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Learn How Much You Should Ideally Pay for an English Tutor Online

By Shreyanjana, published on 04/10/2019 We Love Prof - IN > Academia > School English > How Much Do Private English Teachers Charge in India?

The question on every parent’s mind, when it comes to online English tutoring is how much does it really cost? Given the highly digitized world of online tutoring, it is easy to see why the common misconception has gained ground that tutors charge exorbitant rates.

Thankfully, this is not the case, and there are plenty of options to suit all budgets without compromising on quality.

Wide Variety of Tutors

There is a wide range of price points to go with the wide variety of tutors out there them, depending on the nature of tutoring services being offered.

For example, some tutors deliver their services through coaching centres. These centres of learning comprise a number of tutors who meet their students in a classroom setting, though in smaller batches than in the school classroom.

There are also a number of English courses online as well as tutors offering their services by visiting the student’s home. Sometimes, the teacher might be a student himself/ herself (undergraduate). This is thanks largely to the flexibility of the tutoring world which does not demand formal teaching qualifications in order to become a private English tutor.

Should You Opt for Experience or Talent?

Tutoring without any experience of teaching may sound shady, but student tutors often charge significantly less than certified teachers and can offer a familiar view of education for school pupils.

One of the easiest ways to find a tutor either in your local area or online is to use online tutoring platforms such as Superprof, which are used by tutors to advertise their services and find students.

These platforms offer an effective way of finding a tutor to suit your learning needs as well as your budget whilst saving you as much time and effort as possible.

Follow this to choose your ideal tutor based on price and experience!

What do Tutoring Agencies Charge?

Tutoring agencies are profit-making businesses, after all. Hourly rates vary from one agency to the other.

This has the advantage of relieving parents of the tedious task of screening potential candidates as the tutoring agency does the job for you!

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The Flip Side

On the flip side of convenience, tutoring agencies are notorious for charging unfair amounts as ‘commissions’ from their tutors. As a result, many such agencies become out of bounds for the average middle-class Indian family.

For this reason, when you can get the same quality of tuition for slightly less money by finding a tutor yourself, using an independent tutor does seem like the better option.

Your ideal English tutor could be just around the corner from you!

What about Student Tutors?

An increasing number of high school and undergraduate students in India are turning to offer their subject matter expertise in private tutoring. The reasons for this could stem from a need for extra pocket-money or a part-time job to support themselves.

Pupils may find it easier to relate to someone of their own generation Student tutors: A new perspective ¦ source: Pixabay – digaita

It should be borne in mind that not all student tutors can teach all levels of English. For example, a first-year English B.A. student could help ICSE students and any other school pupils below ICSE level. However, it would be inadvisable for them to take up the mantle of teaching other first years graduates.

Prices for one-to-one tuition always vary with the level of teaching, so the restrictions placed on tutors by their own level of education limit what they can earn.

Nevertheless, it’s good enough for a bit of pocket money, and pupils still receive quality tuition from someone who can relate to them as a student.

Student tutors charge anything between INR 100/hour to INR 1000/hour, depending on the nature of student requirements.

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The Cost of English Lessons Through Superprof

Superprof is an online platform which offers an opportunity for tutors all over the world to advertise their services.

At Superprof, we value the sharing of knowledge and help our passionate tutors in setting up their profile in such a way that represents them and their services to increase their chances of success in finding suitable student matches.

We also check and verify our tutors’ profiles and qualifications, to make sure that your search for a tutor is as safe and secure as possible.

Thanks to the diversity of our tutors, there are price points to suit every budget so that you can have quality tuition that doesn’t break the bank.

Superprof is an online platform that is made for tutors and tutees alike means that its tutoring community is always growing, giving users more choice as time goes on.

Why not take a closer look at how English tuition can help your child?

English Tutoring in Schools

It’s not uncommon for colleges in India to set up their own tutoring initiatives where pupils can receive peer mentoring from an older student.

For example, senior-level students can be tasked with helping out freshers who may be struggling with the English medium of instruction in the college.

These sessions usually take place after school or during lunch breaks.

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Although it is only available for a select few pupils, tuition in school is possible One to one tuition is available in some schools ¦ source: Pixabay – Pexels

Mentoring Breeds Confidence

This form of mentoring boosts confidence in pupils – a large contributing factor in the formula for academic success.

The main advantage of tutoring in school comes at no cost to parents, which is why it’s only available for students between grade boundaries with the aim of helping them achieve the higher grade on exam day.

Let’s examine 10 good reasons to engage an English tutor!

Online English Learning Resources

Children love playing games online, and you can use this fact to get them doing regular English practice.

The internet is full of websites for playing spelling games, filling in word gaps and downloading worksheets to do.

Playing games is a fantastice way to keep children engaged with their learning Children learn best when they’re having fun! ¦ source: Visualhunt – MiikaS

The Blessing that is the Internet

The World Wide Web is even popular among teachers, who often set their homework on similar interactive platforms where children can play games and complete worksheets whilst their progress is tracked for the teacher to monitor.

Check out this website to discover innovative ideas for students and teachers alike on how to use online English resources to make learning fun.

The most important thing is that the learner’s needs are met and that they receive the best support for them.


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