The one thing that is common with every type of skill is that you can never have too many of them! A lot of people aspire to procure different types of linguistic skills to intensify their chances of cracking a high-profile job. Considering the demand pattern in the world, you will realise it has become vital to improving the interpersonal skills and communicative abilities. Well, if you actualise and conceive the notion of learning new languages, you must have considered French class as an option. It is the first preference of most of the language enthusiasts, at least in India. Not just because we all love Paris, but also because it is melodious anthropology to start!

In India, corporate and service sector hubs like Pune lay a high demand for foreign language proficient speakers.

Being the most livable city in the country, Pune harbours some of the largest automobile and IT industries. The educational sector of the city is also very popular for catering to the needs of most of the students. How is that going to help you? It will allow you to nurture your skills and utilise them in the right direction as per your academic capabilities.

Find the best French classes in Pune to establish yourself as a well-trained professional in the corporate sector of the city. Let us find out how and where you can learn French in Pune!

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Why Choose Alliance Française Pune?

No language lover in India who searches for French classes and does not end up visiting Alliance Française at least once! Being the most reputed brand name in India and the world, Alliance has established itself successfully in almost every city in India.

Alliance Française Pune is also a part of the 24 branches of the institute in the country. This honorary language school was established in 1973 in Pune. It has been serving for more than 50 years and has made the dreams of thousands of aspirants come true. You can be the next if you find the courses offered here affordable and appropriate for you! Let us have a brief look at what makes this language school so desirable in the world.

Global Reputation

Who does not love to learn in a language school that enjoys a global reputation? Alliance Française is known and addressed as one of the best language schools in almost every inhabited country in the world. If you learn in this institute, you will not have to give an introduction of your skills to the professionals you meet. You can also turn your passion into a profession and enjoy a privilege because of this reputation.

Recognised Certification

Alliance Française Pune offers certificate courses divided into three levels; beginners (A1 and A2), intermediate (B1 and B2) and advanced (C1 and C2). With more and more people realising the importance of foreign languages in India, you will enjoy a lot of privilege in the professional arena after completing your course successfully. You can become a teacher in any university or use your skills to uplift the value of your resume in the corporate sector.

Top Class Faculty

You must know one thing about brand names that they never compromise with the quality of their services. Alliance Française Pune has been in the business for over 50 years and over a century in the world. It provides the best faculty members and language trainers to the language learners in the city. Every teacher is well-trained and experienced with the norms of teaching.

Language-centric Courses

Alliance Française offers only French courses and also promotes French culture and traditions in the world! The language French level country code is what they prefer to stay unique and authentic with their services. You will not have to class notice to help modal slug if you end with the right course. The institute usually takes a basic exam to understand your level and knowledge. Try to perform your best in this one and enjoy the privilege of learning in this school.

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Experienced Organisation

One of the unit selling points of Alliance Françaiseis is also its experience in this arena. Language training courses require regular modifications depending upon the learnability of students. The experience of this institute allows the students to explore new possibilities.

Best Learning Games For French Class

Language courses cannot sustain in the education business on the foundations of academic disciplines. They have to be interesting, engaging, fun and interactive for the students to understand. When it comes to language interactions, the best teachers use learning activities in French class and games for attracting students’ attention. You can also understand a few of the games to play them in the class. Ask your teacher or home tutor to play these games for exercising the lessons.

  • Hangman

We all have played Hangman in school without realising its name! In this one, some letters of a word are missing. You have to guess them to construct the word. As you will keep learning, your teacher can increase the difficulty level. To make it more interesting, you can also start making sentences using these words.

  • Battleship

Who thought battleship could be played for language learning? Enjoy this pen and paper game in class to build your raw French language vocabulary. It is a two-player game so you can also play it with your online French teacher.

  • Bingo

In the classic Bingo game, players match numbers on their cards as per the instructions of the host by marking the numbers with tiles or circles. If any player ends up making a row or number with the tiles, he calls it “bingo!”. If two players end up finding a row at the same time, the one who exclaims first wins. This one is a fun and spontaneous game that involves a lot of excitement. Enjoy your time in the class and learn French letters using this one.

  • UNO

UNO is one of the most popular card games in America that people love playing in family gatherings. Ask your teacher to make cards with French words or sentences on it. Distribute the cards in the class and then build stories using the sentences and the words. This game is a fun-filled exercise that you can practise regularly in the class.

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  • Jeopardy

Merv Griffin created this historical and captivating television game show Jeopardy where contestants play quizzes to win prizes. Ask your teacher to be the host of the class and conduct a quiz competition with your classmates. Questions can be on anything related to French language and culture.

  • Faire Expressions

Faire expressions game comes with all the bells and whistles and is an ideal game for online classes as it involves PowerPoint slides. Your teacher will need dice to conduct this game. You can research more about this one to modify it as per the class strength and course level.

Take Online Classes From Native French Teacher

If you have the basic theoretical knowledge of the French language, but you are struggling with its pronunciation, you should try learning the language from native speakers. As odd as it may sound to you as a beginner, it is an effective way to improve your French-speaking skills. Superprof can help you in finding the best native teachers to start your online classes. Unlike other websites that offer online courses, Superprof offers a platform to build a network of teachers and students willing to organise online classes.

A native French teacher will allow you to sharpen your accent and speaking skills while making sure you understand the grammatical part thoroughly. Go on Superprof and apply the location filter to find teachers from countries where native speakers are offering online classes. Some native French people also reside in India, surprisingly! If you are lucky enough, you can discover one for improving your skills.

What Is DELF Certification?

If you are wondering what is DELF? You must know it stands for Diplôme d'études en langue française. It is a certification exam that institutes like Alliance Française offer to students learning French. This exam is held and recognised worldwide. It is for students who have completed their A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels.

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DELF is the best certification you can acquire by appearing for the exams in any of its centres. It is administered by the International Centre for French Studies under the guidance of France’s Ministry of Education. Unleash the world of new opportunities in the professional arena with this certificate.

If you want to reach the French Newcastle Lyme level, check the teacher course info on the online platforms like Superprof! Make the most of the advantages that come your way to become a fluent speaker. There is nothing that can stop you if you are determined to achieve your goals and follow your passion. Take your chances and follow the advice of your French teacher during the lessons. Remember, if 120 million people can learn French successfully, so can you!

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