It is always beneficial to start at a basic level while learning how to write before moving on to complex compositions. Drafting an essay can be challenging for beginners, but once you master the skill you can handle complicated write-ups like your college thesis papers, journals, abstract writing with ease and confidence.

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How to compose an essay

Each essay is different, and there are no pre-defined parameters on the dos and don’ts of writing an essay. However, it is essential to plan your essay and have a clear picture of what you want to portray at the end. It should reflect your character and thought process and at the same time should be appreciated by the reader.

Do not get influenced by others on how to write an essay, though you can emulate a particular style if you are comfortable with it. Do your homework on the topic, make a blueprint, write down the main points you want to showcase and then go with the flow. Attend writing workshops, creative writing courses and learn more about business writing skills, academic disciplines, journalistic writing, proofreading to improve your writing.

Keep the following points in mind while you compose an essay so that it becomes easier for you-

i. Fix a topic- Determine if you want to write about the topic in general or you want to do a deeper analysis of the subject. Do some research on the selected topic before putting pen to paper. Think if you want to inform the readers about something or convince them on a specific subject.

ii. Create a blueprint- Once you determine the topic you can work on the main points which you want to portray. These points can have sub-points which you can discuss in detail. However, all these ideas must relate to the main topic. This will aid you in writing in an organized manner.

iii. Pen down the main objective of your essay- This will help your audience to understand the context of your essay. State the topic and then discuss the contents. String them together to have a fine-tuned essay.

iv. Content for the body- The body is the main part of your essay where you discuss all the points in details. You can choose to explain something, counteract an established judgement or give a general description of the topic. There is no said rule of how many paragraphs you should include in the body. Make sure you discuss all the main points which were there in your context or objectives.

v. Using the active voice- Use of the active voice over passive helps to portray your writing in a more direct manner. For example, Virat Kohli’s team beat New Zealand instead of New Zealand was beaten by Virat Kohli’s team.

vi. Be precise and direct- Your essay should be clear-cut and not filled with naive sentences and suppositions. If you cannot exhibit a refined picture through your essay, the readers will get confused.

vii. Do not copy paste- Even if you like a particular author’s work, do not copy and paste parts into your essay. Be creative while writing. You can take inspiration from one or many famous authors, but the words should be your own. People should not look at your writing and say that it is heavily influenced by some other author. Originality is always better appreciated.

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What should be the intent an essay

In short, your essay should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. But how well you construct the flow through the entire write-up will depend on your expertise. Hence it is necessary to learn from an English tutor on how to master the art of writing an essay. Online English classes and a private English teacher can also guide you.

There should be a gradual progression from the introductory part, through the body of the essay to the conclusion. Try to write around the bullet points you had created before. Research a bit on the topic so that you have a clear direction of what you want to tell the readers. Take help from the internet or relevant books, jot down the main points, write a summary of the objective of the essay as this will help in a smooth flow of words when you start to write.

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You may like to plan your essay using bullet points, sticky notes, flow charts or spider diagrams.
It does not matter how you plan your essay, but putting your ideas down on paper helps you to see how your essay will flow. Photo credit: drew.harry via Visual Hunt

How to give structure to an essay

Once you are done with the research and formed the framework of the essay, start writing. You might change a few points, add or subtract some ideas, but as long as it goes with the flow, it does not matter. Depending on your level of expertise you can finish an essay in an hour or take a couple of days. But it is irrelevant as long as the end product is to your liking and concurrent to the initial blueprint.

Please keep in mind the following critical points-

  1. The format should be the same throughout the essay.
  2. Do not give vague inputs.
  3. Highlight your main points.
  4. Repeat words to stress on the importance.
  5. Do not rush to finish, take your time.
  6. If you are quoting somebody, please mention the same.
  7. Stick to the outline while writing the essay.
  8. Try not to use cliches or derogatory words.
  9. Do not overuse quotations.
  10. Use resources and reference from credible sources.
  11. Do not use rhetorical questions.
  12. Contractions should not be used.

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How to initiate writing an essay

In the introduction, write about the purpose of the essay. It is important to generate interest among the readers by creating awe. Put in facts, stories or dialogues to catch the fascination of the audience. However, it should be in sync with the main topic. Just give a brief of what you plan to display in the body of the essay.

The body will hold all the details. The bullet points you had penned down needs to be discussed at length in the body. An expert writer can lead from one point to another with dexterity. Keep your strongest opinion or points or examples in the beginning. Examples should have proper contexts. Give around 4-6 facts to convince the readers about what you want to illustrate.

How to end an essay

The conclusion might come at the end, but it is the most important part of an essay. It is where you put your final effort to convince the readers about your write-up. You need to be crisp in summarizing the whole write-up in a few lines. It should include all the vital points that were discussed in the body. It should match the thought process and style of the entire essay. You can echo what you had written as it will help in stressing on the importance of a particular fact. The last few lines should tell your readers that the essay is coming to an end.

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It is good to visualise your essay at the planning stage, as this can make your direction seem clearer in your head.
Imagine your essay is like a series of stepping stones, with your introduction leading to a number of paragraphs towards the final conclusion. Photo credit: sharing user info with oath is wrong via

Supplementary ideas for writing an essay

Keep the following points in mind while writing an essay-

  1. Give a solid introduction where you talk about the main topic and touch upon all the points you want to discuss in the body.
  2. The body should have a proper rendition of the points.
  3. Keep in mind that the flow should be smooth from one point to another to enrich the reading experience.
  4. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Use punctuation marks wherever necessary and check for any typo errors.
  5. Use a dictionary or go online if you require any help with words or sentence

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Once you finish writing the essay it is important to recheck and re-analyze. Do not be afraid to modify a part if you feel it is not going well with the write-up. Editing is an integral part of any essay. It is also advisable to ask someone to proofread it and give their independent perspective. You can also take the help of a private English tutor to help you in mastering the art of writing essays. A tutor can guide you through the entire process and the dos and don’ts while writing. Write sample essays, attend essay writing courses, do adequate research and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Hone your skills as getting published requires a lot of plotting and mastering different writing techniques. It is best to delve into different areas like non-fiction, writing a poetry or a novel, travel writing, play-writing, screenwriting, online creative writing to enhance your skill set. Take part in writing competitions, workshops, writing programs from an open university or get guidance from professional writers to improve yourself.

If you are writing an original article, then you have to check for plagiarisms. You need to cite from other journals. It is an advanced form of writing and to reach that level you need to have a strong base. It is essential to start early, practice daily and learn from your mistakes. Consult your tutors and parents whenever you are facing difficulties. Reading a wide range of books will also help you to acquire more knowledge on different writing styles. Keep an open mind while writing and let the creative juices flow.

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