Did you know that only 40 per cent of the people in this world are monolingual? Yes, it means 60 per cent of the personalities know a second language. Therefore, being bilingual is not a privilege, but as an Indian, being multilingual can just be one! So, where and how can you start learning a foreign language in Bengaluru? French classes are easy to find in the city as it has been housing some of the best language schools and institutes in the country. You can relish the most enriching experience while improving your linguistic proficiency at its best!

Gone are the days when a foreign language was a thing of the NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). Today, more and more people are preparing themselves for the world by learning their verbal abilities.

Being a resident of the silicon valley of India, you do not have to worry much about finding the best French lesson in Bengaluru. Not because there is a hub of language instructors, but also because the city extends the most accountable educational facilities to the students.

The studies and academic backgrounds of most of the people in the city are strong enough to create a healthy workforce. However, this information does not imply that all of them are appropriate for operating in the city. Let us have a look at the quality and quantity of French classes that you will get in the city to target your passion to learn.

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It is time to transform your passion for the language into a profession. Source: pininterest.com

Start With Finding “French Classes Near Me”

Learning French lesson greetings is easy using the resources available online. There are so many free French lessons online for students looking for language enhancement and development programs. But if you want to improve further than just greetings, you should start discovering “French classes near me” to end up with positive results. But how is that possible if you do not reside near any of the French institutes in Bangalore?

Take The Help Of Superprof

Going door to door or visiting every language school is not a feasible option, is it? No, it is not. But with Superprof, you do not have to do that enormously difficult task. Find your French online teacher while sitting in front of your computer screen. How does the platform work? It collects the information of all the teachers across the country who are willing to teach online.

When you will enter your location and search for French tutors, all the profiles eligible under this category will appear on the screen. You can go through each profile, just like we do on social media platforms, and find the one that best suits your budget and requirements. Superprof is a leading website that bridges the gap between enthusiast learners and generous teachers who are willing to utilise the e-learning platforms. Visit the site to find the best teacher near you!

Activities To Perform With “French Teachers Near Me”

You can find the best professionals by searching “French teachers near me” on your browser. However, how effectively you will do the classes will depend upon how your classes will go on. Although you should not compromise with the quality of learning, it is your teacher’s responsibility to use all the tools, tips, and tricks to help you with the language. Unlike academics, language learning is more about the practice and interest to learn.

  • Task Cards

Direct instructions can get boring at times, especially when a teacher is commanding something you do not understand. To make that fun and add some anticipation into the same, ask your teacher to make task cards. In this activity, the trainer writes an instruction or a task in the cards for the students and shuffles the deck. You and your classmates can pick them one by one, and then perform the task that comes up. It is a pretty interesting task if performed perfectly!

  • Board Games

Board games take a bit of effort from the trainer’s side as he has to prepare the boxes on the board. Every box contains a message, a word, a topic to speak on, and so on. The students roll the dice and play the game just like LUDO. Board games are full of fun and anticipation. They not only keep the students engaged in the class but also make learning more effective.

Online learning
Online learning is always an option for an efficient and better learning experience. Source: pixabay.com
  • Speaking Activity Cards

There is no point of doing and pursuing a language course if you do not get enough opportunities to speak! And there is a lot of difference between speaking exercises and reading activities. For the former one, you will have to initiate the topic and then speak as per your speakability. To make this learning activity fun, ask your teacher to make cards with the initiation of any random story. Your task will be to pick the ending and complete the story by building it in your words.

  • Pick The Odd One Out

Learning and remembering French vocabulary are two different things. You will learn vocabs by knowing their meaning, but you will remember them by usage. To promote the memorising capabilities of students, teachers and French home tutors can adopt this task. Here the teacher makes a group of five words (or even more), with four even and one odd. You will have to pick the odd one out. This game is also helpful in helping the students identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. This activity is amazingly effective for intermediate level students.

  • Post It Notes

This activity is performed or played with sticky notes that you can get easily at a stationery shop. Using the sticky notes, the teachers can stick some tasks or words on the students’ desks. You would need to find ways of using that information written in French to either prepare a story or an essay. The teacher can decide and declare the difficulty level as per the learnability of the students.

  • Pictionary With Twists

You must have heard of the Pictionary game where the players have to identify a picture and then caption it or tell its origin or answer the questions related to it. Ask your teacher to add some variation to the game by asking the students to identify the Pictionary, tell the answer and then either make a sentence or a story using the same.

  • Emoji Prompts

Emoji prompts games is another way of building French vocabulary with a twist! This game can also be played in online classes. The teacher will show you an emoji and you will have to identify it and then name it accurately. This is a simple game, apt for beginners level learning. But it is highly effective in improving your vocabulary.

  • Vocab Spirals

In India, the “Antakshari” game is very popular! Taking inspiration from the same, the teachers can engage the students in vocab spirals. In this game, you will say a word, and then your classmate will pick the last letter and tell a word using that letter. In this way, the chain will continue. The students who fail to come up with a new word get eliminated from the round. This game will help you improve your French vocabulary easily.

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Group discussions are highly helpful in improving French communication skills. Source: lbb.com

Learn French In Bengaluru

As soon as you start finding French classes in Bengaluru, you will come across plenty of options that are available in the city. The most obvious one is Alliance Française, the most popular and renowned institute in India and the world. Apart from that, you can also consider institutes like SpeakengIndia, Go Lingua - The Institute Of Foreign Languages, FluenC: Foreign Language Classes In Bangalore, etc. To learn French efficiently, you need to join the best institute that provides the best faculty and quality service to the students. If these institutes do not interest you or fit in your budget, you can turn to online classes any time! Get effective learning programmes at reasonable course fees.

How To Learn The French Language?

Figuring out “how to learn the French language?” will not seem like a difficult or impossible-to-do task as long as you reach out to the best teachers. Learn French online with window click share and enjoy the privilege of being a fluent speaker. The learning process is simple as there is nothing too outlandish about this melodious language! Just like any other language skill development courses, learning the French language requires no extraordinary abilities. Just find the best French teacher, follow his instructions, keep practising as much as you can, stay dedicated and enjoy the process!

Learning French online
Relish the joys and pleasures of online learning with French online teachers in the city. Source: fluentu.com

Our career and growth in the professional world are in our hands. By acquiring linguistics proficiency like French that is so much in demand, it will become easier to develop chances of promotions. Therefore, finding the best online tutor for your French classes is also your responsibility. Your learning process will decide your efficiency and occupational prospects. A comprehensive course opens a new window of opportunities and looks at the wider side. Practise your lessons, and do not miss out on the chances that come handy to you!

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