With examination round the corner, it is time to find and use SSC English guide papers to score well. These papers are designed by experts in the field who have years of experience in framing the question papers. If a student aims to do well in the exam, then this will help him/her in the upcoming examination. Moreover, practicing also helps improve the skill test of the candidate. Past papers help in scoring well in examinations, they are very useful for SSC examination preparation.

These guide papers are based on SSC English lessons and you will benefit from the same if you practice after revision.

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Finding The SSC English Papers

There are many different ways of finding past SSC English papers to qualify for SSC recruitment. You can either use any one of these or a combination of measures to ensure that you score well in the examination. Notably, for the preparation, you will be required to sit for a computer based exam.

Download From Different Sources

Students who are about to appear in the upcoming SSC papers can search for English guide papers online, which comes with sample question options. One viable way is to download these from different websites that list past CBSE, ICSE and state board papers, as the case might be. These papers are of two distinct types. One category would be of past year SSC English question papers. Scanning through the same will give you an idea of a pattern which has usually been followed over the years. The CBSE sample papers should definitely be checked if you are appearing through this board as this gives an insight as to how the paper is to be solved. You can also find books online to help you prepare.

This is likely to help you to devise a strategy for preparation of the examination. The other category of question papers is different sample sets which the candidates desirous of appearing in the examination can solve. Practising through different such question papers will ensure student success in the long run and will be beneficial in different recruitment examinations too as grammar and certain other components remain the same, irrespective of the type of examination, a student is appearing in.

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Consult The Subject Teacher

The aspirants who are to appear in the upcoming SSC or class X English examination can get in touch with their English teacher. In some schools, the staff also prepares the students to crack the examination with the help of these sample papers. Mock test is held in schools where questions from these past sample papers are discussed. This exercise is done a few weeks prior to the announcement of the exam dates.

A class teacher
Consult the subject teacher for better preparation. Source: Hindustan Times

In cases where teachers do not conduct such skill tests on their own, you can ask the subject teacher to help you practice such question papers. This will definitely help you develop a holistic view of the entire syllabus and prepare appropriately. Pdf download of these sample papers would be available with your teacher. You just need to cross-check with them and benefit from this exercise.

Take Help From Your Seniors

You can also consult your seniors who have passed out of the class X English examination in recent years. They can not only give you Pdf files of the sample English papers but will also help you compile the chapter list which you need to check and pay attention as questions from these particular topics might have been framed in the past papers.

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A group of students
Taking help from senior students is always helpful. Source: Hindustan Times

The senior students who have appeared in the past years in the examination can also help you plan and divide the time so that you are able to finish off the paper in a stipulated time. This will always leave ample time for revision and you can edit or modify the answers if the need arises.

Completing the English course with the help of past sample papers is always helpful and your seniors can definitely play a positive role in this regard.

Using The SSC English Papers

Finding the past papers is one thing but using the resource effectively before the final exam date approach is an entirely different ball game. Your exam preparation must begin as you find these helpful resource material. However, a lot of doubts do persist in the minds of the students and with all books around for preparation, confusion is bound to happen.

Attend Extra Classes

While you could always rely on board books, it will always be helpful if you attend some extra classes. Most of the time, these extra classes are held in the school in which special preparation for Class X papers is done.

Teachers help the students solve tentative questions which could figure in the upcoming exams. The sample papers are solved in these extra classes and a special written test is also held which can help one cope up with the examination stress and prepare for the real examination. The pattern of questions will be the same as what would feature in the final examination and at times, some of the questions that you would have solved from the sample paper could also figure in the examination.

Written exam
Extra classes with sample paper solving sessions often act as a booster for exam preparation. Source: Indian Express

Thus, attending the extra classes will always be helpful in cases when you are preparing for the final board examination.

Check Online Resources

You can also take assistance from online resources so that your final result meets all the required expectations. One such online resource is Superprof which is a database of tutors who offer private tutoring services. You can check their credentials through its website and seek assistance for scoring good marks in the board examination. These tutors offer both online and offline assistance and will help you solve the practice question papers as per your requirements and need for the impending examination so that you are able to get high grades. The services of these tutors are available across India through Superprof and you will definitely benefit by checking this out.

Study In Groups

Once you have access to the Pdf version of sample papers, it is time to sit and study in groups. The discussion on topics can be similar to the ways in which current affairs preparation is done. Different sections of the sample papers can be discussed and ways of solving the questions can be found out. You will definitely benefit from the experiences of your friends and can debate the ways through which you would answer the questions.

This will prepare you for multitasking too and you will be able to think on multiple fronts at the same time. Such quick thinking helps when you are short of time and have to decide on which set of questions to answer first. Deliberation and discussion with friends will definitely help in such cases and you will be able to solve the examination paper well when the situation does come.

Set A Target

When you have both your NCERT books and the sample paper alongside, it is time to set a target. This should be to develop a strategy so that the books can be used to solve the sample papers in sync. Check the pattern of questions in the sample paper and the corresponding answers in your textbooks. This will help you in understanding the syllabus and come up with short or long answers as required in the question paper.

The question paper can thus serve as a practical manual using which you would be able to revise the entire syllabus and prepare well in time for the examination.

Other Things To Consider In The Preparation

Other than the above measures, one must ensure the practice of grammar on a regular basis. Since practising would always make you perfect, it is important to set a time for doing so.

Practice The Grammar Portion

The grammar portion listed in the textbook and sample papers is relatively similar. You can get an idea of the kind of questions that will feature in the examination by solving those listed in the sample papers.

Compare these with your textbook grammar questions and practice these from different chapters and questions that are listed in the textbook. This will help you to build a strategy to solve the grammar section and will also offer an insight as to which chapters or sections from the book might feature in the grammar portion of the question paper.

You can also check the SSC English guide as such help books also feature a range of questions that could be asked in the final examination. Also, keep your book format in mind when you practice the grammar portion. Different boards have distinct patterns and you should always stick to sample paper of the specific board from which you would be appearing in the examination.

Go Through Mock Tests

Practice is important
Students can also practice mock tests with sample papers, prior to the examination. Source: Times of India

The quick start English mock tests or will not only prepare you for the upcoming board examination but also for different selection commission exams which may give in the future. The basic grammar portion is the same and is asked in different staff selection commission papers too.

Practice With Sample Papers

Ideally, you should practice different sample papers of the mock test format. This will help you cover NCERT books in a better way when final revision is done. The sample papers are always available in Pdf free variant and you should set a time limit similar to the final exam when you solve a mock paper.

This trick can be tried for English and all other subjects in which you have to appear for the final examination.

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