Class 10 is one of the major landmarks of your education. You need to clear it under any circumstance. And there are many subjects to study in the class 10 curriculum. One of them is class 10 physics which is the part of science book of class 10. Now, you will not deal with topics like thermodynamics, astronomy, special relativity but the topics will be a little easier.

Some of the best topics that most of the students like are electromagnetism, electromagnetic waves, electric field, electric charge, electric potential and many more. There is a sort of fun in studying class 10 physics. But, there is also a lot to explore after that. There are many topics in the class 10 physics syllabus that need special attention. We will take a brief look at all of them in this article. 

Reading and studying is not what physics always requires. One needs to understand the concepts of the subject to know the world around them. Let’s dive into the various topics and know what they are.

Important And Scoring Topics Of Physics Class 10

If we first off classify the basic topics, there are many of them.

  • Electricity
  • Particle model of matter
  • Atomic structure
  • Forces
  • Waves
  • Electromagnetism
  • Sources of Energy

All these topics explore cover the class 10 physics syllabus. And to be the best at them, pay close attention to the upcoming sections. It will give you some tips on how to study for your exams.


class 10 physics
Electricity is the need of modern societies. Source: Freepik Credits: Federico

Electricity is a thing that we all know about. The topic of electricity in class 10 physics has various sections in it. And these sections are the prerequisite for the upcoming chapters. To keep in systematic and easy for you, let’s unfold the chapter.

The very first thing that comes in this chapter is the electric charge and electric current. The rate of flow of electric charge is known as electric current. Followed but this, you will learn about making electric circuit diagrams which will also be helpful in your physics laboratory. Next comes the topic of electric potential and potential difference. I will also explore the potential energy.

Moving on Ohm law will be the next topic along with the various combination of resistors. The series and parallel combinations are the ones used for resistors. A resistor is a device used to resist the flow of current. Further, you will learn about the heating effect of current which is an important aspect of theoretical and modern physics. Electric power is the concluding topic of the class 10 electricity chapter.

Particle Model Of Matter

The particle model of the matter is not a direct topic of physics but has importance. The first thing that you will study in the chapter is the density of matter. In this, there is a brief explanation of changing states of matter and energy. It also explains how the particles of the matter are packed together. This is what helps in getting an idea about their density. 

Following this, the factors that affect the density of the matter are defined as volume, diffusion, and others. The diffusion is the process by which the different states of matter tend to mix up with each other. This is most common in gases. In the concluding section of the chapter, the characteristics of various states of matter are defined. Some of the distinguishable characteristics are particle arrangement, particle movement, forces between the particles and spacing between the particles. This covers the chapter of the particle model of matter. Study more about particle model of matter.

Atomic Structure

class 10 physics
There are more than 7 billion atoms in a human body. Source: Freepik Credits: Rocketpixel

As we all know that everything around us is made of atoms and molecules. For example, take an example of our body. It is made of cells and tissues. Similar to this, other non-living things are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons. If we talk about the subatomic particles, there have been many scientists that have given their theories and model regarding the atomic structure.

The chapter starts with the foundations of the atomic structure. This involves a deep study of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Post this, various theories are discussed given various young minds of that time.

Some of the most prominent and important ones are:

  • Atomic Theory of Dalton
  • Atomic Theory of JJ Thomson
  • Atomic Model of Rutherford
  • Atomic Model of Bohr


This is a bit less discussed topic in class 10 physics but there are topics that relate to forces that you have already studied. If we start by discussing the chapters of forces, the first one is the magnetic force. The chapter magnetic effects of current deals with this in a very interactive and informative way. 

The chapter discusses the various concepts like electromagnetism, magnetic field, magnetic field lines, etc. It also throws light on concepts like the magnetic field due to various types of conductors. Along with this, towards the end of the chapter, the concept of magnetic force is also discussed in detail. Electric motor, electric generator working on the principle of electromagnetic induction are also the concluding titles of this chapter. 

Post this, there is a brief discussion about the gravitation and gravitational force. The topic also covers the universal gravitation law. Along with this, other forces like frictional force, centripetal force, and centrifugal forces are also highlighted. Read more about various forces. 


Although waves are of many types, the syllabus of class 10 physics covers only the light wave. Hence, chapter refraction and reflection of light deals with everything related to the light waves. 

The chapter begins with the simple concept of reflection of light along with the brief discussion of spherical mirrors. Along with this, the discussion of various image formations is done. The chapter follows up with the concept of refraction of light. This topic includes the types of spherical lenses. You will also learn about the image formation by the various lenses. 

There is also a mention of the trigonometric formula for the refraction of light along with its laws. To be more precise, do keep a close check on the mirror and lens formulas. They will be helpful for your exams. Learn more about waves.  


This is the last chapter of class 10 physics in the science book. The one that is of most relevance and interest. The chapter contains some of the most interesting topics. You will study the magnetic field and its effects. The chapter will unfold topics like a magnetic field, magnetic field lines. The nature of the magnetic field and the strength of the magnetic field when passed through various conductors. The primary conductors in this chapter are straight, circular, and solenoid.

The chapter will also deal with the force generated by the various conductors due to the magnetic field. Plus, you will love the section that includes an electric motor and generator. The concept of electric motor and generator are directly opposite. And most importantly, the concept behind the working of an electric generator is electromagnetic induction. The chapter also deals with various popular rules to find the direction of the magnetic field and force. The rules that you will study are Fleming’s left-hand rule and right-hand rule.

All these topics form the complete syllabus of class 10 physics. They are extremely easy and entertaining to learn. Provided, you have a professional tutor to teach you.

Sources of Energy

Class 10 physics syllabus covers various sources of energy. Notably, these include physical sources of energy, otherwise called fuels such as diesal, petrol and charcoal among many others. There are other sources of energy which are used to generate electricity such as heat, water, wind and sun.

How Can Sample Papers Help You?

If you have a good grasp on all these topics, you can go ahead and try solving sample papers of science. 

Sample paper pattern for solving the physics question paper easily

Well, if we talk about the important questions of physics. There is no limit to them in subjects like maths. But physics is a lot different from that. It has a limited number of questions and those can be practiced by solving sample papers. Sample papers are made like the exact format as your board exam. Hence, you get to build a proper technique of solving the paper well before it.

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Online Learning Of Class 10 Physics

Class 10 physics
Online Study is the most convenient way to learn a subject. Source: Freepik Credits Marsha

Class 10 physics is not like those subjects which require a lot of hard work. Subjects like quantum physics, classical mechanics, solid-state physics require a strong approach. But, class 10 physics is just about practice and understanding the concepts. Online courses include free online videos that help you learning physics online. It helps you save traveling time to the tutor’s home and resources.


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