Physics is an interesting subject and is liked by most of the students due to its usability in the real world. From thermodynamics to magnetism, there are topics that blow your mind and make you want to probe more in the physics world. To put it very simply, physics is referred to as a subject that involves anything and everything that is physical in nature. For a class 10 student, it is very important to understand the concepts of physics. 

It becomes of great significance for them to understand this wonderful subject as it acts as a base for them when they go higher in studies involving physics. There might be students who do not wish to pursue their future in science. But for them too, the subject holds an important position as whatever you may pursue, you can change the fact that this world itself and everything around is physical. 

So learning physics and securing good marks in it is a must for every student. The subject itself is simple and highly interesting if learned in a conceptual and systematic way. 

Physics Class 10 Syllabus

The syllabus for physics in Class 10 is not much complex. It covers the basics of physics and topics that keep you highly engaged in the subject. Topics covered in the syllabus are such that they have significance in our daily lives. That is what keeps the interest of the students active in this subject and they wish to probe more. Down- below is the list of topics that are covered in the physics class 10 syllabus:

  • Light, Reflection, and Refraction

This topic covers the basic aspects of light in our universe. The topics consist of subjects that make you understand the use of light energy in various forms. Also, it covers various applications of light such as the mirrors. 

The basic concepts of reflection and refraction are also studied by the students. At last, the topic closes with the usage and application of lenses and how different lenses can be used for fulfilling different purposes. 

  • Sources of Energy

Electricity is one of the most important forms of energy for our modern lives. Source: Unsplash Credits: Riccardo Annadale

Another important chapter that the students in physics class read is the various sources of energy. The convenient life that we are living, is some form of energy. There are various sources through which this energy is generated. So the chapter includes the many concepts of conventional and non-conventional sources of energy. 

  • Electricity

We all are living a smooth and comfortable life only because of the invention of electricity. Electricity is the prime source for every machine in this world to work. So this holds an important place for all of us and its education is a much-needed thing required for the students. 

The physics class 10 syllabus consists of a chapter that covers all the basic concepts of electricity. It explains how electric circuits work and how does the current flows through various circuits. It also explains various laws of physical education that help the current to pass from one body to another. 

  • Human Eye

Physics can be witnessed only when we have been given the ability to see through our eyes. The human eye is a chapter that holds prime importance in the subject of Physics. It covers the various understandings of why we have two eyes, how much power does it have, and what are the various defects that can cause to an eye. 

The topic is detailed showing the several effects that the light witnesses because of reflection and refraction of light. 

  • Magnetic Effects and Electric Current

There are many forces that are holding the earth on its position. One such force is the magnetism and its importance is of greater significance than we realize in this world. Electricity and magnetism are also co-related with each other. So this chapter focuses on the electric field, magnetic field, and electromagnetism that have a huge role in the world of laws of motion and physics. You can study here the types of forces that are present in our daily lives. The chapter also includes the daily life applications of kinetic energy and potential energy. 

  • Natural Resources

The physics class 10 syllabus is finished covering the very last topic of natural resources. Natural resources are the primary reasons we are breathing on this piece of earth. The natural resources in today’s time are depleting in very quick succession and it is of prime significance to teach the children on this crucial matter. 

The chapter includes the knowledge of various natural resources and how important they are for our lives. It also teaches the concepts of how to reuse, reduce, and recycle various energy forms. 

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Maintaining Physics Notes to Help You Study Better

Notes help you study better and save you time. Source: Unsplash Credits: Adolfe Felix

Physics is a very interesting subject to study as the concepts it teaches works on the atomic level as well as the cosmic level. The subject is simple and with a little understanding and good guidance, it is a piece of cake for everyone. 

The best way to achieve good marks in Physics class is by making proper notes of the topics that you study. Physics is mostly based on concepts and numerical theorems. So, when you study a topic, make sure to make the notes side by side. So that when the exams are near, you just have to go through your notes and revise them. 

The physics textbook covers all of the syllabus and the fundamentals of physics. From the study of atomic structures to the usage of various applications of light waves, it covers all. Physics textbooks are a good way to make notes of the important topics for the examination. In case there is a problem understanding the concepts, then you should ask for external help. 

Tips to Achieve Good Marks in Physics Examination

There are several ways that can help a student to score good marks in their physics class 10 syllabus. Some of the tips are given below:

  • Perfect the Basic Physics Concepts 

Physics is a subject that is 100% practical in nature. It is not just a talk happened thousands of years ago. There are facts and laws through which several scientific facts can be proven. When a child’s introduction to physics is done, it is very important to do it the right way. The principles of physics should be as clear as glass. The concepts must be very clear to the students then only they will be able to understand the usage and application of physics. 

If you wish to achieve good marks then the most important thing is to master all the concepts of physics. The theory of particle model is of high importance. There are several laws in physics such as the law of thermodynamics, Faraday's law, Coulomb's law, Newton's law, Conservation laws, etc. 

All these laws are important and to master them, the first step is to become very clear with their concepts. Magnetic fields, electromagnetism, statistical physics are also some of the important fundamental concepts of physics. Once you are able to put the concept in your mind, then you will be able to solve the most complex problem in no time. 

  • Use Sample Question Papers for Practicing 

This is a proven method that can help you to get the best grades in your physics examination. First of all, to learn physics, properly cover all the topics from your physics book. Topics like energy and power, work and energy, applied physics, etc. can be easily covered with the help of your textbook. Once the physics class 10 syllabus is all done, then it is time for you to find and solve sample question papers. Assignments and sample question papers are a good way through which one can get an experience of the actual examination. 

The sample papers are designed in a similar fashion to that of the final exam. You can get various physics problems and problems set on these sample papers. So you should put a timer and try to solve the papers like the exam. This will help you practice and when the actual exam is there, you will surely nail it. 

  • Take Online Physics Classes 

basic physics concepts
Online learning produces faster results for 7 out of 10 students. Source: Freepik Credits: pikisuperstar

If you are finding it difficult to understand the concepts and everything seems to be getting out of hand, then you might need external help. For that, you can opt for online classes or online physics courses. There are several tutors that take online classes and can help you pace up with your studies. This is one of the most reliable and safe options for students. Children these days are not able to focus properly as there are many distractions in their way. 

Taking an online class helps them to stay focused and also the teachers help them to study the concepts in a simpler way. The struggles that a student is facing are taken by the tutor and with their guidance, the struggle turns into the results. There are various platforms on which online tutors are easily available. 

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