The subject of English is often an unsung hero in the school curriculum in India. Few recognize the vital importance of the subject for higher education and job interviews. Owing to this, English is either taken lightly by both teachers and students or in many cases, some students struggle to cope up with the language itself.

This is the reason why students are increasingly turning to private English tuitions to seek guidance for the demands of exams that schools are often found lacking in.

The ever-worried Indian parent is also a perpetual sufferer as they observe their ward struggling with their English homework? Not surprisingly, the demand for English tutors is steadily on the rise.

For some, understanding the complex aspects of the English language as well as practising reading and writing is just too much to do with a school teacher alone.

Of course, supplemental instruction does come at a cost – luckily, with our tips on choosing your ideal tutor, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing affordable academic support.

One-on-one English lessons are for anyone who wants to improve their skills, regardless of whether they are experiencing problems at school.

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The Right Incentive to Opt for English Tuition Today!

For starters, the most advantageous aspect of private tuitions is the tutor's ability and flexibility in adapting to the tutee's strengths and weakness vis-a-vis learning requirement. This translates to lessons that are tailor-made for the student.

It is important to find someone who can help with specific areas of difficulty such as spelling or reading comprehension, for example, at an appropriate level for the learner.

Fret not, if you are currently clueless about where and how to start looking for a tutor. There are plenty of avenues you can explore to make sure the tutor you choose is the right one for you.

There is a multitude of benefits to taking one to one private English lessons, whether it is English for class 10 or English for class 12, across educational boards (ICSE, CBSE, IB and so on).

Private tuition presents an opportunity for learners to get to know themselves better and focus on their individuality as a learner.

Becomeing confident in school English can give you the essential tools to enjoy the great literary works of the English language
Study English and open your eyes to the world of literature ¦ source: Pixabay - congerdesign

If you are not convinced of the need for a personalized English instructor, we have a list of handpicked reasons that might make you change your mind.

Tailor-made Lessons

Being able to engage in a one-on-one learning session means that students get more attention and can discuss and address their particular learning needs.

A home tutor is completely focussed on the student, one student.

Your child gets to decide the pace of learning, unlike in a school classroom setting. This, in turn, relieves the student of the anxiety of being shamed for being too slow to keep up, thereby freeing up their minds to fully understand what they are learning.

Alternative approaches to teaching help children regain lost confidence.

Improve Spoken English Skills

The beauty of the English language lies in its ability to teach us about daily life. For example, the comprehension in your last exam was not just about those four lines of prose but about testing the skills that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Having support from a tutor means students can work out the learning styles that are most effective for them, and develop revision methods accordingly.

Not only will this help them gain confidence at exam time, but it will teach them valuable skills such as creative writing which they can apply to the rest of their academic career.

Find Some Personal Inspiration

If you don't enjoy English lessons in school, find it boring or too unrealistic, private English teachers can help you in demystifying the language.

Private English lessons at home can help ignite a little bit of interest and curiosity in the student's mind to further learn about a topic.

English tutors are also in a position to add to their student’s study of English and introduce them to new literature, poetry, and theatre throughout their course to encourage them to take an interest in English outside of their studies.

Score Better

This is probably the most obvious reasons why private English tuitions are popular. Students, and more importantly, their parents, want to score better in exams - be it the school mid-terms or the bog bad 'Boards'. Achieving a good score is also a relevant parameter as they lay the foundation for higher studies and even job applications in India.

Deeper Understanding

Private home tutors can help you see a different perspective on a particular topic. This may not be the perspective that your schoolteacher demonstrated to you in class. In fact, you might not have agreed with the latter at all!

Personal interpretation is a key element for deeper appreciation of English literature, or any other vernacular literature, for that matter.

Choosing My English Teacher for the Best Revision Lessons

Different students may have different learning needs and preferences, based on which they would want to make their private tuition choices. It helps to have clear preferences since this will help you narrow down your search.

But, how do you, as the student, make the correct choice? What are the deciding parameters while choosing your English tutor?

It is not a qualifying criterion for a private tutor to have a teaching degree. There have been many cases in which tutors have been exceptional in their teaching even without such a degree. The reverse has also been true in some cases.

For instance, many English undergraduates offer their tutoring services to ICSE or CBSE students who need support with exam technique – something undergrads will have experienced first-hand.

Different tutors will take differen approaches, so it's improtant that you make sure you're making the right decision
Your choice of tutor may define your learning outcomes ¦ source: Pixabay - Pixource

Have a Customized List of Criteria Handy

List everything that is important to you when it comes to choosing a tutor.

This could include anything from their level of qualification to the rates the charge. Here is a list of possible criteria you can consider.


This is probably the first thing you should look for in a prospective tutor. The learning needs of each student varies and a good private tutor should be able to adapt his/  her learning styles to these needs.


Private tuitions are offered in many forms in India. There are coaching centres, where small batches of students sign up for extra lessons, crash courses etc.

Then there are home tutors who teach at the student's home. At the same time, there are home tutors who hold classes in the privacy of their own home.

There is also a growing trend for English courses online, in India. It is not so different from home tutoring in that it is delivered on a one on one basis, where tutors and their students use a webcam and a microphone to communicate, despite being geographically apart.

Lesson Pricing

Private tutoring fees can range from as low as INR 400/hour up to INR 1500/hour and sometimes even higher, depending on the urgency of the student's needs, the number of days/week and such other parameters.

Set a budget for yourself before you start looking. Remember, there is plenty of talent out there. So your persistence is sure to bear fruit.


Some parents are in desperate need of tutors who can not only offer their subject matter expertise but also become an empath and address an exceptional learning need of the student.

Specialist tutors are available, for example, to prepare students for exams in the run-up to the Boards.

This is also the case for many parents of pupils living with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) such as dyslexia, which make studying English particularly challenging.


Students who feel pressured and disillusioned by their school life may benefit from a tutor who can identify with them as a learner within the education system rather than someone who they view as ‘just another school teacher’.

It’s important to bear in mind that teaching a class of 30 is quite different from delivering one to one tuition, so in many ways, the tutoring experience is more valuable than formal teaching skills.

Tutoring agencies have come up to assist students and their parents in the process of screening potential candidates. They also help fresher tutors find suitable candidates as students.

Learn How to Identify Good English Teachers

The demand for quality English teachers is on the rise in India, owing to the growing importance of good English reading, writing and comprehension skills for job interviews and higher education.

It is advisable to have a plan in place before you embark on your search for the ideal English tutor.

Looking for a tutor can be a drawn out task, so keep it simple!
You may not have to look so far for your ideal tutor - they could be on your doorstep ¦ source: Pixabay - Pexels

Personalized Teaching

Private tuitions are more personalized, meaning the tutor can tailor his/ her learning styles to the learning needs of the pupil.

Extra-curricular Support System

For children who have difficulty coping with the English language, private tutors can impart education at a pace that is suitable for the student.

Skills for Life

English teaching also involves the teacher working with the student to improve reading and comprehension skills.

Learning how to structure an essay with an English tutor can help you in subjects like social studies, and developing revision methods for your personal learning style can help you during exam time.

Specialty Training

A private tutor is experienced and trained to become more than just a teacher to the student. He/ she can grow to become a friend and a confidante to the student. This can really boost a child's confidence.

Can Online Tutors be Trusted?

The Internet has loads of information on the tutoring companies in each city as well as platforms to find individual tutors within a certain geographical radius.

Superprof is just one of these platforms.

We provide both online and in-home tutors with a means of putting their services on the market and gaining an online presence to find customers whilst making it as easy as possible for students to find their ideal tutor

Learn How Much You Should Ideally Pay for an English Tutor Online

There is a wide range of price points to go with the wide variety of tutors out there them, depending on the nature of tutoring services being offered.

Tutoring Agencies

Tutoring agencies are profit-making businesses, after all. Hourly rates vary from one agency to the other.

This has the advantage of relieving parents of the tedious task of screening potential candidates as the tutoring agency does the job for you!

On the other hand, these agencies are notorious for charging unfair amounts as 'commissions' from their tutors.

Student Tutors

Prices for one-to-one tuition always vary with the level of teaching, so the restrictions placed on tutors by their own level of education limit what they can earn.

Student tutors charge anything between INR 100/hour to INR 1000/hour, depending on the nature of student requirements and the teacher's own educational expperience.

Superprof Services

Thanks to the diversity of our tutors, there are price points to suit every budget so that you can have quality tuition that doesn’t break the bank.

At Superprof, we value the sharing of knowledge and help our passionate tutors in setting up their profile in such a way that represents them and their services to increase their chances of success in finding suitable student matches.

We also check and verify our tutors’ profiles and qualifications, to make sure that your search for a tutor is as safe and secure as possible.

Online Resources

The internet is popular with students who enjoy playing spelling games, filling in word gaps and downloading worksheets to do.

Many teachers also prefer to set their homework on similar interactive platforms where children can play games and complete worksheets whilst their progress is tracked for the teacher to monitor.

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