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Learn How to Find the Ideal English Tutor for English Classes

By Jon, published on 31/03/2018 We Love Prof - IN > Academia > School English > How to Find an English Tutor Near Me

The growing importance of good English reading, writing and comprehension skills for employers and further education institutions is just one reason why English tutors are in such high demand.

For school pupils preparing to sit their GCSE English exams as well as university undergraduates looking for help with their essay writing skills, having support from an English tutor can make all the difference when exam results day comes around.

Tutoring is available for all ages and abilities, from pre-school children as well as working adults and everyone in-between!

However, being spoilt for choice might leave you feeling dizzy.

It’s always helpful to save yourself the hassle of trawling through endless lists of tutors by planning your search.

Before you begin looking for your ideal tutor, think about what you want them to be like. Make a list of their ideal qualities (for instance, someone who delivers their lessons in your home and has formal teaching experience) which will help you make the most of your time by helping you rule out any tutors who do not fit your criteria.

As the market for private tuition grows, it is becoming even easier to receive one to one tuition wherever you are! This is all thanks to online tutoring, where tutor and tutee work together via a webcam.

Online tutoring means that you can find and hire your ideal tutor without having to worry about geographical location.

So, you can access the best teaching without moving from your PC!

If you prefer to keep your tuition traditional, there are plenty of effective ways to find the best English tutors in your local area without too much hassle.

So, whether you prefer to stay local or search worldwide, this guide should make your quest for the ideal tutor as stress-free as possible.

You can start your search with this checklist of criteria for tutors!

Why is English Tuition So Important?

English stands alongside maths and science as one of the core subjects in schools, but what makes it so important?

The academic subject we call ‘English’ represents everything from learning to spell to knowing how to structure an essay, but the skills we acquire by studying English are useful for more things than we appreciate as schoolchildren.

As a native speaker of English, having a good command of English grammar, punctuation and writing confidently are all skills which are central to being a good communicator, yet which we often take for granted.

The fact is, studying English teaches you valuable transferable skills which you use every single day.

So, the next question is surely: what makes English tuition different from school English?

The nature of private tuition means that the student has the full, undivided attention of their tutor, and there are no other pupils to distract them.

Because of this, the tutor can focus on helping their student overcome their specific problems at a pace that suits them.

No two learners are the same, so why are we surprised when the one size system fails? Individualised learning for individual learners ¦ source: Visualhunt – Taken

So, unlike classroom teaching, in private lessons, there is no risk of the tutee becoming bored with easy course content or being worried about being left behind, as the tutor will adapt their teaching to the student’s learning pace as well as their individual learning style.

Finding a one to one English tutor could well be the answer for those slipping through the net in school and need someone to focus on providing individualised help for English, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.

The reasons people hire private tutors are many and varied, as is the type of tuition available.

So, what are the aims of one to one tutoring?

One of the most common reasons for finding a tutor is to give children support alongside their formal education.

English is an especially tough subject if you’re struggling in some areas, so tutors are there to fill in the gaps left by a national curriculum which moves too swiftly over key points for a certain pupil, or which is not broad enough for another.

But let’s not forget that English tuition isn’t just about improving your grades in English at school – it can come in handy for a range of subjects.

Learning how to structure an essay with an English tutor can help you in subjects like history or religious studies, and developing revision methods for your personal learning style can help across the board at exam time.

Working on your reading comprehension skills could even help you process maths word problems!

Studying English in school is essential to improving your communication skills in adult life, and the possibilities really are endless.

Finding an English Tutor in Your Area

As more and more people begin to appreciate the applications of a good command of English and the skills it teaches, demand for English tutors is on the up, and luckily, there are plenty of motivated educators willing to meet it.

But just how difficult is it to find a Private English tutor near you?

From retired teachers to PhD students, the tutoring community shares a wealth of knowledge and skill to be shared with learners – you just need to know where to find them!

The key is to keep it simple – you don’t need to contact every English tutor in a 20-mile radius to find one that suits you.

Start by consulting your local press and looking for tutors advertising their services.

In the modern age, it’s far too easy to head straight to the internet to find what we’re looking for – but when it comes to finding an English tutor in your area, the traditional approach often triumphs.

By simply flicking through the advertisements in your local newspaper, you’ll be able to find out tutors’ names, contact details and some information on their services.

Supermarkets and convenience stores often display advertisements and offer flyers from people in the area including tutors.

Find adverts in shops, schools and on noticeboards with tutors' contact details Contact tutors in your area today! ¦ source: Visualhunt – colorblindPICASO

So next time you pop to the shop, why not take a look at the notice boards and see what you find?

Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of modern technology, finding a tutor who is local to you is still possible!

The World Wide Web provides a wealth of information on the tutoring companies in each city as well as platforms to find individual tutors within a certain radius.

Superprof is just one of these platforms.

We provide both online and in-home tutors with a means of putting their services on the market and gaining an online presence to find customers whilst making it as easy as possible for students to find their ideal tutor – let’s take it as an example.

There are three simple steps to finding English tutors around you:

  1. Go to the Superprof UK homepage
  2. Fill in the relevant information (e.g. English lessons in-person in London)
  3. Click ‘Find a Tutor’

Here, you’ll see a list of tutors that fit your search criteria.

You can narrow down your search even further by adjusting the filters on the left-hand side of the page.

So, looking for an English tutor who is local to you is less restrictive than you may initially think – there are plenty of avenues to be explored!

As for questions of cost, you might find your answers here!

How to Find an Online English Tutor

Unlike searching for a face-to-face tutor, looking for an online English tutor is only really possible with the help of the internet.

In many ways, finding a tutor who teaches via webcam is easier than searching for someone who teaches locally.

This isn’t surprising, and another advantage to online tutoring is that there are no restrictions based on where you live, since there is no need to make travel arrangements, so you can focus on the qualities of each tutor rather than the practicalities of hiring them.

Online tutors are best found where they work - online! Using the internet is the best and only way to find an online tutor ¦ source: Pixabay – 422737

So, when the time comes to start looking for an online tutor, the process is much the same, except there’s no need to even leave the house!

All of your research will be done online.

Not only is the internet a brilliant place to learn more about tutoring through articles and blog posts such as this one, but it offers many tools to filter and target your research so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in as little time as possible.

Online tutors usually advertise their services on the type of tutoring platforms we mentioned above, and the search process is almost identical, except you’ll search for online tutors exclusively.

There are many pros and cons to both online and in-home tutors, and the type of tuition should be chosen by weighing up the positives and negatives with the learner in mind.

Whichever path you choose to follow, there are plenty of resources both online and around your local area to help you first find suitable tutors before choosing one.


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