Have you been looking for the best French class in Mumbai? Indeed, it is the best decision you could have taken for yourself. After all, we all deserve to chase or our passion and do what makes us happy. But before you start your language learning venture, there are a few things that you ought to know now-

  • First, you must find the right places to learn French is this vast metropolitan city that holds the heart of our entertainment industry.
  • Second, you have to identify your purpose for learning the language. What is it that attracts you to learn french so much? Is it only your passion, or is it your employability that concerns you to improve your skills? You must find answers to these questions before ending up in a French class.

Searching for French classes will produce some answers and you may come up with the name of some potential language school. You must also explore the certification programmes so that you can make your skills more impactful in the professional field. Also, look for ‘French teachers near me’. Taking the help of a tutor can help you perfecting your skills and sharpening your knowledge to enjoy the privilege of being multilingual!

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Fulfil your desires in the city of dreams and pursue your career in the language you love! Source: Pixabay.com

Useful Tips To Crack DELF Examination

DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) examination is a global certification program for beginners and intermediate students. There are four parts of the exam for each part of the two levels; DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1, DELF B2. As you will start and keep completing the levels in your French program, you can appear for these examinations. Here are a few tips that you can follow to crack the exam in one attempt.

Register For The Examination In Advance

As per the common European framework, you must prepare for the DELF examination beforehand. This exam is also important if you want to improve your language skills. The DELF exam is held only four times a year. So, decide the period in which you want to appear for it. Also, plan your study routine as per the French beginners level course material.

Understand The Format For Each Level

Every level of the DELF exam has four parts, and each is on a score of 25; listening, writing, French-speaking, and reading. The difficulty of the papers will increase with each level, and you will have to increase the intensity of your preparation. With the ever-increasing popularity of French in India, it has become a plus to know the language. Therefore, you should understand the certification program thoroughly.

Concede The Grading System

It is not always possible to be perfect in every aspect of the language learning program. All the levels are on a full score of 100. To qualify the exam, you have to get 50 out of 100, and 5 marks out of 25 in each category. If you plan the pace of your exam preparation according to the grading system, it will become much more convenient for you to perform. Also, it will offer you a clear picture, and that in turn, will uplift your spirits and self-confidence.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Out of all the four parts of the exam, you will always come across at least one part that is stressing you out! With the help of your teacher, you must identify your weaknesses. It can be fluent speaking or writing. Whatever it may be, start working on them.

Pan Out Your Strengths

Just like knowing your weaknesses is important, you must also pan out your strengths. This way, you will be able to polish your skills more efficiently. Plan your preparation schedule as per this classification so you will be able to make utmost utilisation of your time and resources. Your teacher can help you better in this task.

French language books
Get all the books you need to strengthen your French language skills with perfection. Source: llb.com

Go Through The Preparation Guide

The online and offline markets are filled with DELF exam preparation guides. Each one is from a different publisher and covers the content in a different approach. You should go through each guide and take the one which is written in the simplest pattern and formation. Do not follow other students or your classmates blindly in this case. Choose the guide that you can understand in a better way!

Solve All The Exercises For Clarity

Solve the exercises given in the guides without failure. All the exercises are in the same format as the exam. You will be able to understand how the questions are formed and how much time you are consuming to solve them. If you are falling short of time, pace up your reading and writing skills through regular practice.

Memorise The Connectors

Some words and phrases in French are different from English, even if you translate them accurately. This difference occurs because the “language ethics” of every dialect is based on certain pragmatics and parameters. Do your best to understand it and memorise the connectors. For example, learn some short phrases and proverbs to improve your writing skills in the exam.

Appear For Mock Tests

The final step is to go through mock tests online. Yes, you can find inline platforms that host DELF examination mock tests. These rounds are exact replicas of the original one. You will be able to boost your confidence level and know an estimation of the final score. This part is a crucial one as, without this practice, you might mess up in the final exam as a beginner. Therefore, do your best while performing in these rounds.

How To Find French Classes In Mumbai?

When you start looking for French classes in Mumbai, make sure you go through all the available centres and language institutes that are offering the lessons. The city houses some of the most renowned institutes. You can either take references from other students who are already learning French or take help of the internet. Most of the institutes these days are registered on online websites.

You can not only check the course details but also go through the ratings and reviews of the students who have completed their course. Utilise the internet and find online courses if you are not comfortable with the schedule of the offline programs.

It is not always possible the case that you can manage time and travel to the institutes regularly. With the pressure of schools and colleges or work life, it becomes hectic to spend time on yourself and your passion. You should make the most of the online resources as it will save you enough time. Find your Fench classes conveniently without wasting time on travelling!

Exam preparations in the French language can become hectic if you do not go through the course with intent. Source: slideshare.com

Alliance Francaise Mumbai: The Dominant Institute

Alliance Francaise is a dominant and well-known institution in India. It has been in service for 137 years across the world and 50 years across India. Alliance Francaise Mumbai is a part of the 24 centres that the brand possesses in almost every city of the country. It offers the best trainers, atmosphere, and learning programs for students. You will not only feel confident in the learning environment but also touch the roots of French culture and traditions. Alliance organises many workshops and cultural programs to indulge students in the learning process.

The only drawback of this institute is that the course fees may be over-budget for some students. Yes, each level can cost you somewhere around ten thousand or more, including the study materials. This fee structure is not always affordable for students. Nonetheless, the dominance of Alliance Francaise is unmatched!

Revise Your French Lesson With Online Tutor

There will be scenarios when you might find learners regretting the time they should have spent in practising and revising their lessons. You should not ride the same boat and let the time pass away. You should practise your French lesson with the help of Superprof teachers. Yes, you can utilise the online platform for practising your lessons. Go to the Superprof platform, search for French tutors in Mumbai and go through the profiles of all the available teachers. Check their information and see if the fee matches your budget or not. Learn one-to-one with the best teacher available in your city!

Learn online
Learning online has become the new route for clarifying doubts instantly! Source: artsonline.com

Mumbai is one of the most developed metropolitan cities of the country. So, there is no doubt that you can find productive and renowned institutes for learning French effortlessly. Chase your dreams he right way and under the guidance of the most helpful teachers. The more you give your time and efforts in the learning process, the higher will be your chances of establishing yourself as a fluent French speaker.

Taking to the e-learning platform can also be highly effective in case you are facing trouble in understanding the theoretical concepts. Make the most of the available resources, and speak French just like the native speakers!

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