The capital of India houses people who love experimenting and trying new things. Language learning is one such task, and if you are on the same boat, joining a French class must have crossed your mind. Yes, French is probably the first foreign language that we Indians consider while picking up the subjects.

This universal desire occurs because of the prevailing theory that French is the most easy-going foreign language. Now, the difficulty level of a verbal ability depends upon the person who acquires it. So, whether or not the people claim it right about French is something that you have to discover. There are numerous foreign language schools in Delhi, and you will find almost each one of them is offering French courses.

To learn French from the best institute or private teacher in the city, you will have to do your part of research to get the superior one in your access. If you are looking for an institute, there are a few top ones in Delhi that offer certificate courses to the students.

Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Oracle International language institute, School of French, etc. are offering the best services and classes. However, if you already live on a packed-up schedule, and there is rarely any leisure time to spend on travelling to these schools, online sessions will be the best for you!

So, let us find out where and how we can learn French in Delhi.

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Best French Classes In Delhi

The definition of “best” of every person may differ from that of the other. Some people will tell you option A is the best while some will vote for B. So, how will you end up learning in the most superior French classes in Delhi? Well, you will do so by following facts and not the opinions and recommendations of the people around you. You can consider the following options that are on the list because of their past performances and well-known reputation in the country.

Alliance Française de Delhi

Alliance Française is an international institute that has been in existence for 137 years. Yes, the organisation has a rich history and has come a long way since its establishment. In India, there are 24 Alliance institutes, located in almost every significant city. This language school is widespread in the world for not only providing top-class French classes but also for promoting the French language culture in every part.

Oracle International Language Institute

Oracle International Language Institute is in Connaught Place, Delhi. It offers courses on almost every in-demand foreign language, including French. The ratings and reviews of this one are pretty high, and You can also prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination. It is also open on Sundays for students or working professionals who have packed up schedules on weekdays.

French Certification From Delhi University

Delhi University also offers diploma certification in the French language for students willing to take it as a career option. If you are planning to instil your foreign language proficiency in your line of work, it is better to acquire a recognised degree.

Apart from these three, there are a dozen institutes that are offering French classes in Delhi. You can visit those schools and plan your learning schedule accordingly.

With the French Embassy in Delhi working towards the restoration of its Indian connection with the language, you will have a plethora of opportunities in the city. Make sure you choose French lessons from the most potential institute to learn good enough for a common European framework.

French Lessons: Do’s And Don’ts For Beginners

In India, the French language courses are available in three levels; beginners (A1, A2), intermediate (B1, B2) and advanced (C1, C2).

Most of the institutes take a preliminary exam for deciding whether you need a beginners course or the intermediate one. Even if you know a few words and letters of French, it is better to start with a beginner's level to build a strong foundation. Once you do, there is a list of dos and don’ts that you can follow to get through it successfully.

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  • DO - Learn The Basics Intently

Pay utmost attention to the words, their pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms, etc. The introductory lessons are very crucial for learning a language efficiently.

  • DON’T - Never Give Up

Some of the students get intimidated about the alien language that is tough to understand at the initial stage. You should not feel the same and give up without even trying! Discuss your insecurities with your teacher whenever you feel low.

DO - Practise Listening Skills

Listening activities are highly effective for beginners as they allow them to learn the accurate pronunciation and get familiar with the language. Listen to French songs, movies, web series and everything else that you can get your hands on!

DON’T- Take Failures To Heart

You should never take success to your head and failures to your heart! - is what they say, and you must follow the same theory. Do not feel disheartened by your failures as it will let down your spirit to learn.

DO - Visit The Home Country

Visit France at least once after starting your French classes (if possible). Visiting the beautiful country will take you closer to the art, architecture, and history of France. This venture will thrill you and make you more eager to learn the language.

DON’T - Worry Too Much About Correct Translation

Beginners tend to translate English sentences to French, and you will also do the same naturally. However, worrying about the correct translation will create mental pressure. Also, both the languages are from the same family but differ largely. So, you might not get it right every time.

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DO- Read About French History

Reading habits are highly efficient, especially for beginners. Start reading about French history in the same language to get closer to your learning process. This activity will offer you two dual benefits. First, reading French will help you discover new words, and second, French history will take you one step closer to the culture.

DON’T - Depend Only On The Course

A lot of students depend a lot on the French course and think that it will help them become fluent in French. However, learning a new language is a difficult task, and you must seek guidance from tutors as well. Online tutors will help you develop a new perspective on your learning process.

DO - Take Private Tuitions

Yes, take private tuitions for clarifying your queries and doubts. The beginners level must be crystal clear to you so that you can build a strong foundation. You can either take offline classes or online lessons. The latter will give you a more private space and ambience than offline coaching centres. Enjoy your learning process thoroughly!

The Best App To Learn French

Most of the students also prefer taking help from mobile applications to learn a language, and there are plenty of them in the market. But a lot of options can confuse you, and coax you on the wrong path! For finding the best app to learn French, choosing the right one is crucial.

Out of all the available options, Brainscape has received the highest ratings and reviews. Its effectiveness is what has made it so popular among the learners.

You can use it to your benefit and practise your lessons regularly. However, make sure you do not rely upon it entirely as an application can never replace a teacher!

How To Find French Classes In Delhi?

Finding French classes in Delhi will seem a simple task if you take help of the right sources. The answer to “How to find French classes in Delhi?” is here!

For availing classes from institutes and language schools, you can take the help of the aforementioned suggestions and Google! And if you want to learn online, take the help of Superprof. It will give you unrestricted access to its website for finding online French tutors around you. Just enter your location on Superprof (or the location from where you need your teacher), choose the subject, and search for tutors.

The list will appear on the screen with brief descriptive profiles of every tutor. Start your French online classes with Superprof tutors today!

Learn online
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Learning French in the capital of India is not something that you have to stress a lot over! Your task is to stay dedicated, motivated and positive while finding the best institute or tutor around you.

There are so many options, and each one of them will look promising and sufficient. The French language learning process is a very captivating task if you take an adequate amount of interest. 

Do not take the roller coaster ride of a language learning process to scare you or let your guard down! Take help of online lessons and teachers to clarify your doubts! Remember, linguistic proficiency is a skill of a lifetime, do your best at it!

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