Yoga can be considered as the oldest 'recorded' form of exercise in the young history of Homo sapiens. Its origins can be traced back to c. sixth and fifth centuries BCE.

Some historians even put the date as far back as the Vedic age, where references to yoga could be found in the ancient Indian text viz. the Rig Veda. In other words, yoga preceded the Buddha. No wonder He was so taken in by this discipline that aims to straddle the spiritual, mental and physical realms.

Here is a comprehensive guide to yoga courses in India.

How Did Yoga Evolve In India?

The history of yoga is conventionally categorized into four eras or periods by scholars across the ages.

  1. Pre-Classical Yoga believed to have been developed during the age of the great Indus Valley civilization five millennia before our time. That's what we call old!
  2. Classical Yoga, also called Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is often recognized as the first codified body of knowledge on the theories and practice of yoga.
  3. Post-Classical Yoga focuses on a way of life that encourages people to live in the moment instead of worrying unduly about liberation etc.
  4. Modern Yoga is the last and the contemporary phase of yoga. This was developed in the late 1800s and has been in vogue ever since.

The yogic tradition has evolved primarily out of a few primitive forms of yoga.

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Get rid of back pain with yoga poses.
Yoga is a holistic discipline which helps in gaining positivity in thoughts and calmness of mind

Yoga for Mind, Body and Soul: Know you style

Before deciding to enrol yourself into a yoga studio or online yoga classes or appoint your very own private yoga trainer in Madurai, it is advisable to learn and understand the different forms of yoga. They serve different purposes.

Hatha Yoga

This gentle form of yoga is most ideal for beginners who are looking to improve their body's flexibility and balance.

Vinyasa Yoga

Also known as power yoga, this form of yoga is ideal for those who are looking to lose bodyweight.

‘Surya Namaskar’ is a popular form of vinyasa yoga.

Iyengar Yoga

This form of yoga is recommended for those with chronic pain in their muscles and joints. Iyengar yoga is designed to help strengthen both.

Bikram Yoga

This is the best-suited yoga for improving body flexibility.


An amalgamation of different breathing exercises, chanting and physical movements, Kundalini yoga is more spiritual in nature, helping you to relax.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is an advanced form of yoga that includes physically intense poses and exercises.

Prenatal Yoga

It is exactly what it says! Designed for pregnant women and combining exercises and breathing techniques, prenatal yoga aims to reduce health risks during the critical prenatal stage of pregnancy.

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Yoga Classes Near Me in Hyderabad

The historically rich city of Hyderabad has added another leaf to its cultural heritage with the incorporation of yoga into its city life. As the city gains in prominence with respect to industry and commerce, the local workforce is burgeoning. More and more families are settling in the city which is also experiencing a spike in stress levels of its citizens.

Combat stress, achieve happiness, calm your mind and lead a holistic and healthy life. Find a private yoga tutor or enrol yourself into a suitable yoga course nearby in Hyderabad. Let us get you started on your search right now!

Leaf Yoga Village

The Village offers a myriad of opportunities to learn yoga, either in their studio or at the comfort of your own home.

Home yoga classes give you the flexibility to learn the discipline of yoga at a leisurely pace, at a time convenient to you. Set yourself a specific goal - mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. Discuss with a yoga trainer who will then tailor a curriculum based on your learning needs and expectations.

Apart from home yoga lessons, you can also opt for other types of yoga courses including:

  • Corporate Yoga
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga for Wellness
  • Weight Reduction

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Leaf Yoga Village
Be assured of placements following a certified teacher training course in yoga | Source: Leaf Yoga Village

The Village also offers CBFETR (Central Board of Fitness Education, Training and Research) and ISYT - 100 (International Standards Yoga Training) certified graduate and post-graduate teacher training courses in yoga (specializations in Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga or Power Yoga). What's more, LYV helps its certified yoga trainers get placed on completion of their respective courses.

Sign up at the most suitable yoga courses for you in Pune or Bengaluru.


UrbanPro is inarguably the largest online platform in India, connecting students and tutors through a trusted web portal.

It has gradually grown to become a reliable one-stop learning partner for a majority of Indians. Boasting of over 6.5 lakh Verified Tutors, Trainers and Institutes, UrbanPro has become a go-to platform for more than 25 lakh students, parents and professionals.

UrbanPro caters to the needs of students and tutors across 1000+ learning categories, yoga being one of them.

Browse and compare multiple tutor profiles and choose the ones best suited to your learning needs.

UrbanPro Platform
The user-friendly interface provides customized learning packages based on your unique requirements | Source: UrbanPro

UrbanPro Yoga Tutors Hyderabad

There are close to 1200 certifed yoga trainers, yoga classes and yoga institutes offering their services in Hyderabad via UrbanPro.

All profiles on UrbanPro are put through a stringent verification process, reviewed thoroughly. Only then do they come to be trusted by thousands of students. So, whether you want yoga trainers or and yoga institutes in your locality, this is the /place to start looking!

Check out the section on tutor reviews and ratings of yoga institutes and choose the most highly rated yoga classes available as per your convenience, in Hyderabad.

Bengaluru yoga courses and trainers can be located across the length and breadth of the city, the most popular ones being Banjara Hills, Kukatpally, Gachibowli, Manikonda, Madhapur, Miyanpur etc.

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Bodhi Yoga Institute

If you are an aspiring yogi and are looking for an institute that is dedicated to the dissemination of yogic knowledge, then the Bodhi Yoga Institute is the place to be at!

The Institute conducts International Yoga Teacher Training Programs (RYT 200 and RYT 300) whose core philosophy centres around Raja Yoga. This is supplemented by other traditional Indian forms of yoga such as Sivananda Yoga, Bihar Yoga School, Himalayan Yoga Institute, Astanga Vinyasa yoga and also contemporary modern schools such as BKS Iyenger and Acro Yoga.

Bodhi Yoga Institute
Yoga teacher training certifications are an assured way of gaining authentic knowledge in the discipline | Source: Bodhi Yoga Institute

The intensive courses are registered with Yoga Alliance USA and can be availed at graded levels - beginners to intermediate. Here is a list of all the courses you can choose from at the Institute.

  1. Yoga - RYT 200
  2. Advanced Yoga - RYT 300
  3. Ashtanga Vinyasa/Power Yoga
  4. Prenatal Yoga
  5. Aerial/Acro Yoga
  6. Pilates
  7. Yin Yoga
  8. Therapeutic

Here are some of the top yoga courses in Chennai.

Anahata Yoga Zone

Anahata offers yogic learning in all its forms including asanas for fitness, strength, flexibility, weight loss and body toning to pranayama for de-stressing and meditation.

Yoga instructors at Anahata are a unique breed, dedicated to the qualities of the Heart Chakra. They teach with warmth and love.

Group Classes

These dynamic, hour-long classes help students immerse themselves into deeper levels of peace and higher levels of fitness.

Personal Training

These are highly customized, result-oriented and exclusive packages for practically anyone who wishes to learn yoga.

Corporate Training

Another customized program designed to help individuals regain lost productivity and re-energize themselves at work.


Anahata Yoga Workshops are conducted on different aspects of yoga such as meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda, yoga for diabetes, stressbuster breathing and so on.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

The International Yoga Teacher Training course offered at Anahata teaches traditional styles of yoga such as Satyananda yoga (Bihar school), Astanga Vinyasa (Mysore school), Iyengar Yoga and modern approaches to teaching imparted by certified teachers at ANAHATA, with years of teaching experience and also by renowned visiting faculties.

Get ahead in the world of yoga in Mumbai.

Nirvaana Yoga Studio

Nirvaana Yoga Studio (An Yoga Alliance International YAI Affiliated School) offers training in the varied arms of yoga including yoga asanas, pranayamas, chair yoga,  yoga classes for children, hatha yoga, meditation, along with certified yoga teacher training courses.

locations - nirvaana yoga
Find a suitable yoga teacher training course near you | Source: Nirvaana Yoga

Kundalini Awakening Chakra Meditation

Ever human interaction witnesses an exchange of energy between the interactants. Both negative and positive energies get transferred from one person to the other. Heal your energy systems with this intense meditation technique, viz. kundalini awakening.

Counter those rising levels of work tension, learn to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve inner peace all through the practice of yoga. Even if you cannot include yoga into your hectic schedule, sign up for an online yoga class or learn from online yoga tutorials. Get back in shape and get happy!

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