How English writing courses can improve your writing

Writing is an essential part of our day to day lives. We cannot forego writing as it is intertwined with everything we do. Be it jotting down points to write a story or making an elaborate presentation. However, with the assistance of technology we are forgetting how to form grammatically correct sentences or phrases. Proper guidance is required when we are learning the basics so as to have a strong foundation. This can help you later in life when you start writing complex articles. Who knows you can be the next writer who wins the Booker prize! For this it is important to start early, learn daily and rectify the mistakes. Take advice whenever required, attend online courses, participate in writing competitions, play games like crossword and Scrabble to better your writing.

Those who are good at reading are usually good at writing too.
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English writing courses are the best way to enhance the skill of writing. Tutors as well as online courses like Udemy, TeacherOn, British Council, etc. can help you excel. See how you can attain Class 10 English by learning in a structured way.

Writing, reading goes hand in hand. Learn how to spell correctly and communicate in an efficient manner. This will also aid you in writing more fluently. No one is born with the same writing expertise, but practice can help you excel. There will be a difference between an English Class 10 literature and an English Class 12 one. But you need to adapt to the change and progress gradually. Write daily even if it just a shopping list. Try and write on a variety of subjects and get them checked from your tutors or parents. Once your are proficient in advanced level writing you can even be a Skype English teacher and help others brush-up their writing skills! A proficient writer is always well-respected anywhere in the world.

Apart from grammar it is also important to learn how to construct a sentence and the correct use of vowels, noun, adjectives, verbs, tenses, punctuation, capital letters, pronouns etc. Use question words, take the help of a dictionary and learn different writing styles by reading books. Take help for English writing from tutors, who can take you through the steps of correct writing.

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Improve your English by learning to spell correctly

Take an active part in an English-speaking community learning center or watch learning videos to improve your spelling. Tutors can help you learn the cardinal rules of spelling proficiently like when to change a “y” to “ies” and when a plural can only be done by putting a “s”. For example, plural of ring is rings, but plural of baby is babies. Or when we add a vowel suffix ending, we usually drop the silent “e” from the word. For example, bite + ing =biting and usually change the “y” to an “i” when we add suffix ending. For example, duty to dutiful. Take literacy courses from the internet to learn more. There are a lot of online websites available like Byju’s, Spelling bee, Learnpick and so on.

Master your English spelling by finding patterns in different words, making mnemonics to remember them, learning about suffix, prefix, etc., correcting the pronunciation of words by repeating them over and over again, understanding the etymology of certain words.

The key to improving your spelling also lies in how much well read you are. Writing, spelling and reading are all synced. You have to master each of them in order to climb the ladder of success, both personally and professionally. Learning a new language, attending Esl programs, or taking the help of online resources can increase your language proficiency.

English writing courses to help you compose an Essay

A lot of people ask Is there such a thing as a perfect essay? Writing skills vary from person to person and so does the audience. Some people might like the way Ruskin Bond writes, but some might not be fond of his writing style. However, it is essential to keep the basics right. Start by learning to write on simple topics before moving on to complex ideas. Before writing an essay do your homework on the subject you want to portray. Create a blueprint by writing down the main points and objective of the essay. Do not shy away from editing and re-editing it. Give an introduction where the main points and objective should be briefly described. The body should have all the details while the conclusion should reiterate your thought process and should be able to convince your audience. There should be a gradual progression between the points i.e. one point should lead to another smoothly. This will hep you score better with the audience.

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It is essential to write it in an active voice, with the same format and font, be direct, precise and not vague when conveying your points. It is always better to give facts, but it is more important to make it grammatically correct and plagiarism free. Use a dictionary or take the help of your peers or tutors to compose a perfect essay.

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How English classes can help India to learn to spell accurately

With the rise of technologically driven conversations we are forgetting to spell accurately. This has got largely to do with the overuse of shortened format of writing like instant messaging and use of emojis to convey an entire sentence or emotion.

However, we should understand that this language is okay to communicate among-st friends but professionally we need to learn to spell correctly in order to excel at work and be an efficient communicator. In order to do that, taking online classes or a private tuition can help. Start learning how to spell correctly, understand the exceptions, write things down, revise and read words out loudly. A teacher can help you learn the rules of spelling like when to use “us” or “ous”, how to make plural nouns and when to use “s” or “es” or how to make a plural of a word ending with “y” or “f”, when to double the final consonant, etc. Keep a track of your progress and take online tests to improve your spelling prowess. Teacher in schools and parents should encourage their children to take up English classes and help them learn by making it fun and not a compulsion. This will help to fasten the process and they will be more receptive to the learning.

If you go to a English speaking countries, be it for work or travel, you need to learn to speak fluently. Increase your English vocabulary by taking a certificate program, interactive tutorial or language development classes.

India still faces a big problem as only a handful of the population know how to converse, read and write in English.

How English tutors can improve your writing

Being a skillful writer has its own benefits. However, unless you are born with that talent you need to practice hard and practice daily to reach a certain level. You do not want to be that writer whose published blogs are filled with errors. To avoid such catastrophe, take guidance from the professionals. They can teach you the tricks to be a successful writer. Check here how English tutors can help you thrive in writing. For example English Class 11 might be challenging for you to understand after Class 10 but teachers can help you with that!

Enjoy the learning process and see how writing can help you unleash your creativeness. Do not be afraid to make mistakes but take measures so that they are not repeated. Get your work checked by your tutors and take any feedback in a positive way. Even world-renowned authors get negative feedback from people, but that does not stop them from publishing further!

Always write your introduction and conclusion last so that you know what you have covered in your main body.
The perfect essay might take a different course than that you planned for. Photo credit: cogdogblog via Visual hunt

Take part in online writing competitions or programs to improve your writing from online platforms or correspondence courses. Writing can boost your memory and make your thinking sharper. You will enjoy the benefits in your workplace also. Read and spell and learn new words to add to your vocabulary, which will reflect in your writing. Do not lose your originality. You might be influenced by a particular author or style of writing, but it is always beneficial if your writing reflects you and your thought process. A new style of writing is always more welcome than a write-up which can be compared to an already established work. Your tutors can help you in the process of sharpening your style, but you should be the one to dictate it.

Learn how English language developed in India

English came into existence around 430 AD. The British brought the language to India when they invade and set up the East India Company. From there, they set up schools and colleges where English was taught. Even after India’s independence the language stuck and now is an integral part of the education system. Though the majority of the population do not know English, there has been major progress over the years.

This is because people understand the benefits of speaking, writing and reading the English language in order to excel in the outside world. Though, it is mainly restricted to the elite class it is slowly but steadily percolating to other segments of the population as well.

The main focus of Indian education should be achieving optimum literacy rate in the country. Source: Hindustan Times

Enhance your communication skills, English pronunciation by taking English lessons to know more about grammar rules, word order, etc. If your native language is not English, education classes can help you improve your verbal skills.

Advanced English classes can teach you academic English, language and culture, ways to learn and sharpen your English language skills.

Students are encouraged to take up English courses, tuition, online programs so that they are better prepared. This has resulted in multi-national companies hiring Indians all over the world. Industries are investing in India as they know they will get a steady flow English speaking people. We may have modified the accent and language and it is often mixed with Hindi, which is the main language of India, but the essence is still the same. Indians speak a mixture of British English and American English, but in the professional world it is sufficient to conduct business.

We are influenced by the new type of spoken English, but as long as we have strong fundamentals it should not be a threat. We should continue learning, applying and excelling in writing, speaking and reading the English language and grow with it!

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