Learning a new language can be daunting, especially if your heart ponders on learning French. As a native English speaker, you will automatically incline to learn French because you may find it easier among others. Plus the dominance of the language is another reason why choosing it comes naturally. With the business and trade uniting countries, one can witness a huge adaptation in culture as well. Speaking of opportunities, it alone can turn the minds of young aspirants to learn French.

Many people including both children and grown-ups are trying to find French classes in Kolkata to learn the language. However, the question is how often can you find the most suitable option?

French Institute
In order to complete the course, you must go to the right place of learning. Source: www.cdacentre.com

Finding a tutor or a coaching centre where one can learn French takes too much hard work, resulting in students losing interest in learning it. Sometimes, they also end up joining an institute which fails to keep up their learning spirit, forcing them to quit the course midways. So, more than learning itself, it is important to find the right institute which can nurture the linguistic skill of the pupil at its core. So, get a complete guide on how to start the course, where to learn French and how to polish your language skill.

How To Start Learning French In Kolkata?

It takes dedicated planning to start something new. If you want to learn French, you should plan it accordingly. If you are a working professional, it is likely to have problems with the schedule. In addition to that, there might be other issues as well if you join French classes.

Deciding The Place

It is important to find the right institute or centre to start any course or else, you may lose interest at the beginning itself. Also, if you are planning to learn it professionally, you must check whether the institute provides a certification course or not. You can search  ‘France classes near me’ which will serve you with many options. This will bring all the centres, institutes or private coaching classes in your locality.

Learn French
Learning French will progress effortlessly if you have motivating tutors. Source: AIUTO Consulting

Level of Degree

This is another important factor you must consider. Generally, French is taught in the following manner or levels-

  • Beginner or A1: Recognise and use familiar words or phrases.
  • Elementary or A2: Can communicate or understand easy tasks.
  • Intermediate or B1: Can narrate an event or describe personal goals and so on.
  • Upper-intermediate or B2: Can speak fluently, giver opinions, etc.
  • Advanced or C1: Can express himself/herself freely without fumbling for a word or phrase.
  • Master or proficient: Can understand and express almost everything.

Schedule Hours of Study

If you are learning French, you will first need to set your timing accordingly. Depending on your profession, you will have to see whether you have the time to attend the lesson regularly. If not, you may end up leaving the course in the middle. So, set a time and schedule it to avoid any hassle while learning it.

Check Expense

Expense is one of the major factors for anything. You will need to check whether you can pay the required amount of fees or not. Moreover, you can also check for some free basic French lessons available online or study material in a library.

Finding The Right Place To Learn French In Kolkata

Interestingly, Kolkata is titled as the ‘city of joy’ after the famous novel ‘La Cité de la Joie (City Of Joy)’ written by a French author Dominique Lapierre in 1985.

The ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata earned the title due to its adaption of culture, love and art. Needless to mention, Kolkata contributes its rich heritage for which it is loved by all in India. It is due to the love and respect that the city showers for other’s culture and language, people in the place love to learn new languages and other artistic skills.

Coming back to French, one can easily find an institute in Kolkata where he/she can practice the language or start afresh. Here are a few such names of the institutes-

Alliance Française du Bengale

As long as the list goes, Alliance Française remains on top when it comes to learning French. The institute was founded in 1940. It is a renowned and recognised institute which has its affiliation through the international network Alliance françaises in the world and is recognised by the Embassy of France in India. The fee structure of Alliance Francaise Kolkata is very affordable and mode of education is also convenient, where the institute includes both online/regular courses and crash courses.

Alliance Francaise Kolkata
Alliance Francaise Kolkata is one of the best institutes to learn French. Source: bengale.afindia.org

CdA Global Language Centre

CdA Global Language Centre is another institute that offers to educate many foreign languages. It was established in 2010 in the month of November and in the span of six years, the institute started providing training in 14 languages. These include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, English, Korean, Dutch, Swedish and Polish. Additionally, the institute also claims to provide study/placement abroad and other soft skills development.

Ramakrishna Mission Institute Of Culture

It is one of the most popular institutes in Kolkata located in the Golpark area. The institute was founded in 1938 while the idea was conceived in 1936. RKM offers departments for both learning and culture. It has a General Library, Museum and Art gallery, Cultural activities, Youth program Department, Charitable and Social Work, International Scholars House, etc. besides being a school for languages. The list of foreign languages taught here includes French, Arabic, Ancient Greek, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, Latin, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Online Modes To Learn French

Besides getting admission in one of the institutes in Kolkata, you can also find online resources to complete your course from home. Many educational websites are providing such courses to students, irrespective of age or occupation.

Websites And Applications

These days, businesses are running with the help of social platforms to a huge extent and no wonders, websites and apps are their digital homes. People can get every detail by visiting it. Similarly, there are many websites and apps dedicated to education. For instance, Coursera has numerous courses for the students including languages. On the other hand, apps like FluentU, Busuu, Frantastique, etc. are special apps for learning French.


Everyone is familiar with YouTube nowadays. Started in 2005, it has become the greatest video sharing platform. Here, many people share tutorial videos for a variety of contents. In addition to entertainment, YouTube also serves as a great learning platform where one search can bring many tutorial videos. You can find and learn French basics from there for free.

Online Tutor

With the opportunity of earning from home, many teachers based on their skill are offering private sessions or group sessions to educate students. These teachers and tutors are willing to get hired for the students in order to earn. You can also find many teachers offering to teach French. You can find such French teachers on Superprof, a website that has profiles of every teacher from different disciplines.

More than anything else, hiring a private tutor seems to be the best option you can avail. Although Youtube can serve as a free platform to learn as well, you may find it more suitable at the beginners level.

Things To Know Before You Begin

Taking French classes cannot alone help you learn French until you work upon yourself in the free hours. For this, you will need to make a habit of practising the lesson regularly. In order to keep you up with the lessons taught in the institutes, you can seek the help of a private tutor. He/she can help you with the revision so you can learn things fast.

Learn French
French is in great demand worldwide. Source: Almaje Languages

You can find such a private tutor both online or offline, depending on your preference. As stated earlier, Superprof can help you find the right teacher for your French lessons. Searching ‘French teachers near me’ can also bring a lot of results for your convenience.

Other things that will help you learn faster is practising all by yourself. You can try writing short phrases, stories or translation. Trying to read, listening to audiobooks and watching French series or movies can be great to grab the lesson fast.

Last but not the least, you will need to have a strong motivation to learn the language. If you are learning only to add it to your CV, chances are you may not become a pro in French. There is various scope in knowing foreign languages and needless to mention, French is the most popular one among them. Many industries and sectors value the language and thus, it can get you positioned well in your career.

Also, you must know that French is among the highest-paid foreign languages in the world. So, do not learn only because you think you should know a foreign language. Check its importance, demand and value abroad and you will get to know why certification can be of great help.

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