Good English teachers are a rare breed. And, they are in high demand owing to the growing importance of good English reading, writing and comprehension skills for job interviews and higher education in India.

Whether it is 9th class English or English for class 7, and irrespective of the Board of education (ICSE, CBSE, State boards etc.), private English tutoring is available for all ages and abilities.

In a way, you are spoiled for choices. So, it might be helpful to have a concrete plan in place before you start looking for the ideal teacher for yourself or your child.

You can start by making a list of their ideal qualities (for instance, someone who delivers their lessons in your home or if you find online tutoring more personalized) which will help you make the most of your time by helping you rule out any tutors who do not fit your criteria.

You can start your search with this checklist of criteria for tutors.

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The Importance of English Lessons

English is one of the main subjects taught in school. English represents everything from learning to spell to knowing how to structure an essay.

English speaking and writing skills are considered essential communication traits in order to qualify for jobs in India.

So, what makes English tuition different from school English?

Personalized Teaching

To start with, private tutors can provide their full, undivided attention to the students. Private tuitions are more personalized, meaning the tutor can tailor his/ her learning styles to the learning needs of the pupil.

No two learners are the same, so why are we surprised when the one size system fails?
Individualised learning for individual learners ¦ source: Visualhunt - Taken

Support System Outside of Scool

One of the most common reasons why parents opt for private English tutors for their kids is the need to provide support alongside their formal education. In other words, for children who have difficulty coping with the English language, private tutors can impart education at a pace that is suitable for the student.

Skills for Life

Learning how to structure an essay with an English tutor can help you in subjects like social studies, and developing revision methods for your personal learning style can help you during exam time.

English teaching also involves the teacher working with the student to improve reading and comprehension skills.

Specialty Training

A private tutor is more than just a teacher. He or she may grow to become a friend and a confidante to the student who otherwise faces difficulties with their confidence levels. Having someone who understands their special needs can really boost a child's confidence.

As we can see, the benefits of hiring a tutor at any stage of education are undeniable. Students gain from extra knowledge and schools also have the advantage of better-performing students to enhance their place in the Board exams!

Tutoring is also incredibly useful for children with special needs or for those who require help with work discipline, as this can make their entire experience of school much more positive.

Hiring an English Tutor

Hiring a tutor hasn't got just one possible outcome - to get a better grade.

Terms of Agreement

For starters, discuss your expectations with a potential tutor. What are your specific learning requirements? Do you need specific help and guidance for exam preparation or homework or any other needs? Is the tutor open to the continuous inflow of feedback from the students or their parents?

Don't shy away from asking even the most basic of questions. Remember, this will be the start to making you more self-sufficient in life. Tutors are there to make you mentally stronger and focus your attention on the job at hand (e.g. exams).

Deciding the Venue

Once you have selected your tutor, it is time to decide on the venue for the teaching to take place. Make sure you have a nice, quiet and comfortable zone in which you can carry out your learning. It can be at your own house, or that of the tutor's. Some students also prefer online classes.

Learning Strategies

Be honest about your deficiencies so that both you and your tutor can come up with strategies to help you overcome any obstacles and will begin to understand and get to know what it is you are good at and what areas you need a confidence boost in.

Try not to limit your conversations to academics alone. Let your tutor know who you really are so that they can learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Inform them of any extra-curricular activities, discuss career goals and so on.

All said, be careful to draw a line in your tutor-tutee relationship. Focus and concentration are really important if you want to gain the most from tutoring and to remember the materials addressed in class.

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The Search for an English Tutor

English Tutors Near Me

Have you faced challenges finding a tutor who is not living halfway across town from you? Don't lose heart!

The key is to keep it simple – you don’t need to contact every English tutor that your Internet search throws up. You can consider approaching a tutoring agency.

You can also try the old-fashioned way of browsing newspapers or noting down phone numbers off flyers in your neighbourhood.

Find adverts in shops, schools and on noticeboards with tutors' contact details
Contact tutors in your area today! ¦ source: Visualhunt - colorblindPICASO

Can Online Tutors be Trusted?

The Internet has become the single largest source of information on the tutoring companies in each city as well as platforms to find individual tutors within a certain geographical radius.

Superprof is just one of these platforms.

We provide both online and in-home tutors with a means of putting their services on the market and gaining an online presence to find customers whilst making it as easy as possible for students to find their ideal tutor – let’s take it as an example.

There are three simple steps to finding English tutors around you:

  1. Go to the Superprof India homepage.
  2. Fill in the relevant information (e.g. English lessons in-person in Delhi).
  3. Click ‘Find a Tutor’.

Here, you’ll see a list of tutors that fit your search criteria.

You can narrow down your search even further by adjusting the filters on your search page.

So, looking for an English tutor who is local to you is less restrictive than you may initially think - there are plenty of avenues to be explored!

As for questions of cost, you might find your answers here!

In many ways, finding an online English tutor can sometimes be easier than searching for someone who teaches locally. You are not restricted by your geographical location, so you can focus on the qualities of each tutor rather than the practicalities of hiring them.

Online tutors are best found where they work - online!
Using the internet is the best and only way to find an online tutor ¦ source: Pixabay - 422737

Search and research online tutors from the comfort of your homes! The Internet has a remarkable library of blogs and articles, review boards and online communities that offer insight and tools to filter and target your research so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Weigh up the pros and cons of both online and in-home tutors, and make your decision based on your own learning needs.

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