Once a student steps into the SSC level, he/she is expected to work harder for every subject. The student should, by then, have acquired a functioning faculty of the subjects he/she opts for. Since they are given the choice to choose their subjects at liberty, it is naturally thought that they have a solid foundation of those subjects. Often students in India struggle with English. Since in English medium schools this subject is a mandatory one, the students find themselves in a grip of terror. Until class 10, the curriculum is a lot easier than post class 10. Post-class 12 SSC English calls for a sound understanding of the basics.

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The SSC level exam can be daunting but it is nothing that you cannot overcome. It is a known fact that students who have passed their board exam with decent marks in English have had a better career opportunity in recruitment across India. Today, no big company wants to hire a candidate who has bagged poor or below-average marks in SSC English.

Many boards across India have made a rule of including English mandatorily in their top 4 subjects. So, it is English plus any of the three subjects you have scored the most in. Now, if you do not score well in English, your percentage gets compromised as a whole. This, in turn, will fail to land you in an esteemed college for your graduate-level study. 

Studying English at the SSC level is not at all difficult, to be honest. One can take the aid of SSC English notes, tutors, online lectures etc. Our aim is to elaborately discuss the ways that would help students to overcome their fear of the subject and also find the career scopes of English.

Why Is It Important To Study English Language And Literature At The SSC Level

There are several reasons to learn English language and literature at the SSC level.

Better Job Scopes

Studying English at the SSC level is probably more important than any other subject. Not that you are advised to neglect it but English will impact your overall career more than any other subject. Even if you plan on pursuing your higher studies in a subject other than English, your scope will be better with a fairly good result in English. For example, if you want to pursue engineering and have an amazing academic report in science but poor in English, it may affect your reputation when you go for a job interview.

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Very Important For Overseas Admissions

Most students dream of pursuing their graduate and postgraduate degrees from the UK or USA or Canada and so on. In order to apply in foreign universities, students must take an international test. These online test series, be it IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) or SATs (Scholastic Assessment Test) all require a good grip on the English language. Even a student appearing for a different stream than arts requires him/her to pass in English.

These exams generally require students to write an essay and have an array of questions to examine the general aptitude of students.

Many people prefer studying abroad
English constitutes an integral part of applying to study overseas. Source: Hindustan Times

The SSC syllabus includes all the important grammatical aspects of the language which helps the students to build a fair aptitude regarding the language. Since it is never possible to teach every syntax and rules of grammar, students are expected to work diligently to build their knowledge on the basics.

An Essential Part Of Most Entrance Exams

Be it Hotel Management or Government jobs, a slot of the entrance is reserved for English. Be it WBCS, UPSC, RBI, Public Service Commission, Railways, Ias exam, JEE Main, NET exam or Civil Service exam, all of them require the candidates to have knowledge of English. The staff selection committee in these exams are pretty strict and the competition itself is unimaginable. The preparation of your SSC syllabus will help you immensely to crack these tests.

Just like math, the English question types are modelled on the syllabus of SSC. If not exactly so, it definitely pertains to all that you have been taught in class 11 and 12.

Personality Grooming And Self Confidence

Unlike other subjects, your competence in English is not restricted to your mark-sheet alone. It extends to your societal image and position. A grasp over the English language helps a student in overall personality development. A lot of students face a lack of confidence in a group discussion because of their poor English speaking skills.

Good communication skill is a part of personal grooming
With proficiency in English, a person undergoes personal grooming. Source: Get Knowledge

SSC English precisely aids you to build an overall personality. The literature syllabus also acquaints students with the best literary dramatists, poets, essayists and short story writers. They develop reading habits and often are found to read literature from outside their syllabus inspired by it. A good read man is always more confident about himself and is revered by people around him. The more a man reads, the better orator he becomes.

Often times it is in class 11 and 12 that students decide to opt for English Honours at their graduation level. It is solely influenced by the SSC English syllabus. Hence, in order to acquire the boldness to speak nonchalantly yet wisely in any company, one must study the syllabus thoroughly if not more.

An Idea Of What Comprises Of SSC English Syllabus

Be it Cbse, Isc or state boards, they may differ in the dramas, stories or poems that are being taught, but they have an essentially similar structure and motive of the English syllabus. The English language consists of grammar rules, parts of speeches, creative writing and comprehension skills. For literature, the scope varies slightly. Each board has a set of authors whose works are taught. And this keeps changing every couple of years.

However, canonical writers like Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw, Graham Greene, Kate Chopin, Bob Dylan, Thomas Hardy, Tennyson and the likes are generally included. Almost in every state, like Odisha, Kerala, Haryana, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal etc., the SSC level exam follows the same test preparation and pattern.

Tips To Score Above 90 In SSC English

The SSC English paper, contrary to popular belief, is not very difficult to master. To be honest, it is an extremely interesting paper that opens up an entirely different world for you. When you read English, you just do not read it, you live it.

Let us dive into a few tips for how to prepare for English board exams.

Private Tutor

The disparity in the ratio between the students and the teacher of a school often leads to a career compromise for the students. All students do not have a similar kind of learning capacity and may need extra help. This extra help is provided to them by private tutors.

Private tuition is very helpful
A private tutor will help in improving your weak spots in English. Source: Facebook

A new language requires more commitment and more time. School often fails to provide time since there is a rush to complete so many subjects. Coaching classes could help you better in understanding the subject.

It is considered very difficult to get a private tutor who is capable of tackling SSC English. Luckily there are some online websites which help you in finding one. Superprof is one such of this kind. It gives you complete detail of the academic achievements and experience of a particular applicant. You can choose those people who have a specialization in English. Moreover, they also display for you the reviews of the applicants. These reviews are genuine.

Selecting tutors online is of great convenience. You need not go around hunting for one and even if you get one, you cannot be sure of his/her capabilities. We can be sure only after spending a considerable amount of time. And at the SSC level, you cannot waste time trying out tutors.

Private tutors will help you polish your skills by making you solve previous year questions. These practice questions, besides NCERT books, will help you build your foundation.

Online Help

You can also seek help from video lectures on different topics and appear for online tests as well. Websites like Sparksnotes, Shmoop etc brilliantly breaks down the most difficult works on English literature for the convenience of the students.

These videos can be watched and rewatched for any number of times. There are several articles and links which should be enough to help you comprehend your English lessons.

The internet can help one find a good tutor
The internet will provide you with a lot of study materials for English. Source: sans.org

Mastering SSC English is not a very difficult job. Besides taking help from the internet and private tutor, you must also read novels and short stories which will make you grow as a reader. A good reader is always a great writer and can understand literature and its aspect better than students who do not read.

Therefore, along with giving your attention and time to history, accounts, physics, chemistry or maths, invest time in your SSC English. Some students consider English to be an accessory subject and refuse to invest enough and at the end suffer for a lifetime. Do not be one of them. Be a vigilant one and give your time to the subject. It is very promising as well as an interesting subject. Enjoy while you are studying it.

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