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With the advent of social media there is a rapid rise of writers and bloggers who are publishing articles, travel blogs, short stories, online journals, eBooks, etc. Though this has benefited us by increasing the availability of more English content, not all are properly written. There are a lot of errors and typos in the fast publishing works available online. Writing and spelling fluently and correctly is important for our daily communication and is not just restricted to exams during school days.

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If you want to pursue a career in writing, good spelling is very important.
Spelling is important to people like bloggers but also many others due to the digitalisation of simple household tasks, like shopping online and leaving product reviews. Photo via

It is essential to make the foundation strong in order to avoid these mistakes and spelling is an integral part of it. Keep in mind that reading, writing and spelling go hand in hand. Learn the basics of how to spell correctly before diving into the world of writing or blogging. A misspelt word can lead to miscommunications, not to mention the frowns of the audience.

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How English spelling helps in Business Interactions

A resume tells a lot about you and you do not want misspelt words in it. Your first impression to the potential employer depends on it! When you are responsible for making advertisements or materials that are broadcast-ed in billboards or in television ads you would want them to be fool proof. Any errors will lead to public humiliation of not just your reputation, but your company’s as well. Incorrect or wrong spelling will dent your career growth also in these cases. A good display of proper spelling will tell the audience about your professionalism and people will be more keen to do business with you. It is always advisable to proofread before the final draft is circulated. Get another person to proofread as you may overlook some spelling mistakes.

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To master the English spelling, get proper guidance from trained individuals who can give you useful tips on how to say correct English confidently. It takes a lot of dedication to write a perfect essay. Find out how you can write one.

A wrong spelling will catch the eye more than an accurately formed l sentence. It will divert the attention from the write-up, which is something you do not want. It is best to start early and learn the basics of spelling from an English tutor before putting pen to paper and reap the benefits throughout life.

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Benefits of learning to spell correctly

Learning to spell correctly is important to make our lives easier. Writing is a big part of our lives- from updating our statuses on Facebook or writing reviews of restaurants and things bought online to chatting in various social networks. Correct spelling plays an important role in all of these by helping others understand you accurately. Moreover, learning to spell correctly will boost your morale and self-esteem.

From teaching your children to communicating at work, correct spelling is an integral part of our day to day activities. Pronunciation practice, listening comprehension will help you to speak English well. Making mistakes and learning from them will only improve your spoken English. Take admission to an English course online or take a private English tuition.

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A tutorial on writing and correct spelling can help you in acing English tests as well as aid in your professional growth. 

There are many ways to learn how to be fluent in English. Remember the following cardinal rules to increase your English proficiency-

  1. If there are two vowels next to each other, the second one is silent. For example, in the word “boat” the vowel “a” is silent.
  2. “I” will always come before “E” except after “C”. For example, believe and deceive.
  3. Adding a prefix does not change the spelling of a word.
  4. Homonyms and homophones need to be learnt properly.
  5. Learn when to change a “y” to “ies” and when a plural can only be done by putting a “s”. For example, plural of ring is rings, but plural of baby is babies.
  6. When we add a vowel suffix ending, we usually drop the silent “e” from the word. For example, bite + ing =biting.
  7. We usually change the “y” to an “i” when we add suffix ending. For example, duty to dutiful.
  8. For words ending in “f” or “fe”, when making them plural we change them to “ves”. For example, life to lives, shelf to shelves.
  9. Add an “es” to words ending with “s”, “ss” “z”, “ch”, “x” when making them plural. For example, match to matches.
  10. Have a clear understanding on how adverbs, pronouns, syllable, consonants, noun, adjectives, tenses, vowel, idioms are used in a sentence correctly.

Ask your tutor to help with more such rules in order to address the issues you face while spelling. You will make mistakes initially so don’t shy or run away from them. Embrace them and work on them so that they are not repeated, as then only you will gain confidence. Avoid grammatical errors to improve your speaking skills.

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Online English classes to improve your spelling

An easy way to master spellings correctly is to read different genres of books and write daily. You can always get guidance and training from online tutorials and tutors, but practicing is important. Read whatever catches your eye and write everyday- it can be an essay or a short story. Get them evaluated from your parents or tutors and learn from the mistakes.

Go to an English Class

A lot of people benefit from face to face teachings. If you want, join an English course online or take a personal tuition. The teachers will help you in improving your spelling by correcting your mistakes. You can start from the basics and then progress to more complicated spelling and writing tutorials.

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The traditional method of teaching is not enough for the education system. Source: Hindustan Times

The following methods can help you master spelling-

1.      Make your mnemonics to memorize difficult words.

2.      Spell out words loudly and clearly.

3.      Check for patterns in different words.

4.      Correct misspelled words that you use often.

5.      Learn the meaning of words from a dictionary.

6.      Play word games like Scrabble to improve your vocabulary.

7.      Revise the list of words you get in trouble with.

8.      Get the basics right- suffix, prefix, etc.

9.      Check for smaller words in a large word and try to spell them separately.

You can also take literacy courses from the internet.

Take a moment to learn the origins of the English language!

You can attend a class designed to help you improve your writing skills.
Teach yourself the art of writing and avoid embarrassment. Photo credit: jmawork via VisualHunt

Use of internet and other methods

To learn new words or to find out the meaning of a difficult word you can use You can also take the help of the internet to find out the same or ask your tutors. The other big help in this era of smartphones is the predictive text feature or auto-correct, where if you type the initial letters it will give you options of the word you want to form. However, it is important to learn from it as otherwise we will face the same problem when we start writing on a piece of paper or pronounce the words.

There are many tutorials, online platforms and contests available which can help you become a master of spelling like-

  1. Byju’s
  2. India Spelling Bee
  3. Phonics eStore
  4. Spelling Words Well
  5. Spellzone
  6. LearnPick
  7. British council

Take tutorials or watch videos as per your interest, and capability and monitor the progress over time. If you face any difficulty, ask the tutors there to help you out before moving on to another topic. Always remember, it is important to have a strong foundation.

Impressions of a good speller

A good speller is termed as an orthographer (which in Latin means straight or correct writer), while a bad speller is known as a cacographer. If you do not write or spell correctly people will think you had a weak schooling and may not take you or your work seriously. This can lead to disappointment and low self-esteem. Everybody does not possess the same set of skills, but you can upgrade your spelling by repeated practice in order to hold your audience captive by your speech or writings. Reading skills and writing skills go hand-in-hand to hep you improve your pronunciation.



If, as a parent you find that your child cannot cope with the normal spelling or is not at par with other children of his or her age then consult a doctor to check if there is any underlying condition like speech impairment or dyslexia. There are a lot of treatment options available that can help your child overcome these barriers.

Understand the origins of the English language something every day here! English learning and to speak English fluently requires a lot of practice, since it is not our native language. Learning words and phrases will increase your English vocabulary, fluency and make you more proficient.

It takes time and perseverance to become a good speller. However, with a little hard work, practice and proper guidance you can be a master of English spelling and writing. Read as much as you can to get a broader sense of the styles of writing and become familiar with different words and their spellings. The more you read and write the more words you commit to memory. Memorize the cardinal rules and apply them wherever possible. Review other people’s write-ups as it will give you a different perspective. Hear speeches of good orators, take part in spelling competitions and work on your weaknesses. Look at a word’s etymology and try to do quizzes to enhance your spelling. This will help you in mastering English spelling and elevate your value in the world.

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