Personal interests, work commitments, professional needs, official necessities, whatever may be your reason to seek French lessons, you can always find a way out in India. As long as you make the right decisions and maintain sanity in them, you will end up as a beneficiary in the market that has a lot to offer.

A decade ago, you might not have had too many options to make conclusions and settlements while choosing French courses in Ahmedabad. But today, the introduction of e-learning platforms has taken the world by storm!

Even if you do not find an institute that fits in your budget, learning from online lessons is feasible.

How is learning a foreign language a priority these days? Ahmedabad is one of the most colourful cities in the country, and so are the people! Explore the available options to find  French classes in Ahmedabad that best suit your interests and budget.

You can check out the course details in Alliance Française de Ahmedabad, La Foret French Classes, Cambridge Institute, etc. However, you have to understand that joining online classes is just not enough for becoming a speaker. It takes an immense amount of dedication, patience and enthusiasm to mature as a fluent speaker. Let us get into the nitty-gritty of French online and offline classes in Ahmedabad.

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How To Learn French Online?

Are you still wondering how to learn French Online? Try Superprof to get all your questions answered and start your online lessons with the best in the field. Superprof is a well-renowned leading platform that has everything in store to offer! It will help you find the best French online teacher in Ahmedabad and any other location if you want. Your task is to visit the website, surf through the profiles of available online tutors verified by Superprof, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Get the contact details from the profile, schedule a meeting and discuss the class timings. A simple task to do, isn’t it?

Warm-up Activities To Learn French Online

French online classes are very much in trend these days. With more and more teachers joining the workforce and so many e-learning platforms blooming in light of it, students can reap the benefits of comfortable learning. Although there are dozens of language learning centres in the city offering foreign languages, you can learn french online anytime you desire to! The only hard work is discovering the best teacher. Once you do, you can perform any of the warm-up activities regularly to give a great start to your drill.

Simple Sentence Construction

Remember the time as a child when our mothers used to make us speak small sentences in our mother tongue? Sentence construction is a very common yet fruitful drill to help the language learners understand the way of speaking. Ask your teacher to give you a group of ten words every day in class for this activity. In the initial days, you can start by writing the sentences and as you will start getting the grip over French, try making spontaneous sentences immediately after hearing the word.

Word Categorisation

Have you ever played the “name-place-animal-things” game in school during a free period? Yes, that is the game we call word categorisation! We failed to realise its importance at that time, but again, it is beneficial. Take some words from your French online tutor and try categorising them immediately. As an alternative, you can also take the categories from your teacher and start writing words on your own.

Sentence Repetitions

If you are learning online with a group of students, try practising sentence repetitions as a regular drill. Your teacher will tell the class one sentence, and all of you will repeat it continuously, one after the other until someone pronounces it wrong. The teacher will tell a new sentence, and the student who made the mistake will be out of the drill. This one is a fun-filled activity for online classes.

Small Regular Conversations

Regular conversations are highly effective in getting the confidence to speak in French. You can either start this activity with your teacher or with any of your friends or classmates as well. Talk about the weather, any cricket match, a newly released movie, and so on to build small and effective conversations to start the class. Try being brief and to the point to save time while performing this activity.

Meet And Greet Your Neighbours

As funny as it sounds, meet and greet your neighbours is a general warm-up activity to build the confidence of a new learner. It is a productive task to learn the nitty-gritty of French greetings.

French class
Online classes can be as productive as the offline ones if you learn with the right teacher. Source:

French Music Videos And Movies 

As a part of your learning process, you can watch French music videos and movies. It sounds interesting and exciting, isn’t it? Many scientists have claimed that visual memories are easier to recollect and remember. As a result, you will be able to learn the language more effectively! To make this task more interesting, ask your teacher to organise healthy discussions where you can discuss your views on the movie with your friends. If you learn alone, do this drill with your French online tutor.

Name Game

The name game can be played in various ways. You can either play it as a chain reaction where you will have to build sentences or names using the last letter of the word your friend said in the class. The one who falls short of names or words will be out of the league. This activity creates a good atmosphere in the class, leading to a better learning process.

Story Telling

Have you ever enjoyed telling stories? If you have time, you must start making short stories in French as a learning activity. This drill is for the intermediate level students who are well-versed with the grammatical part of the French lessons. You will love the storytelling activity as it will allow you to challenge your limits and perform well in the class.

Famous Quotations

An activity that will motivate you, inspire you and bring you closer to understanding the French culture, famous quotations is a unique speaking drill for learners. Take out famous quotes said by renowned people from the French origin and seek them in the class. Turning the quote into a discussion, your teacher can inculcate theme teaching like speaking about the person as well.

Benefits Of Availing French Lessons Online

If availing French lessons online is what you have been considering, chances are, you are thinking of the right thing! The world has finally recognised and started believing in the effectiveness of e-learning for students across the world. India is also not far behind the race as students are giving a positive response to the beaming industry. Taking advantage of the same, you can also follow the path of millions of students.

  • Get enough time for self-study. With online classes, you will save the time you would have spent in travelling to the language institutes in your city.
  • Learn in a comfortable environment. Language learning can become a hectic task if the students do not get themselves to express and seek. In a relaxed and homely atmosphere, you will get enough space to get out of your awkwardness.
French lesson
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Where To Find A French Course In Ahmedabad?

Finding a French course in Ahmedabad is not a difficult task given there are so many options already. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of institutes that offer comprehensive as well as basic French lessons. Your task is to identify the institute where you can learn and perform as good as a native French speaker. Make the most of the chances you get and give your best to perform in the classes. If you make the right choice of the French course, there are no chances of deterioration!

French class
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Learning French is not anything like breaking the iceberg! Although a lot of students anticipate it to be a hard-to-speak language, it is probably the easiest morphology in the Romance language family. It is all about finding the best French teacher online to enjoy the benefits of being able to speak the language. Take your passion to new heights under the guidance of an experienced tutor who shares the same commitments. Do your best to become an impressive French speaker!

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