The advantages of being an impressive writer is unparalleled. The world is your oyster if you have a good command over your vocabulary. Be it writing answers in an exam or a thesis paper or making presentations for your company, a well drafted write-up is always applauded. If you can master the art of writing, you will be held in high esteem anywhere you go. Not everyone is a born writer but as the saying goes “practice makes a man perfect”.

A little help from experienced teachers can propel you more quickly to become an efficient writer. Once you make a strong base and understand the nuisances of writing, you can very well become the next Ruskin Bond or Salman Rushdie.

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How writing helps to increase efficiency

Once you start writing the brain buzzes into action and creativity increases. Your thoughts get more channelized and it helps you to think more clearly. You tend to look at things from a different perspective which can also reflect not just in your writing but in your day to day activities. Writing daily can help in lateral thinking and can also increase the IQ quotient.

Take some time out every day to sit and write about anything that you like. It can be as simple as a daily activity notebook or small stories or any incident you wish to capture and share with your family and friends later. Improve your writing techniques by attending online writing courses, writing workshops and learn how to craft a good write-up.

Our subconscious mind takes in, filters, sorts and stores a lot of information without us even knowing about them. Writing can help open the channel of thinking freely and reliving those thoughts and memories.

Some people have an inborn skill of writing but practicing everyday can help you to reach any level. Quality improves if you write regularly. Initially you can take the help of tutors or online courses to guide you. Once you get more confident start writing on a variety of subjects which will challenge you and make you more skillful. There are writing classes and writing centers which can help you overcome any writer's block and aid you to excel in your professional communication as well. Learn the differences between British English and American English, take online English lessons, guess the meaning of words from a dictionary to become a pro. Learn English and gain confidence by attending English courses online, learning videos or by one-on-one tutoring or home tutoring by a private English tutor.

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Preparing notes is important for studies
Help yourself by collecting notes about chemistry from various different sources. Source: WikiHow

Increasing your vocabulary through writing

One of the best ways of widening your vocabulary and improving your writing style is to practice and do lots of it! The more writing you do, the better your technique will be and the easier you will find communicating your thoughts into words. Check for plagiarism, grammar and punctuation, word choices, active voice, passive voice to improve the writing process.

That is why writing on a regular basis is a good idea for those who really want to improve their skills, and particularly those who want to graft their writing and make a career from it should be writing every day. Reading and writing, learning the basics like tenses, adjectives, grammar, adverbs, prepositions, nouns will help you improve. Go online and get free English lessons, language lessons, improving spelling, tips on communication skills from interactive tutorials to excel in writing.

By using English, we mean structuring complete sentences and making use of the various tools at your disposal. The reason social media is not the best way to encourage writing flow is that the limitations of tweeting or providing Facebook status updates often mean that language is curbed in order to express a thought within a restricted number of characters.

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Take grammar lessons and language courses to improve your writing. For starters, improving your spelling may be quite motivating!

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Writing can help you overcome criticism

Anyone who is seriously considering becoming an author is encouraged to write daily and to publish content into the public domain, regardless of how good or experienced they might be at writing.

Language is evolving all the time. So, keeping on top of these changes and continuing to stimulate your creativity with writing tasks is vital if you want to have any chance at success in this highly competitive field.

Since every reader has their own interpretation and opinions, no two readings of a passage will be the same. As such, you must be prepared for critical comments to be made about how and what you write as this is part and parcel of the writing industry.

There are different types of writing like play-writing, script-writing, memoir writing, copy writing, novel writing, writing fiction or non-fiction, essay writing, technical writing, report writing, business writing, screen-writing. You can excel in all or select a specific type as per your interest.

Writing can be very soothing so, if you wake up in the night, writing could help you fall back off to sleep.
It is a good idea to keep a notepad beside your bed so that you can jot down notes before bed or after you wake up. Photo credit: mariahfleming via

How writing relaxes you

In a fast-moving world, sitting down to write can help you in decreasing your stress and anxiety levels to a great extent. Research says writing can help you lower your blood pressure or regulate your heartbeat. It can help you to channelize your energy and thoughts in being more creative. Writing motivates you to look at things from a different perspective.

Whenever you find time instead of watching TV or serials or scrolling through social media aimlessly start writing. It can be about your daily life or a short trip that you took or a restaurant that you want to open. It can be anything that will make you write and forget about the world outside for some moments. It can be a gateway for your emotions, which under usual circumstances you might fail to express properly. Keep aside your mobiles, tablets, iPod so that the mind is at peace when you are writing and not continuously disturbed and deviated by notifications and rings.

To improve your writing skills you need to understand the basics of plotting, composing, pacing, editing, revising, proof reading. Learn about academic disciplines from your writing coach to help you master the advanced writing skills and stay motivated! Learn a new word everyday.

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There are a lot of writing courses available from universities to websites for beginners as well as for advanced writers. Check out some examples below-

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  3. Livingbridge
  4. Parentree
  5. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
  6. Jawahrlal Nehru University
  7. Mommy labs
  8. Momspresso
  9. Udemy
  10. Byju’s

Writing enhances your memory

J.K. Rowling thought about Harry Potter while she was traveling in a train. It is best to keep a notebook handy so that you can pen down your random thoughts and give it a structure later. You never know how a wonderful story can form from these arbitrary points! You can always elaborate on the main points when you find time. Write daily to amplify your skill.

Writing activates a part of your brain that can help you be more composed and alert. It will help you in being more observant of the things around you. It can help you retain more information than when you type it in a laptop. Handwritten notes are more efficient in aiding the brain to process and helps in recalling more information than their digital counterparts.

You can also learn a foreign language and native English through video lessons or private tutoring !

In this chaotic world our brain is overburdened with information. The retention power of the brain can be increasing by exercising it. Writing helps to keep more information by giving it a better organized structure. Research shows that students who typed notes in their laptops scored less than the students who wrote them down on piece of paper. Writing helps in the process of encoding which determines by a complex mechanism what we store in our long-term memory and can recall and what we discard. We get many ideas, but we tend to forget them in our daily commotion. Writing can help document them. The best example are the stone paintings done by our human ancestors. If they did not write down i.e. chisel their daily activities on stone, we would not have any idea about our ancestors and their lives.

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We live under a lot of stress in our day to day lives. Be it peer pressure or complicated homework or theorems to remember during school days, to difficulties in adjusting to a job, city or thinking about the bills to pay. As we grow older, we get more stressed thinking about families, the education of our children, retirement, savings and so on.

To counteract this, we adapt in different ways. Some people make poor lifestyle choices and start eating junk food, become addicted to alcohol or drugs, while some try to combat stress by exercising, doing yoga, etc. Writing and reading can be a good gateway from stress. It can calm you down and teach you to cope with the difficulties life throws at you. It can give you hope and take your mind off a persisting stressful matter.

Writing is a great way of keeping your brain exercised and stimulated as you get older.
Approaching old age with a positive attitude towards mental health can have huge benefits, according to scientists. Photo via Visual Hunt

Writing can also help in preventing early onset of memory loss and associated diseases which occur in old age.  Be a quick learner and a good English speaker by getting guidance from English tutors. Improve your English and learn how to speak fluently by attending ESL classes or giving exams like IELTS.

The benefits are immense and the feeling you will get after writing a story and getting applauded by the readers is unparalleled. Practice daily to up your game and refine your vocabulary. Get in touch with writing groups where you can share your writings or essays and get constructive feedback. At the same time, you can hear how others write and get ideas to enhance your skill set as well. You can also help others become better writers too!

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