Every student aspires to score well in the examination. To study well is an art which helps you to ensure getting good marks in the written examination. When we talk of exams, the board level exam of class X is imperative and we will dedicate this article to learn the ways of preparing in a better way for the same.

In the upcoming SSC examination, you can always take help of guide papers which can give you an overview of the kind of questions that are likely to feature.

The preparation for the English lessons can be done accordingly and you will be in a position to score well, once you have devised a strategy to learn in a planned manner. You can find SSC question papers, through sites like questionpaper.in.

How To Find English Guide Papers

Most students focus only on the syllabus, ignoring the need to revise the chapters through question-solving technique. As the exam date approaches, these students panic as they have little idea of the kind of questions that could come in the examination.

You can well depend upon guide papers as these cover most of the SSC English course material.

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Take Help From Teachers

Your SSC English Examination is like your skill test and you will be able to score well only if the preparation has been done appropriately. You can always rely upon your teachers and they will definitely share some guide papers from the past years with you. In some schools, students are prepared for multi-tasking and the teachers themselves hold mock tests from the lower division syllabus.

A class full of students
Teachers help in clearing doubts prior to the examination. Source: The Hindu

This also helps in good preparation for the upcoming class X examination. In case, no such activity is done in your school, you can always ask the teachers to guide you in finding sample papers. The teachers would willingly help you in this task as also want the students to score good marks in the final examination.

Take Guidance From Your Seniors

When the tentative examination schedule is out, it is time to take help from your seniors too. They have passed the examination in the past years and hence have solved the real examination papers and knows the kind of stress every student who appears for such examination faces. Since they have already given this secondary level examination they have a good idea of the kind of questions that could feature in the examination.

Moreover, as they have themselves prepared from guide papers, your seniors would definitely have a fair idea of questions that could come in the final paper. As aspirants for competitive examinations, your seniors are well aware of the kind of competencies that are asked for in the examination.

They could also have a storehouse of guide and sample papers of the past few years. Not only would they lovingly hand over to you these papers but will also guide you to solve these.

Search Online Sources

In today’s technological world, the help of online English teacher resources can also be taken. Through the use of a computer-based system, you can search past year English papers from different state boards since most of these follow NCERT based curriculum.

Students during their lesson
Sample papers can also be checked online. Source: Live Mint

Videos of solved past year question papers are also available on sites like YouTube. You can log on to the site and check the past year questions and sample papers. A distinct advantage of using such resources to find past papers is that you can use this service across India and enjoy benefits even when you are travelling.

Consult Your Friends

You must be having friends too who are appearing for the matriculation examination. You can also work as a group and find out past year question papers from different sources. The same strategy can also be used to find some sample papers which you can then practice in groups as well.

Find Different Guide Books

You can also consult your seniors who have passed the examination in the past years. They should have model test paper books which have a set of old English papers. If you are able to find some books from students who have passed the School Certificate examination in the past years, it will be of great help as the person from whom you get these guide books will also help in understanding the format in which these questions are asked.

Students discussing topics
Discuss the sample papers with your friends. Source: Hindustan Times

Using English Guide Papers

The English guide papers can be used for different level exams which are conducted throughout the year. In this manner, you can benefit from these papers as your teachers would be using the same for conducting mock exams prior to the actual papers.

Practice With Help Of Sample Papers

In case you are preparing for final English exams with the help of some tutors, you will find that your tutors would be using these for conducting exams. In such sessions, the tutors also use these sample papers so that students are able to develop confidence in solving the final paper.

Use These For Doubt Clearing Sessions

You would be a fresher when you appear in the board examination. However, now with the advance technology, a large number of online resources are available at fingertips. Superprof is one such online resource which offers services of tutors from different parts of the country. You can hire any of these tutors and they would hold a computer based exam or online exam in case you are based at an offbeat location. The English teachers who are connected with the help of online mode could be a worthy resource to clear subject related doubts and prepare for the board examination.

Clarify Your Doubts With Teachers

The desperation for scoring well in your final result might overwhelm you but the utmost requirement is to focus on the present needs. You can prepare a question list and get probable answers from the teachers beforehand in doubt clearing sessions. This exercise needs to be done prior to the time, the exam dates have been announced.

With ample time by your side, you will definitely be in a position where you can clear all your doubts. You can thus use these sample papers effectively to score well in the examination.

Study In Groups

You must be having some close friends with whom you prepare for the examination. When your matric examinations are just around the corner, it is time to work on these sample papers in a group. You can discuss the probable answers and can also discuss the ways to answer the question. This will help you in developing confidence in your abilities and you will be able to score well in the examination when the time comes.

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A group of students
Studying in groups is always helpful as it clears doubts in a better way. Source: The Hindu

Hold Mock Tests Yourself

The board examination is a test of your abilities and capabilities. In different state board and ICSE Education board examinations, you will find that question paper has a distinct pattern in which you will have to solve a set of questions in stipulated period so that entire question paper is solved in time.

If you aspire to be a part of the merit list, a good way is to hold mock tests yourself which should be composed of solving sample papers as if you are appearing in the final examination. Once you have solved 3-4 sets of such practice papers, you will have ample confidence to take on the final challenge. This will make you feel confident in your abilities when the final paper comes before you.

Check Out The Grammar Portion Comprehensively

Every intermediate and secondary question paper has a grammar portion where the students have to solve the different competencies related to grammar. A distinct advantage of these sample papers is that the Board exams question paper also has the same format of questions which feature in the sample paper. Many times it is seen that the grammar portion is repeated out from different sample papers since the questions are general in nature.

If you have the ability and capacity of solving these practice grammar questions on your own from the sample papers, you are likely to score well in the final paper in this section of the examination.

Practice The Comprehension Section

The comprehension section in any sample paper, be it for Maharashtra state board, Punjab State Board or Himachal State Board, is fairly similar. You have to answer questions from an unseen passage. If you are able to develop ample confidence in answering such questions, it will have a good effect on your board result. Your SSC result will definitely make you happy if you practice this section confidently.

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