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Learning a new language is more than a fantasy for many people. Young minds are allured by the idea of introducing a new language to their knowledge, especially if the language is French. With the fact that it has a huge demand and can even get anyone a placement abroad, people are more inclined to learn it. If you too have a reason to learn the same but you are confused over finding the right place, here you will get everything to know about French lessons availability in Chennai.

Chennai can be considered as the education hub for many students who move there. In addition to regular degree courses, students also study French side-by-side and there is a good reason for that. Learning a French course can be beneficial in many ways.

Why Learn French Above All?

While there are thousands of languages you can choose to learn, French holds a special position due to various reasons. These can be summed up as follows.

Internationally Spoken Language

Surprisingly, French can be stated as the second most popular language after English, that is spoken in all five continents of the world. There are about 29 countries in the world that speak French. In addition to that, about 84 countries share teach, learning or use of the language over la Francophonie, making it the second widely taught language all over the world. In India, French can be considered as the most popular choice made by the students. 

Gateway to France

A foreign tour can win the heart of any student in India. When it comes to settlement, students can’t wait to find the perfect placement abroad, especially if that costs only learning the language and no rocket-science! So, if anyone wants to explore through another nation and settle there, nothing is better than learning a native language.

Welcome to France
Learning French can be an easier way to secure a job abroad. Source: Leverage Edu

Opening Opportunities

French is one of the languages that is used in UNESCO by the officials. In addition to that, it is also used as official languages in the UN, WHO, UNICEF, and many international courts. Being widely used in these sectors, French can open up the door to various opportunities in these high profile places.

Hotel, Travel and Tourism Industries

Language can be described as the heart of the hospitality industries. A wide part of the sector depends on direct communication. In order to explore through a place, the foreign traveller often looks for someone who can speak their language. A travel guide, for instance, looks after these types of travellers. Also, these sectors value the French language to a great extent after English. If you have expertise in the language, you can secure a great job in the travel and tourism sector or in hospitality.

Jobs and Demand

To speak about the jobs, French can get you excellent placement in the countries where the language is being spoken. It has a huge demand all over the world. You can also choose to become a French tutor and offer classes online or offline. There is no denying that the students who want to learn the language are many in India and thus creating your own tutorial can be lucrative.

Provided the above-listed benefits, you can go for learning French and making it your profession. However, you will need to check the right source to do so.

Where To Learn French Online?

Gone were the days where you had to spend time and money in order to learn something new. With the advent of online education, you can find all the learning resources right at your fingertip, even if it is learning a new language like French. Here, you can check both paid and free options to start learning French.

Can you speak French?
Before you start learning the language, you need to be dedicated. Source: Quora


YouTube is the second largest search engine that serves with almost every type of video tutorial. It is also the most popular site where people can find almost everything. You can learn French online with the help of YouTube, which costs absolutely nothing. If you are a beginner, YouTube can be the best option for you that provides a basic lesson for the new learners. 

Paid Courses

Online paid courses are available on various websites that are dedicated to education. For instance, Coursera is one such website where you can learn the French language. The website offers courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

Hiring A Private Teacher

One of the best ways to learn French is to hire a teacher who wishes to teach you online or offline. Private tuitions are a great way to learn something new. In India, the demand for a private tutor is huge and every teacher is trying their best to come to the forefront in order to get noticed. You can easily find the teacher on Superprof, a website that has a list of tutors for everything.

French Classes In Chennai

There is no denying that Chennai is one of the advanced cities in India. It is a home for education and many students from other parts of the country move there for higher studies. It has many institutes that offer students with placements as well. You can also find French classes in Chennai where you can learn the language.

Learn French
You can also find a free online resource to learn French. Source: Greens Technologys

Many schools in India are adopting foreign languages in their syllabus and Chennai got its first French school in 2011. In recent years, many schools in Chennai have also added French to their syllabus. Now, students can choose the language according to their preference. Moreover, in order to learn better, many students also take a private class in the state. For this, they hire a tutor who can dedicate time regularly to look after the lesson done in the school or any educational centre.

Other institutes in Chennai that offer French learning includes-

HERE AND NOW - The French Institute

The institute offers to learn and master the French language in just 15 months. With a team of linguistic intelligence, this centre delivers excellent learning opportunities. Additionally, it also helps students to secure a placement.

Address: No. 648, P.H. Road, (adjacent to Church) 600, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600029.

Contact: 09841052070


Sprachlingua claims to introduce a creative approach to learning a foreign language. The institute skips book learning and provides students with learning procedures like Emphasis on Speak, Video classes, Interaction, etc. In addition to French, this institute also offers courses to learn German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Address: Kasi Arcade Shop No.15, 1st Floor, Door no.116, Sir Theagaraya Rd., T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017.

Contact: 07338853701

SHESHAA Linguatech India

SHESHAA is yet another learning centre that offers to educate a number of foreign languages including French, Japanese, Spanish, English, Chinese and German. Going through the website, one can also find the details of admission and fee structure.

Address: 23/1521, H Block, 5th Street, Anna Nagar, Ranganathan Garden, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 60040.

Contact: 08072637593

How can I Find “French classes near me?”

The demand to learn French is ruling all over India, especially among the language lovers. It is one of the most aspiring languages for many. While online classes can be the best mode of learning, for now, you can also check for a centre near you that offers a better learning approach. To find the closest learning centres, you can do the following-

Check on Google

Every business is now available on Google in order to reach its target audience. Type ‘French classes near me’ and get numerous results available nearby.

Ask a Neighbour

Communication is the best solution for all the queries. You can ask a relative or a friend if they know anyone who offers French classes. This way, you can find the perfect teacher for you.


Superprof is the home dedicated to all the teachers, who make their profile in order to serve the requirement for the students. Your one click can bring a number of such tutors who are willing to educate you. So, consider the website to find a French tutor.

Schools and Colleges

As many schools and colleges are introducing foreign languages in their syllabus, you can check if your education centres offer the same resource or not. If yes, you can enrol yourself to learn the language. Moreover, if you are parents, you can also do the same for your children. 

Check out whether the school is providing foreign language option to their syllabus or not. Admitting your children there can be more convenient than finding a tutor outside.

French school
Check which school is offering foreign language before admitting your child. Source: The Economic Times

So, following the steps above can help you a lot to find the best place to learn French or educate your children the same. Needless to mention, even if you aspire to become a business professional, a physician or engineer, the mention of a foreign language like French in your curriculum vitae can only make the opportunity yours easily.

However, if you start to learn the language, make sure you do it by heart. A few habits like practising the lesson regularly, trying to communicate with your classmates and watching French lessons can be of greater help. Do not plan to skip the course midway, which can happen only when you end up learning in the wrong place!

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