Proficiency in English is undisputedly one of the most demanded requirements in finding lucrative career options. All across India, be it Himachal Pradesh or Odisha, English is considered as a benchmark of an educated person. Recruitment opportunities automatically enhance for a person good in English. For an overall personality development as well, good English seems a high recommendation. Even excluding the multiple benefits of the English language in the practical sense, it is still for many students a great career option to go after. For instance, students appearing for SSC examination must get SSC English notes by their respective institutes.

When it comes to learning the language as a degree course, students are often considered about the outcome in terms of career opportunities. No wonder, qualifying for the SSC exam can be the best one can do, it totally depends on the English notes students get. In addition to that, English Literature can serve as a great career option for anyone who has keen knowledge about the language.

English literature is a vast field of study. Not only it involves reading and analysing books in English but also understanding how the language functions and the various literary devices used by the authors in their work.

The preparation for a career in English literature starts right from the time you have passed out from your class 10 or Matriculation Exams. For the Senior Secondary level English, this article tries to provide the aspirants of English a kind of SSC English guide

With the English guide, it is implied that this article focuses on certain key areas which will help you in preparing your SSC English lessons. Also, it focuses on providing numerous suggestions and tips which may prove helpful to you.

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A Vision In English Literature

English literature comprises the literary works either written by the writers of Britain or more inclusively the writers throughout the world writing in English. Authors like William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and T.S. Eliot are some of the most common of their kind whose works regularly feature in the SSC English course.

William Shakespeare was a great writer
Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers ever. Source:

The English language would be compulsory for students who have English as their first language. Literature is a significant part of it. You will be required to read poems, short stories, essays, plays or extract from plays, and novels or extracts from them.

As evident, the skill test here would be your ability to comprehend the text in all the dynamics it offers. The questions will come based on the text itself and you will have to write your own interpretations of it.

In English literature, the mugging up part is almost nil. What it rather requires is how you dissect the hidden meanings within the text, the context it carries, along with the themes and your interpretation of the text.

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Study Plan For The Subject

The student success rate in English literature is not based on quantitative analysis. The subject requires qualitative input from a student: the better it is the more he will score. Objectivity in English literature does not amount much. It is more flexible, in the sense, that it allows students to subjectively form opinions on the texts. As long as these opinions or interpretations are justifiable to the text, they can be used as your answers in exams.

Let us explore some of the study plans that may benefit you in your preparation.

Habituate Yourself Into Reading

It is better if students habituate themselves into reading before the session begins. Fill your shelf with books or have them as pdf files or in kindle edition. Falling into the habit of reading takes time. The more you read the more you get familiar with the complexity of sentences and vocabulary.

Reading is a great habit
Reading is a great way to sharpen your mind and to enrich your vocabulary. Source:

This self-study will enable you to understand the texts in the syllabus even better.

Doing Your Own Research

For the most part, what an English teacher teaches in the class and how he or she explains the text is sufficient to score decent marks. But keep in mind that the same lecture is being given to the rest of the class as well. So the notes that are made on the texts will be monotonous. In order to do better, you should incorporate your own understanding and research along with the teacher’s notes. This will not only expand the credibility of your knowledge on the text but will even impress the teacher.

Reading Other Works Of The Same Author

What you can also do is to read the other works by the same author who is in your syllabus. For instance, if you have Macbeth in the English course, what you can do is also read, Julius Caesar or Henry IV. Then you can draw a parallel between the two texts and what they share in common. The same goes with poems, short stories and essays. Be it of T.S. Eliot or George Orwell or anyone else, you would do well to read other works of these writers.

In the case of novels, it is understandable that a student may not be able to read another novel from the same writer. The pressure from the rest of the English syllabus along with other subjects may come about as big hindrance. What you can actually do is read summaries of the other novels. This will be quick and will give you a considerable idea about the overall perspective of the author.

Suggestions and Tips For SSC English Exam Preparation

For English, SSC level examination would be a written test. For the test preparation and test questions, there are certain things which may make you excel in the subject. Without further ado let us know what these test taking strategies are-

Going Through Different Practice Tests

The more you practice tests the more it will be helpful to you in the SSC English exam. Apart from reading generic NCERT books, there are many preparation books having a large range of sample questions for you to solve. These prep books involve topics from reading comprehension to writing skills.

Using Internet To Get Materials

Use various reference materials to practice questions related to the English syllabus. You can also search the internet for the best books recommendation. The internet will be helpful in answering questions such as ‘how to prepare for English exams’, ‘best books for English exam prep’ or 'SSC English guide.' The google search will provide you with a reading list of recommended books. From those, you can pick out what will be the best book or books for you.

Take help from the internet
The internet can be a great study guide to help you with your exam preparation. Source:

Helping Yourself With Coaching Classes Or A Private Tutor

A mock test is a written examination which helps you by testing your preparation for the upcoming exams. By enrolling yourself for English classes, you can get the benefit of mock tests. These classes will also help you in understanding the contents of your syllabus in a better way.

The other option you can for is to hire a private tutor. A private tutor can help you not only in understanding the texts but also by picking out on the areas you find specifically difficult to comprehend or make sense of. Superprof is a great online platform for getting a private tutor for English. By just entering the subject name and the area pin code you live in, you can get a list of teachers available in your own locality. From this list contact the most suitable one for you.

Furthermore, Superprof also allows you the benefit of selecting the teachers on the basis of their complete academic profile and reviews. If the teacher has good teaching experience, he is likely to have better reviews. In short, the platform also helps in filtering out what is best for you.

In addition to that, there are other sites as well which help students to learn an english course online.

How English Helps in Seeking Various Career Options

English is a popular language
English literature is one such subject where the pleasure of reading and career options come hand in hand. Source:

Proficiency in English helps you in seeking great career options. If you aspire to be a professor of English literature, you should continue studying the subject at the graduate level. Apart from this, the other opportunities that English brings to your door are:

  • Students with good command over English are strong candidates for CAT entrance exams. If you happen to be good in Maths as well, then it will work wonders for you for CAT primarily deals with verbal reasoning and mathematics.
  • UPSC or IAS exams require a good hold of general knowledge, current affairs and of course English. English not only helps you go through the paper but also in interviews where good verbal ability is mandatory.
  • Apart from getting an advantage or extra edge in entrance exams, there are many other career advantages to be had from English: you can work as an editor, blogger, content writer, stenographer, translator, etc.

In short, the opportunities after studying English and English literature, in particular, are significantly in large numbers. Read as much as possible and you will reap the benefits from it in the long run.

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