Everybody needs to have a proper understanding of English either to develop themselves or to promote their career. It is essential to have  good literacy skills to evolve oneself. Writing skills are an integral part of your communication. To convey your message with clarity you need to develop the way you write. Your English writing should be more versatile in Class 10 than your English class 9 skills.

Be it making a presentation in your job or writing answers in an exam, an English writing course will help you in developing gratifying techniques and aid in making life a lot simpler while boosting your confidence. Taking an English course will help you in mastering the different techniques to write effortlessly throughout your life. This in turn will also improve your communication skills.

Things to learn from writing tutorials

A structured writing course can help everybody in fueling their imagination, magnify their belief in themselves and take challenges head on. From teaching the basics of sentence formation and correct grammar to using appropriate punctuation marks in a write-up, this can help you in improving English writing as a whole. Writing can be a daunting experience to kids, but if they are guided properly, they will excel in it. Writing is an essential part of our day to day lives, be it taking notes or writing thesis papers. Tutorials can help you by providing tips and tricks on how to flourish in writing. It will also help you in improving your communication skills, critical thinking and provide you with more opportunities.

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Seek help from a professional if you have concerns about your writing skills.
Writing lessons can make you a more confident writer. Photo credit: shawncampbell via Visualhunt

English classes can help people who want to advance their career in writing. They can learn how to create a storyline, make better illustrations, be in sync with the desires of the audience. If you are a writer or aspire to be one it is essential to understand and write as per the wants of your audience, in order to be successful. Discover the benefits of writing here.

There are a lot of online writing tutorials in India which can help you master the skill of writing. Some examples are provided below-

  1. Udemy
  2. TeacherOn
  3. ClassCentral
  4. British Council

Some tutorials after completion of their courses, will provide certifications to students as well which is an added benefit. Online writing competitions are also trending where you can participate and improve your English skills.

Where to begin the process?

It is easier to communicate in our mother tongue but difficult to pen it down as writing and speaking are poles apart. It is important to make the base strong while learning how to write in English. Learn the essentials like where to put capital letters, punctuation marks, how to make a sentence complete with a subject, verb and a complement. You should also learn how to spell correctly as then only can you make foolproof sentences.

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Constructing short and simple sentences is best for beginners.
When trying to improve your writing skills, it is good to go back to basics. Photo via Visual Hunt

Start by writing simple, short sentences before writing complex ones. Learn the differences between nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and so on. An English teacher can guide you in forming easy sentences and then as per your grasping power can help you in constructing more complicated essays. However, it is up to you to practice writing on different contexts as learning how to write better English is a continuous process. Keep in mind that everybody’s writing style is unique, but it should be accurate. Spend time on learning how to write grammatically correct English. There are a lot of books like Wren and Martin which can teach you proper grammar. Ask your tutor to assist you in overcoming any difficulties or to answer to queries.

English tutors can motivate students to be more creative while writing which will help them to write  a perfect essay. If you have a good know how of your writing skills the world will be yours for the taking; whether you are writing stories, publishing papers, editing essays or giving school exams. It will elevate your confidence and boost your morale in tackling English writing head on.

It is very important to have a good mentor who has a sound understanding of the English language, as then only can he/she teach you how to improve your skills. Your writing should be captivating yet pleasing for the reader, then only they will acknowledge you and your skills.

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How to learn writing in English?

To enhance your writing skills, you can select from a wide array of resources available on the internet. From half a day writing workshops to text optimization webpages, there are a lot of options to help you improve your writing expertise. However, unlike an English tutor these alternatives will not teach you right from wrong, but give you choices to finish your job. It is okay to take help from these webpages when you are in a rush, but if you want to master the technique of writing, then you should take the help of English tutors. Once you gain the expertise you will never be requiring the help from these websites. You can be confident in writing correct English if your foundation is strong. For this, a tutor can be a big boon as you will get their undivided attention.

While learning how to write, you should select appropriate words, understand how to give structure to a sentence or a paragraph to influence the audience.

For example, you can use “but” to initiate a change in direction of your writing; use “because” to tell why you wrote a particular sentence; use “so” to define the cause and effect.

You can use question words like who, why, when, how, where, what in appropriate places. This can help you by providing better direction to your narrative.

Do not use clichés or redundant or slang words as it might not be appreciated. Maintaining the consistency and tone of a sentence is essential. Learn how to move a clause, how to change the passive voice to an active one to make a sentence or paragraph more captivating. To stress on an event or point you can repeat words or use their synonyms. Keep the sentences short as people tend to lose track of lengthy ones.

Let’s show you how the English language has evolved from German roots.

How reading enhances writing in English

Both reading and writing go hand in hand. The more you read the more creative ideas you will get, which will reflect in your writings. Reading more books will help you develop a broader view of different writing styles and increase your outlook. When you start writing on your own, you will have a vast resource which you acquired from reading.

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power of books
Reading books is a great way to pick up the nuances of a new language | Source: Zabaan

Parents should encourage their children to read as per their interest. This will keep them motivated and they will be more receptive to learning. They will start applying what they learnt from reading different types of books while composing their own essays. Tutors as well as parents need to find out the weak spots of the children while writing and work on them. For example, a child might be facing difficulties in using a verb correctly in a sentence. Proper guidance and courses on application of verbs need to be discussed with the child to boost his writing skills.

Take guidance from your tutor on how to use a dictionary to learn new words. Keep a notebook to write down whatever you learn so that you can revise them from time to time. This will help you in imbibing the words when you start writing on your own.

You should read different genres of books like science, fiction, autobiographies, non-fiction, etc. to acquire more knowledge on different writing techniques. This in turn will help enrich your vocabulary which will polish your style of writing. We learn to read before we master writing, as reading influences how and what we write.

Try to understand the style of your favorite writers and imitate them while developing your own. Define an outline of what you plan to write in your head, and this will guide you like a roadmap. Don’t feel shy to edit and re-edit till you are satisfied with your work. Take the help of your tutors to frame the final draft. It should be concise and crisp, eliminate unnecessary sentences and words.

Finally make it a habit to read a few pages from any book and write something daily. Be it a letter to a friend, your own diary of your thoughts or daily activities, or an essay on your favorite sports person or TV show. Get these write-ups checked regularly from your parents or tutor, correct the mistakes and improve accordingly. Take help whenever you feel you are at a crossroad, as then only can you overcome those difficulties if guided in the right direction.

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