Physics is a highly interesting subject and if one understands the concepts of its various topics, the curiosity to know more arises. For class 10 physics, it is important for the student to make the concepts of physics stronger so that they do not face any difficulty in the higher classes. Also, learning physics can be advantageous if one wants to pursue physics courses later in the future. 

Everything that we know or see is made up of matter and it is very important for each one of us to know the fundamentals of physics and particle physics. It can be useful in many different ways in real life for us. Check the class 10 physics syllabus here. 

Matter exists in three states, solid, liquid, and gas. It is made from small particles known as the atoms.  An atom can exist on its own or can form a molecule with the other atoms. 

What is the Density of matter?

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To study the density of matter, different particles of matter are studied. Source: VectorStock

For comprehending how the matter gets accumulated, the first thing we need to understand is the density. The amount of mass taken per unit volume is known as the density of a material. In simple terms, we can say that the closer the particles are connected to each other, the denser would be the material. 

In the case of solid particles, the molecules are tightly packed with each other. Hence the density is more in solid particles. In liquid substances, the molecules are a little loosely packed, therefore the density of the liquid materials is less. In the case of gases, the density is the least as all the particles are very loosely packed. 

When one state of particle is changed into the other state, the density of the materials also gets transformed. Density is also dependant on the kind of material used. Sometimes the density of solid and liquid is quite close to one another. For example, in the case of ice and water, there is very little difference between the densities of both materials. The density of a material can be calculated by the formula of mass per volume. The mass determines the atomic structure of an element.  


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The formula for calculating volume is the mass of an object over its density. Source: Unsplash

For calculating the density of a material, the volume of the material must be known. There are simple formulas to calculate the volume of different shapes like sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, etc. In case any object has an irregular shape, then to measure it, we have to calculate the displacement of it.


Diffusion is a process where different particles of different states combine with each other. You must have noticed while crossing a food joint, you get a blend of flavors. This is because the particles of that solid or liquid food material get intermixed with the air and then reaches your nose. There are many types of diffusion. When we mix the salt which is solid into the water which is a liquid, is also a type of diffusion. The speed at which the particles get mixed with one another is known as the rate of diffusion.  

Particle Model of Matter

The particle model has various definitions for explaining the matter. The most essential aspects of it are:

  • All the matter of the universe is made up of the particles. 
  • All the particles in the matter are constantly moving. More amount of energy in them, more fastly they will move. 
  • There are always different forces acting on the particles. (Know more about the forces.)
  • The space between the particles is completely empty and there is nothing in between them. 

The Usefulness of Particle Model in Physics Class

One of the most useful scientific models in basic physics is considered as the particle model of matter as it gives the description of all the three states. The basic physics is important for each one of us as we all are a physical entity in this universe. This model is beneficial to understand how matter transitions from one state to another. 

Transitioning in the States of Matter

In class 10 physics, you will study the various aspects of the matter and how it changes from one form to another. When solid is heated, the molecules start to move away from each other lowering the density of the material. Once the molecules are sufficiently away from each other, the material changes from solid to liquid. If the heating is continued further, the particles will become looser and will change its state from liquid to gas

For understanding it better, you can use the classic example of ice melting to liquid and liquid further evaporating into gas. 

The Various States of Matter

Down below is given the various states of matter in table form.

Particles arrangementParticles are closely packed. Particles are a little loosely packed.There is no particle arrangement here. 
Particle movementThe particle only vibrates and does not move. The particle can move fast here and slide past each other. The particles move the fastest in this type of arrangement. 
Forces between particlesThe forces are very strong between the particle. The forces are very strong but lesser than that of solids. The forces are the weakest in the case of gases. 
Space between particlesThere is very little space between particles. There is little space between particles but more than that of solid particles. There is a huge space between the particles. 

Physics Important Questions for Class 10 

In order to get good marks in your class 10, you should focus on the important questions that have a high probability of coming into the exams. Some of the questions that must be covered are:

  • Explain the different models of matter?
  • What is the smallest particle to be found on earth?
  • What is the difference between solids, liquids, and gases in the particle model? 
  • Explain the process of diffusion with respect to the particle model?
  • How to develop such materials that can change their state?
  • How are density, volume, and mass related to each other? 
  • Compare the densities of solid, liquid, and gases. 
  • What is the reason for oil to float in water?
  • How do the gases exert pressure?
  • Is the pressure of a gas exerted related to the number of particles?
  • What is the change in pressure when the volume and temperature of a particle are changed?
  • How can particle model of matter helps us to understand the various changing states of matter? 

Find out about class 12 Physics curriculum.

Importance of Sample Papers for Class 10 Physics

basics of class 10 physics
Sample papers help in making the concepts more stronger. Source: Unsplash

Sample exam papers are a great way of practicing your class 10 physics topics. There are numerous sample papers available online that can help you to get good marks in your final exams. The sample papers can help you with questions of different types. Check the link to study the concepts of electricity in Physics.

You can practice multiple-choice questions, one or two mark questions, three or four mark questions, maths questions, practical questions, six mark questions, equations, etc. By solving the various numerical and questions of sample paper, you get an idea of how the final paper would appear. Also, it clears your concepts on various topics. Check here to find the numerical on particle model of matter.

So sample papers are a must-do thing for all the students appearing in their class 10 physics exam. 

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