relaxation while holding your yoga pose, irrespective of the level of difficulty of the asana.

Hatha Vinyasa

The pace of this class is relatively slower which creates an opportunity to stop and focus on alignment and flexibility.

Iyengar Yoga

This form of yoga is meant to challenge students so that they develop a more consistent practice of yoga.

Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed for the changing body of an expectant mother and her baby across the various stages of pregnancy.

Vinyasa Flow

This practice runs at a relatively faster pace than Hatha/ Hatha Vinyasa classes, linking movement to your breathing.

Yoga ambiance
Creating the right ambience is absolutely critical for a rewarding experience | Source: The Yoga House

Relax & Rejuvenate

The practice of gentle asana, pranayama and meditation is designed to help you reach a state of mental ease and natural happiness.

Here are some of the top yoga courses in Chennai.


Diva Yoga is a unique program that aims to transform women, both physically and mentally. Every woman should work towards revealing their inner diva.

The Diva Experience

The experience involves 12 steps that help bring out your inner beauty.

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Body Toning
  3. Weight Management
  4. Delight
  5. Healing
  6. Strength
  7. Stamina
  8. Posture Alignment
  9. Balance
  10. Core
  11. Flexibility
  12. Awareness

Some amazing yoga instructors offer private yoga lessons in Mumbai. You can also sign up at an upscale yoga studio or a friendly neighbourhood one. For the sake of convenience, however, simply browse for online yoga tutorials, online yoga videos and online yoga classes to save time as well as money!

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