Reading on a daily basis can help you to learn more and keep your brain's health strong.

Importance Of Reading Books In Our Daily Lives [2023]

10 Psychological Benefits Of Reading Books If you do not currently make a habit of reading regularly, you could be missing out on some very important benefits. Here are ten examples of how reading a chapter a day can be good for your mind, body, and soul. Reading books can stimulate your brain and improve […]

21 March 20239 minutes to read

amazing quotes for life

61 Uplifting Happiness and Meaningful Life Quotes

61 Uplifting Quotes of Life and Happiness Sometimes in life, you just need a little pick me up. A few words to inspire beautiful imagery in your mind, make your problems seem smaller, or simply put forth a feeling of serenity. Motivational quotes are the perfect source for bite-sized inspiration. Quotes only become well-known, famous, […]

17 February 20238 minutes to read

beautiful love quotes

65 Deep Short Love Quotes to Express Your Feelings [2023]

65 Short Deep Quotes About Love: Fall In Love Again! Expressing your feelings can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t inclined to poetry. Luckily, there are beautiful quotes written and spoken by countless romantics from all ages and eras we can turn to to help us get the words out. Share these words […]

16 February 20237 minutes to read

loving images for him

120 Love Quotes For A Romantic Beginning

120 Best Quotes For Love: Short Love Quotes To Start Your Day Reading other people’s experiences with happiness and love helps us find even more of those things in our own lives. If we are feeling down, we can appreciate someone else’s happiness and remember that our time will come again when we feel happy, […]

15 February 202311 minutes to read

Find English Language and Literature Support

Our Tutors leave no stone unturned when it comes to the language of Shakespeare. Whether you’re studying English at school, looking for Language or Literature support, or need an English tutor to help your children with reading and writing, you’ll find everything you need here.

Superprof is the platform of choice for English tutors of all levels. Check out their profiles on Superprof.

Inspiring quotes

120 Amazing Motivational Quotes in English

100+ Inspiring Motivational Thoughts In English One of the reasons we, as humans, adore media and celebrities is because they offer ideas we can all relate to. How many spine-tingling speeches have been delivered in a movie that leaves millions of people feeling inspired? How many songs have people belted along with because they gave […]

14 February 202316 minutes to read

15 NGOs For Women in India [2023]

15 Women's Organizations in India Working To Empower Women In India, there is a lot of gender discrimination and violence against women. Women are taught from an early age that they are less than males. They are instructed to rely on the male role models in their lives. Because of how deeply ingrained these patriarchal […]

13 February 20238 minutes to read

India’s Most Powerful Women Leaders [2023]

Celebrating The Most Inspirational Women in Indian History On Mahila Diwas! The nation of India is fundamentally a fabric made of women. This is undeniable since women consistently and actively contribute to making this country a better one for the future, whether it be through their efforts in households, the workplace, government, or welfare. We […]

13 February 20237 minutes to read

17 Most Prominent Women’s Rights Activists

Most Inspirational Gender Equality Activists Who Changed The World A world with empowered women is a better one for everyone. We would be much closer to experiencing true equality and seeing the end of poverty if women had unrestricted access to all the positions we deserve, including those as leaders, healers, scientists, writers, artists, engineers, […]

13 February 20237 minutes to read

15 Empowering Women’s Day Quotes & Speeches [2023]

15 Powerful International Women's Day Quotes (2023) “She believed she could, so she did.” International Women's Day is observed on March 8 by women's organizations all around the world. Additionally, the United Nations recognizes this day as a national holiday in several nations. Women from all continents can look back on a tradition that symbolizes […]

13 February 20237 minutes to read

International Women’s Day Special: Women’s Day in India

Celebrating the Strong, Determined, and Inspiring Women of the World: Happy Women's Day 2023! The day honoring women is known as International Women's Day. Women are honored for their accomplishments, talents, and leadership responsibilities on this day. On February 13, India celebrates national women's day to mark Sarojini Naidu's birth anniversary, who was a trailblazer […]

13 February 20238 minutes to read

what do proverbs and idioms mean

35 Proverbs In English, Idioms & Expressions For Better Conversations

35 English Proverbs & Common English Idioms With Meaning! In many languages and cultures, there are peculiar phrases and sayings that convey a broader idea than what is actually said. This is a really interesting practice that often makes people sound like they are speaking in code. In a way, they are! Idioms and proverbs […]

13 February 202311 minutes to read

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Harvard Referencing Guide: Important Points To Know

Your Guide to Using Harvard Reference Style A citation is a way to tell your readers that certain material in your work came from another source. A citation must include a set of parentheses. Without a set of parenthesis, one does not have a proper in-text citation and can risk being charged with plagiarism. The […]

12 June 20227 minutes to read

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Spoken English Classes to Improve Grammar

Using English Coaching to Improve your Grammar Grammar is the system that structures a language. However, grammar isn’t so much about rules as it is the conventions that determine how we speak and write. Grammar includes things like spelling, inflecting words for different purposes, and the way words are arranged to form sentences. Languages are […]

11 June 20226 minutes to read

Improving your essay skills

Tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills

Essay Writing Tips to Help You Improve There are plenty of steps you can take to improve your essay writing skills. Improve your grammar, refine your style, and learn how to structure a well-organised essay. Since academic essays are especially tricky, learn the ins and outs of formal, scholarly writing. Be sure to read as […]

10 June 20226 minutes to read

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Top English Words to Aid Essay Writing

English Grammar Tips to Improve Essay Writing Many people are under the impression that learning to read and speak in English is enough without realizing that written English skills are an equally vital asset to cultivate. An effective way to improve your writing skills is to write essays. From improving academics to boosting career prospects […]

9 June 20227 minutes to read

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How to Improve English Coursework

Tips to Improve English Grammar Getting better at your English coursework involves working on your grammar, polishing your writing skills, and mastering reading comprehension. There are many ways to do each and, thankfully, all of these ways are easy to implement, given the right amount of time and commitment. Let's get started on the tips to […]

8 June 20226 minutes to read

Spoken English classes near me

Join English classes to improve your Spoken English

How To Write Better English in 2022 Writing is an essential part of our day to day lives. We cannot forego writing as it is intertwined with everything we do. Be it jotting down points to write a story or making an elaborate presentation. However, with the assistance of technology we are forgetting how to […]

10 January 20228 minutes to read

Shakespeare was writing towards the end of the 1590s and early 1600s.

How Indians were able to learn English?

History Of English Language In India The birth of English happened around 430 AD. Germanic speaking tribes of Britain settled in the country ruled by Anglo Saxons and the newfound language which came into existence was termed as Englisc or “Old English”. There were four dialects mainly from where the English language came into existence- […]

29 December 20217 minutes to read

Hire an English tutor on Superprof

How to improve English Spelling At Home

Online English Classes will teach you to spell correctly With the advent of social media there is a rapid rise of writers and bloggers who are publishing articles, travel blogs, short stories, online journals, eBooks, etc. Though this has benefited us by increasing the availability of more English content, not all are properly written. There […]

28 December 20217 minutes to read

Write English Essay

English Classes To Help Write An Essay

How To Write The Perfect English Essay It is always beneficial to start at a basic level while learning how to write before moving on to complex compositions. Drafting an essay can be challenging for beginners, but once you master the skill you can handle complicated write-ups like your college thesis papers, journals, abstract writing […]

27 December 20217 minutes to read

Writing everyday can result in many rewards.

Improve Your Written English With British Council

How places like British Council Delhi can improve your writing The advantages of being an impressive writer is unparalleled. The world is your oyster if you have a good command over your vocabulary. Be it writing answers in an exam or a thesis paper or making presentations for your company, a well drafted write-up is […]

29 November 20217 minutes to read

As we communicate more and more using digital media, are we forgetting the importance of correct English?

Improve your Spellings With An English Teacher

Take Help From English Teachers Across India The young population of India are forgetting how to spell correctly. But are they only to blame? With the advent of social media, easy access to the internet, and widespread use of abbreviated languages, we are gradually going downhill when it comes to spelling correct English. Technology might […]

28 November 20217 minutes to read

Learn English with the help of ESOL classes

How to Write an Essay in English

Tips for Essay Writing in English Children in school are introduced to essays at an early age. Knowing how to write an essay is definitely a useful skill that we carry into high school, college, and our work life. An essay is generally a short piece of writing outlining the writer’s perspective or story. From writing […]

10 August 20216 minutes to read

hundred percent score

How to Score Full Marks in English Board Exams

How to Find Previous Year Question Papers for English Exam Solving previous year's question papers for the English exam is essential for good study and preparation. These question papers allow students to practice a maximum number of related questions from the syllabus. Previous question papers help the students understand the exam form and pattern better. […]

9 August 20216 minutes to read

Learn English in India

How to Prepare for English Board Exams

Preparing for the Boards with Class 10 NCERT Solutions The CBSE English exam for Class 1o is one of the most important exams on the academic calendar of an Indian school student. English has become the most important subject and language that students cannot overlook, unlike in earlier times. This is because command over the English […]

8 August 20216 minutes to read

Find the best ESOL course for you

How to Score Highest Marks in English Exam

Scoring High in ISCE Class 10 English and Class 10 English CBSE CBSE Class 1o and Class 12 Board exams are around the corner. English is one of the most important subjects for students of both classes. But, many students face difficulty wrapping up revision of the entire English syllabus because English revision is often […]

7 August 20217 minutes to read

Ten Tips for Writing the Perfect Academic Essay

Write Your Best Academic Essay With These Ten Tips Some academics and students relish writing papers. Presenting their theses in written form gives them the chance to organise their ideas, arrange them into a logical flow and hone their language such that the narrative is crisp, engaging and easy to follow. Others are flat terrified […]

10 January 202112 minutes to read

What are GCSEs like now?

Top tips: writing great essays

Top tips: writing great essays   Like it or not, essays are part of your life at School, Sixth Form College and University. Writing a good essay is not only key to getting good marks for your homework, but essential if you are to get the exam grades that you deserve. But essays often pose […]

17 July 20204 minutes to read

The accordion is unique in the way it has an air valve.

The importance of reading

The importance of reading   When you reflect on your childhood you hopefully recall some pleasurable literary experiences. Your parents, grandparents, adult friends and teachers may have guided you through enchanting picture books. This may, like me, have led to you relishing reading the adventures of the Famous Five or the Secret Seven (and crying […]

24 June 20204 minutes to read

How do you become a professional guitarist?

12 tips for improving your speed reading

12 tips for improving your speed reading   Whether you are studying for your A Levels or for University exams, chances are, you have a considerable amount of information to comprehend, process and memorise. You will be much more effective in your learning if you can read and assimilate information quickly. So, the purpose of this […]

24 June 20205 minutes to read

Find an English Teacher in Your City

English Tuition Classes in India Private English tutoring is a common phenomenon in India, and, during recent decades, it has grown to become one of the biggest enterprises in the country, across all regions. The need for private supplementary tutoring in English is felt by students and their parents who feel that schools are unable […]

27 March 20207 minutes to read

Learn Business English

Find an English Tutor in Hyderabad

Finding an English Class Near Me in Hyderabad Teaching English is in great demand in India where proficiency in conversational English skills, writing skills, listening skills, and even English study skills are valued. The demand especially for candidates who have achieved a TESOL or TEFL certificate or a specific teaching certificate. Objectives of Language Teaching […]

27 March 20206 minutes to read

Spoken English classes near me

Find an English Teacher in Delhi

Where to Find High-Quality English Tuition in Delhi English language teaching in India is not a new occurrence. It has been around for more than two hundred and fifty years, since 1757, when the country was officially declared a colony of the mighty British Empire of the time. After Hindi, it is common to find […]

26 March 20206 minutes to read

Private tuition is very helpful

Find an English Teacher in Mumbai

Look for an English Tutor Online or Find One in Your Locality in Mumbai English is one of the two official languages of India, inherited, as it is, from our British colonial masters. And yet, many Indians find it surprising when they are not considered part of the elite "native English speakers" club. Those vying […]

25 March 20206 minutes to read

Dive into the English language by reading Shakespeare's playwrights

Find an English Tutor in Kolkata

Spoken English Classes in Kolkata English is the most common second language in the world, and the number of English speaking people continues to grow every day. As a corollary. the number of English language teaching resources has also become increasingly accessible with the likelihood of finding an English tutor online or English classes in […]

24 March 20206 minutes to read

How do you teach English to dyslexic children?

The Search for English Teachers in Chennai

Find an English Tutor Online from Anywhere in Chennai English language teaching, whether school English, ESOL courses or English for Speakers of Other Languages or a TEFL course, IELTS, are gradually becoming popular in India as aspirants queue up for applications in foreign universities as also the job market becomes even more competitive with English […]

23 March 20206 minutes to read

English vocabulary

Find the Best English Teacher in Bengaluru

Come Home to the Best English Teachers in Bengaluru Teaching jobs in India can be the most challenging as well as the most rewarding. English is usually taught as a second language in Indian schools as we are not among the English-speaking countries of the world. Native English is not in our genes. Teachers of […]

22 March 20206 minutes to read

Learn English online

Find Your Ideal English Teacher in Ahmedabad

The Search for My English Teacher in Ahmedabad Teaching is a noble profession. Teaching jobs come with a lot of responsibility, especially as school teachers, one is responsible for a particular type of student teaching that shapes the latter's worldviews, to a large extent. Becoming an English language teacher in India comes with its share […]

21 March 20206 minutes to read


English Classes in Pune

Best Spoken Classes Near Me for English in Pune English is the official language in more than 50 countries across the globe. It is spoken, as a native language as well as a second language, by approximately 1.5 billion people in the world. English learning is a critical step in the learning journey of students […]

20 March 20206 minutes to read

Marking Scheme and Exam Schedule for English Class 10

Find Exam Schedule and Marking Schemes for CBSE Class 10 English Class 10 Board exam is undoubtedly one of the most relevant standards of formal education in India. Students get to decide their future academic paths depending on the Board result. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), under the ambit of the Department of Education, […]

16 March 20206 minutes to read

Revision Guide for Class 10 English

Revising Reading Resources Like Class 10 English First Flight Many CBSE Class 10 students find learning English and revising their English lessons difficult, especially on the eve of their exams. The reason is quite simple. Throughout the academic year, most students tend to prioritize subjects like Mathematics, Physics,  Social Studies, etc. English language skills are a […]

15 March 20207 minutes to read

Revising with English Class 10 Sample Paper

Powering Your Revisions with CBSE Sample Paper for English Class 10 The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the premier board of education in India, based in New Delhi. Thousands of CBSE schools and Kendriya Vidyala across all states of India, including Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, etc. fall under the […]

15 March 20207 minutes to read

Language Prep with NCERT English Class 10

Developing Your Language Skills Through English Class 10 Curriculum English is a global language, used to communicate across every aspect of life, including businesses, science and information technology, media and entertainment, and also our personal spaces. Good knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation is necessary to communicate fluently in the English language. The foundation for […]

14 March 20206 minutes to read

English is a known language globally

Complete Guide to Class 10 English

Your One-Stop Guide to Exam Prep with NCERT English Class 10 English may not officially have the distinction of being the most widely spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by around 400 million people across the globe. It also happens to be the most common […]

13 March 20207 minutes to read

Grammar Prep for Class 12 English

Exam Prep with Class 12 English Grammar Notes Learning English has become an unwritten criterion to get ahead in the world, especially as spoken English has acquired global significance as a benchmark in communication skills. English language courses, including English speaking course, reading and writing, listening comprehension, English vocabulary, and grammar rules, are immensely popular […]

13 March 20206 minutes to read

Revision Tips for English Class 12

How to Use English Class 12 Notes for Effective Revision English is a compulsory subject for students of all streams in Class 12 exams under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India. Contrary to popular belief, it also happens to be one of the easiest subjects to prepare and score well in. It can […]

11 March 20206 minutes to read

Language Composition for Class 12 English

Mastering Language Writing in the CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus India is not an English speaking country. We don't normally come across a native English speaker easily. Most schools in the country prescribe English as a second language only.  Learning English and improving fluency in the language is still an urban, middle-class phenomenon. However, the […]

10 March 20206 minutes to read

Preparing for Class 12 English Exam

Revising Class 12 English Syllabus for Board Exams The CBSE Class 12 English Board Exam 2020 (Core & Elective) might be one of your easiest avenues to score high marks. In order to improve your English, focus on learning and adding new words to your English vocabulary, practice how to speak English fluently, get your […]

10 March 20207 minutes to read

Which are the best language schools for Italian in the UK?

Class 10 English Courses

Enroll in a Professional Course for English Class 10 Language courses are important in the larger context of our lives. jobs, sports, knowledge (books, blogs, newspapers, etc.) depend on how well our reading skills are, along with our listening skills, speaking skills, and general communication skills. There is another important aspect of all this - […]

9 March 20206 minutes to read

Students discussing topics

Class 12 English Sample Papers

Memorize Class 12 English Summary with Sample Papers and Past Question Papers The English language, be it in the form of a native language or a second language, has acquired global significance. Learning English includes proficiency over such skills as vocabulary, English grammar, English pronunciation, speaking skills, listening skills, reading skills, writing skills, general communication […]

9 March 20205 minutes to read

Find The Right Tutor for Private English Lessons

English is a big part of the school curriculum, yet many students find it difficult, and at a young age, this can majorly affect a child’s self-esteem and academic performance.

It is for this reason that English tutoring has become popular amongst children and young adults.

For every native English speaker, getting to grips with the grammar rules, tricky spelling and even handwriting are all significant hurdles that must be overcome to achieve true mastery of the language.

Why Find an English Tutor?

Have you noticed your child struggling with their English homework?

For some, understanding the complex aspects of the English language as well as practising reading and writing is just too much to do with a school teacher alone.

This is why many parents reach out to English tutors or tutoring companies to give their child the boost in confidence they need to achieve academic success.

Having that personal, one on one attention when it comes to learning can help children reach their potential quickly and efficiently.

How to Choose the Right English Tutor?

Whether you choose English lessons from a qualified English tutor or from someone English university student, their teaching approach is very important.

Teaching private classes, especially English classes requires patience and a well-rounded teaching approach, especially for children who are struggling or have lost their confidence in the subject.

The English exercises offered can cover topics like reading comprehension, writing and spelling, including creative writing, as well as small presentations to develop public speaking.

In-home, private lessons can help students improve their confidence, study for exams with revision materials, or even act as an intensive English course to boost grades.

Private lessons can, therefore, be more than just helping children with their homework but it is important for the tutor to have a rapport with their student if they want them to progress quickly.

English help needs to be comprehensive. The private tutors on our platform offer personalised lessons based on their students’ needs.