English is a specialized subject. You can master the subject if you have a passion for the same and wish to score high in the examination. With the focus on your immediate goal, the passion to study hard and the vision to find the right kind of study material is the key to success in such cases. Even if you are an aspirant of SSC English, your preparation for the exam is required.

SSC English notes will definitely make the task easy for you and if you practice, well in time, it is almost sure that you will be able to score high.

These English notes can be found through different sources. If you are familiar with technology, finding and using these notes online will become relatively easier for you.

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Finding Class X English Notes

The class X English syllabus is comprehensive and you will only be able to score high in the examination if you work with a suitable strategy. This should include practice tests, mocks, online test questions as well as sample questions from previous years. Finding the appropriate SSC English lessons can also be considered. Even if you are doing mock preparation tests prior to the final examination, the online notes can be of great help.

Check The Social Media Platforms

There are numerous YouTube channels and videos which highlight and promote content dedicated to Board Exam preparation, especially Class X English papers. You can find and shortlist videos with SSC English course online coverage.

Scene of a home tuition
Technology can be used as a tool for examination preparation. Source: Hindustan Times

Maintain a collection of such videos chapter wise and you can use these for mock tests at a later stage.

Check Online Academies

With the advent of technology, a number of online academies have cropped up which deal specifically with SSC tests. These can serve as a valuable medium for exam preparation as they have dedicated subject experts to help you find study material.

One such online resource where you can find some worthy help is Superprof. It is an online resource which is a repository of qualified tutors of different subjects like Maths, English, Science, etc.

You can connect with the English teacher on a personal level through this platform and get English notes online. The tutors are also available at an hourly rate too, so you can consult them for finding and using the notes, even as your exam date is approaching fast.

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Check Your Cell Phone

The cellphone is a valuable resource, which can be used for studying and appearing for an online test. There are many dedicated apps which disseminate English notes along with test series, especially related to class X examination. There are several test papers available on dedicated apps, which can be found on your play store.

Consult Your Teachers

Your teachers are also a valuable resource when it comes to written test preparation for the final class X English exam. The new age teachers these days also run coaching classes and are very used to technology. Once you get in touch with them, they will definitely help you find some NCERT books online which cover the subject comprehensively.

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A coaching centre
Teachers often lend a helping hand when approached. Source: Hindustan Times

Since you are a fresher and have little idea of the use of online technology for finding appropriate study material, consulting your teachers can be a good idea. Once you have a database of all the tentative online English notes, you will be able to prepare a strategy prior to the time the final exam dates are announced.

Moreover, studying through core board books will also get easier as you will have ample resource material at hand.

Using The SSC Notes

Finding notes online is one thing and using it successfully for the board exams is entirely a different take. You will have to devise a strategy so that these notes can be used in sync with a textbook. Below, we list some tips which will help you in preparation for the board examination.

Conduct Mock Tests In Groups

All subject notes when compiled will be a valuable asset. You can use the English notes compiled online for conducting mock tests among friends. Studying this way will also strengthen your logical reasoning aspect as not only will you be able to solve the essay paper section comprehensively but will also find answers to grammar-related section. Some of your friends would be good at grammatical competencies while others could have a good hold on comprehension skills.

An examination hall
Mock tests often help in concept clarity. Source: The Financial Express

A collective study of such Online English notes will definitely instil confidence in you and will help you score well in the final examination.

Use These As A Reference Point In Your Classes

A distinct advantage of such online resource material is that it can be used all over India. The online English notes which are applicable for Maharashtra can well be used in Bihar too if you are appearing through CBSE or ICSE Board. Even for state education board examination, certain portions of the English notes which you might have accumulated online can be used.

You can use it during doubt clearing sessions in the classroom which most schools conduct as the last date for the examination approaches.

Shortlist the questions or sections in which you have doubts and once you discuss it with your teacher, you will definitely get more clarity on the topic. Attempting the same in the examination will get relatively easy for you.

Prepare Short Notes From This Material

You can always prepare short notes and shortlist relevant questions from these notes. Questions, especially from the grammar section will help you in later competitive exams too and as you practice through these notes in mock tests, you will definitely get a better hold of the subject.

Practicing is a good habit
Prepare short notes for the final examination. Source: Times of India

Prepare these notes section-wise and cover all the relevant and important questions from different sections of the paper. For the grammar section, you can even rely on past year sample papers and see if the notes you have collected for this section are in sync with the latest guidelines issued by your Board. At times, while the literature section guidelines are common for different state boards, those for the grammar section vary. Prepare your short notes accordingly and you will be able to complete the entire syllabus, well in time.

Initiate Verbal Discussions

A distinct advantage of collecting and studying from multiple online websites is that you will end up with a storehouse of knowledge when it comes to the final preparation. You can use the knowledge generated from these online resource material to initiate discussions with your friends.

Discuss probable answers to questions with them and if anyone of them gives a wrong narrative, correct them with the answers which you have learnt from the online reference material. This way, you will not only strengthen their knowledge of the subject but will be in a position to remember and recapitulate better when the final exam paper comes before you. You can also initiate a discussion with your teachers if you feel it is required. Working on such a strategy will also help you in later years when you appear from different admission tests in the higher classes.

Use Cellphone During Online Sessions

We live in a world of virtual reality these days. Gone are the times when one could communicate with friends and family through letters only. Video calling through cell phones as well as numerous applications have opened up new vistas of communication.

In addition to that, you can also get in touch with your relatives and cousins who study in the same standard as yours. Use video calling or reach out to them to have a discussion on the topics you are facing issues with. An online application can also be of great help.

Study In Silence

Finally, when you have collected all the relevant English notes and discussed it with teachers and your friends, it is time to study in silence. You should prepare a list of questions in your mind which should be in sync with your chapters. Look for probable answers to such questions in the resource material that you have collected online.

You can even take help from past year sample papers as this will help you shortlist the sections which you need to focus more on. Devote 2-3 hours daily to study in silence and check if the resource material that you have accessed online is included in your syllabus.

Always remember that learning a language can be way easier than taking any science subject at your post graduate level. Also, there are various scopes for an English student since languages are always in demand globally. You can work as a writer, teacher or translator in places where the demand for English students are very high. Put your best foot forward and success will be yours.

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