The young population of India are forgetting how to spell correctly. But are they only to blame? With the advent of social media, easy access to the internet, and widespread use of abbreviated languages we are gradually going downhill when it comes to spelling correct English.

Technology might make our life more convenient, but we are forgetting the basics of spelling correctly, writing without flaws and reading because of it. We have stopped the process of continuous learning. For example, the auto correct option will rectify your mistakes instantly, but you will not be learning from it. Word predictions will help you complete a sentence, but it is slowly killing your creativity, by channeling your thought process.

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Now-a-days everybody is a writer with the advent of blogging. We have so much content available at our fingertips. A simple click can give you thousands of articles and options for a single topic. However, it does not necessarily mean that all are devoid of errors, because not every writer has the same level of expertise. The need for proper education is ever growing. Incorrect sentence formation, grammatically incorrect write-ups stress the fact that we need more training on how to spell and write in English. To speak fluent English you need to strengthen your writing skills, listening skills, language skills and speaking skills. Increase your English vocabulary by taking the help of online resources, English teachers and education classes.

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It is essential to learn to spell

In this era of social media, the young generation is more concerned on how many likes they are getting and how much they can flaunt. They are more concerned on posting in their lingo rather than checking if it is correct or not. It is a trend to use abbreviations for every word. We should make sure to use technology to enhance our skills of reading, writing but should not let it replace our own thinking.

However, there are still some people who are going back to the roots of writing and putting pen to paper. Learning how to spell correctly is essential to interact and write, which can help to uplift your confidence and self-esteem. It will help you move ahead in life. You can leave a lasting impression if you are crisp and clear in your communication skills, which can be enhanced if you know how to spell correctly.

Taking classes to master the art of spelling can help you in long run. A majority of our population are scared to speak in a large gathering. Learning how to spell correctly can boost your confidence and a great speaker or orator is always held in high respect. You cannot learn everything at one go, so take your time and review and revise again and again. Correcting mistakes and learning from them will help you make a strong base which will help you advance and complex write-ups will be a child’s play. As the saying goes “a good beginning is half the battle won”.

Play games like Scrabble, do crosswords to learn new words and learn how to spell them. Try to use the newly learnt words while writing an essay. Children learn to spell with the help of visual memory along with spelling memory. They learn from their surroundings. So, young children who are exposed to writings will start to guess words as per their visual effects. This is a pre-communicative writing stage. This is followed by a semi phonetic stage where they realize how letters represent the speech sounds and start using abbreviations as their knowledge is still limited. Next is the phonetic spelling stage where they are more versed with the correct speech sounds and corresponding letters. With practice they will learn to recognize larger patterns of words. In transitional spelling stage they are more apt in understanding letter combinations and in integration stage they should be well versed with homophones, prefixes, suffixes, etc.

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Maintaining good levels of spelling is important for the future of our language.
We must teach our younger generations to write English correctly. Photo via

Get help for English improvement here which in turn can benefit our younger population too. Learning English is difficult as it is not our native language. But by attending English lessons, speaking English classes, intensive English programs, etc. we can increase our language proficiency.

These are lots of websites and apps which can help your child to learn to spell correctly. Find below some examples which are well-known in the said domain-

  1. Byju’s
  2. Spellbeeinternational
  3. Indiaparenting
  4. Phonicstore

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New language styles- pros and cons

Using abbreviations and emojis is fine when you are writing a one-liner reply to a friend, but you will be at a loss of words when asked to write an essay on a topic. We are losing the touch to communicate efficiently by giving in to the rapid rise of the “text language”. Our vocabulary is also becoming non-standard by relying on this type of language on a daily basis. Moreover, young children unknowingly start using the same language while doing their homework or writing an exam and that can lead to bad grades.

We all have used a “YOLO” i.e. you only live once or a “TGIF” i.e. thank God it’s Friday while messaging our friends, but this kind of language should not make us forget how to write a proper English sentence. It might save us time while communicating the essence of our feelings, but when we sit down to write an article for a journal or try to make a presentation for a company, it will be difficult to construct correct sentences and paragraphs. It will be fruitful to take proper guidance from tutors and learn the correct way to spell in English and understand why writing correct English is required.

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Emojis are a new way of communicating with others.
Text or SMS language, including emojis, are taking over our language. Photo credit: Free For Commercial Use (FFC) via VisualHunt

Overuse of this trending abbreviated language can be one of the main causes why students are having difficulty in composing a good essay! In some years this might be the universal language spoken by everyone, or maybe technology will advance to such a stage that communication will be done by interpretation of mental wavelengths, but till then we should excel in spelling correctly and efficiently. Daily reading and listening, speaking practice will help you become fluent in learning to speak correctly.

Find out how a private English tutor can help you speak English fluently! Take English classes to have a better grip on grammar, pronunciation, tenses or take part in certificate programs, courses to learn English online and for language development. Give competitive exams like TOEFL, IELTS or take English skills development courses from British Council, ESL programs. Learn to speak correct English by daily practice. You can even write daily to a pen pal to increase your English proficiency.

Start learning to spell early and correctly

The earlier you start to learn how to spell in English correctly the better versed you will be later in life. Do not fell shy to ask for help from your schoolteachers, private tutors or parents. You can also go online to up your game of spelling correctly. Mastering the talent of spelling is not an overnight phenomenon. It requires persistence and practice. Nobody has the same IQ level or skill set, but we can always rise to a higher level if we are determined. Reading good English and writing everyday can help you in learning to spell efficiently.

The following points can help you to excel in spelling-

  1. Learn the basic rules of spelling.
  2. Remember the exceptions.
  3. Reading is an important aspect of learning to spell correctly.
  4. Use mnemonics wherever you can.
  5. Make a list of commonly misspelled words.
  6. Break bigger words into smaller ones.
  7. Go online- attend workshops, competitions, do puzzles, crosswords.
  8. Learn how to pronounce correctly.
  9. Read the words out loudly.
  10. Writing thigs down will help you remember better.
  11. Learn new words every day.
  12. Revise the new things you learn.
  13. Learn the essential rules of spelling like
  14. when to use “us” or “ous”
  15. doubling the final consonant
  16. “Q” is always followed by “U”
  17. when two vowels are side by side the second one is silent, e.g. boat
  18. how to make plural nouns and when to use “s” or “es” or how to make a plural of a word ending with “y” or “f”

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Schools and colleges should have proper guidelines to help each student learn the basics and excel in spelling. It is important to monitor the progress and restructure the course as per the talent of a student. They should not get overwhelmed as this will impact their learning potential and capability. Proper guidance is required if we want a generation who can spell, write and read English fluently. There should be specific tests during junior school days to prepare the children for higher studies. However, children should not be burdened or pressurized, but creative ways to make learning fun should be adopted by the institutions.

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Everybody should put in their efforts to shine in the field of spelling good and correct English. If need be, take advice from your tutors and seniors. They will guide you in the right direction and also help you to identify and rectify the mistakes. You can also take the help of the internet by enrolling in online courses or classes. Map your progress on a regular basis. Read different genres of books so that you get a broader perspective of different writing styles and spellings. Apply these new learnings in your own speech so that you get more refined.We need to curb our fear in order to increase our English proficiency.

It is important to use all your senses when you are learning how to spell. Use a dictionary to learn how to spell new words.

These guidelines will help in improving your English writing.

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